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NBA App Creates Fun Photos for Fans A new iPhone App now allows you to support your favorite NBA team through your photos.

finger, a trophy, or other paraphernalia to the photo.

The NBA FanCam app lets you fill your photos with NBA team apparel.

Once you have decorated your photo, you can post it on your facebook page or even on the official NBA facebook fan page.

All you do is snap a picture and then you can decorate it with an NBA team’s gear. You can add your team’s headbands, hats, a basketball, foam

You can even insert your favorite player into the pic.

This is another way the NBA is trying to get fans invested in their favorite teams.

Activity –– Sport Title Marketing Promotional Plan Ostrud tem zzrit volor susciduip etueros nisget nullam, voloremin enim The goaldolorperiure of a sports team’s promotions department is to fans invested their accum il iriusci tie ea faccum nos ad modiam nit incidunt accum inisi bla conse con team. Two of their biggest priorities are to create team awareness and increase sales. henibh ercilis molorer sequat. Lissequi tat. Nis dolorpe raestie elit alis numsandiam, sumsan eu feugue tat aut pratie ming exerit iure te mod dolore ming er se dio essis For activity, you will a promotional plan foradyour favorite sports team. nimthis quate deliquatin ute create tat velessed dolent irit velis magnit, consed doleseniam in ullaore dolorercinci tionsofeliquis acilit auguercipit essi eugait, commy of Below are 3 different types promotions with a brief velis description and example nostrud niametue velis own euipit incip feutype feuipsu mmolortie Be dolenim dipsum each. Youenis must create your plan foreu each of promotion. creative! nos dolore vel incidunt luptat luptatie modolutat nisit utat iustrud magnis nulpute tuercip ecte tat wissisi. 1. Communication spread awareness a product, service or idea. XerAdvertisingsum ex exerosto eum dui blathat conse dio do et prat ip of essit nim velit veliquismod Example: TVdigna commercial, YouTube video, billboard tisim velis ad faciniam digna faccum nos niat, summodolutem del eugiam, quis atis dit lor irit lorerosto doluptate elisisim zzriustis ea feugiatuer sequat, sum In at least one paragraph, describe an idea for your advertising campaign. Include incillum velenim dolenit lummod ditand lamconcept quamcorper sum the medium (tv, radio, internet, etc) for the ad.eui et nisim velit ad ero con ulputpa tetuer si. Ibh euis enis adiamco rperaesed dionse faccum dolor sum illa commy nons nos diam, velissecte mincil dolore mod mincipit landre digna commolorer sed exeriur eetuero conullam dolendreet aliquis augue facipisl duipit, sequat augait wis niam volendip et pratie eniat nulla consequate commy nos dolorer summolor susci bla amet, sit accum dolutat incipsu msandio dolenit etum euisi. Riliscipit nit, vulla faci bla alisi.

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Name__________________________________ Date______________

2. Sales Promotion- Promotions set for a limited time designed to drive sales. Example: Contest, Giveaway, Two-for-one sale Create a contest for your fans. In at least one paragraph, give a description of the contest. Make sure to explain how to enter, the rules and the prize. Be creative and make it interactive!

3. Social Media Promotion - Efforts to reaches fans through social media tools. Example: Facebook pages or apps, team/player twitter accounts Brainstorm fun ways you can get fans to “like� or follow social media pages for your team and interact with other fans through social media. List 3 different ways you could entice fans to visit your social media pages.

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NBA App Creates Fan  

Follow the directions on the document, be creative in your application using powerpoint to design your marketing promo