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Perfect Moments

About me My Name Is Paul R.

Want to be a lawyer. Want to go to UNL. I am a 7th grader. Have one sister,one step sister, one step brother and a half brother.

More about me Here are some of my favorite movies.

Austin Powers A Knight’s Tale


The Lord of the

Rush Hour

Rings The Avengers


Happy Gilmore

Expendables 2

Disaster Movie

More favorite movies

Don’t wait for the Perfect Moment take the moment and make it Perfect.

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To have a Perfect Moment you have to know every Moment is


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The Perfect Moment can be anywhere.

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Question’s For Me To Answer 1.Goals that you have for the future. 2.What excites you more than anything else. 3.Who you enjoy being around. 4.What you have accomplished on your bucket list. 5.What you would not change in your life. 6.What you are seeking to change in your life. 7.What is holding you back from being more successful. 8.What you can do to improve the most important relationships in your life. 9.What you want to celebrate everyday. 10.If you knew you could not fail, what would you try to do? 11.If money were not object, what would you do? 12.My purpose in life (in one sentence)? 13.The five ingredients I need to create 'perfect moments': 14.Advice I never want to forget. 15.My favorite environment.

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Here are the answers to the question’s to learn more about me. 1.I want to be a lawyer. 2.Being able to have one thing that do better things for people. 3.I enjoy being around my family and friends. 4.Check my bucket list slide. 5.I would not change my family. 6.I want to change my grades. 7.Only me. 8.Not lie to my family about my grades. 9.The things that very little people don’t have. 10.I would try to help people. 11.Help the homeless and the pore. 12.To do my best. 13.Family, Good Health, Food, Beautiful Scenery, Life 14.Live your life Full and Long 15.Hills in the Spring

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My Bucket List 1.Be the first person to be a Lawyer on MARS. 2.Read the biggest book in the world. 3.Create the the first hybrid dog + cat. 4.Have 3 kids. 5.Play for the Huskers or The Tigers. 6.Go to China, New Zealand, Australia, France, Russia. 7.Marry. 8.Meet a President. 9.Be a Comedy Genius. 10.Be a Marine.

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Every day can be Perfect but the only you can make it that way.

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For some people a Perfect Moment only comes twice a day.

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Everything is possible.

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Here are some priorities you should follow.

1. I will not drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco products, or use any kind of illegal drug. 2. I will not mistreat or make fun of people. 3. I will not steal or misuse other's property. 4. I will not blame others for my own problems or faults. 5. I will not say hurtful, spiteful things to my family members. 6. I will not gossip. 7.I will not mistreat my body. 8.I will get good grades. 9.I will not misuse others. 10.I will stay true to myself.

If you follow these you can have a happy life.

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Perfect Moments are everywhere you just have to know where to find them. With Family.

With Friends.

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Time is in YOUR hands. YOU have all the time in the WORLD.

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I use a PLANNER to help me keep up my grades.

1. I write the assignments. 2. I write when the assignments are doe. 3. I write how long the assignments are. 4. I write who the teacher is. 5. I write what period it is.

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Motivation Thing that motivate me.

1.Knowing you are being nice to your family. 2.Knowing you are getting a good education. 3.Knowing you can be the best. 4.Knowing you can have a good family. 5.Knowing you are going to be fine.

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Here are some ideas for Helping Hands. 1.I help people cross the street. 2.Donate stuff to places. 3.Wait up for my grandma. 4.Help around the house. 5.Do the dishes. 6.Keep my friends out of trouble. 7.Go to retirement homes. 8.Go to the hospital. 9.Help out sport teams. 10.I stay after school to help the

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Here are some quotes to live by.

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My Heros

John F. Kennedy

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Some Last Hero’s

For What They Do

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein has changed the scientific and mathematical world for a long time to come.

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln changed the world from being born to his last day. This man helped the black’s by stopping slavery for the better of

man kind.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. has changed the world in many ways to help the black’s from being teased and tormented by the people that just as equal as they are.

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Changing As A Student!

1.I used to think that Mrs. Smith was a bad person but now I know she only cares. 2.I used to think that life was to hard to go through with but now I know it is worth working at it. 3.I used to think that math was to hard but now I know you can be the best if you work at it. 4.I used to be a bad student, but now I am always working at what I like. 5.I used to think that all the people who are successful are better than me but now I know that we are just the same. 6.I used to think that my dad left me because I was to much work but now I know that it was not my fault. 7.I used to think that being a good student was being the best out of every one but now I know that being a good student is being the best you can be.

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My Dreams 1.To have a great life. 2.To have all A's by my senior year. 3.To help my grandparents in their old age. 4.Do good for good people. 5.Help a charity.

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Questions and Answers

1.Your perception of your school experience to date and what you hope to accomplish in your high school “career”. Is to be the best student I can. 2.Where you see yourself in 5 years? Honor Roll, Star person in sports full scholarship to UNL. 10 years? I see myself graduated top of my class, had be a husker football player. 20 years? I myself with a beautiful family. 3.What courses your will take in high school, and what electives might interest you (art, music, shop, PE). Shop, Basketball, Football, Golf, Math, English, History, Science 4.What excites you and what makes you anxious, worried about high school? Getting all good grades, getting yelled at. 5.Your Interest in extra-curricular activities – sports, debate, academic team, etc. I actually want to do everything but I don’t have the time.

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Here is a song to have always in your heart. v=_En2FVuIzhM

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And That Is My Ebook

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Paul's Perfect Moments  

You are going to love it.