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NOVA The Gaston College Writing Center Newsletter September 2011

Patience ISSUE #7

In this issue of NOVA, Weavings and Unravelings: A Literary Review is underway! Submission for Weavings and Unravelings are now being accepted. There are also some quotes on patience and a creative piece titled The Patient One. Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcomed. Thank you!

Online Submission 101

By Ryan Ange, Writing Coach Submitting an essay online is sometimes preferable or more convenient for students than physically going to the Writing Center. Although students will get the same level of concern, care, and support from the Writing Center coaches, it is sometimes simply not possible for students go to the Writing Center. In this case, submitting essays online is a beneficial option.

Poetry Viva Voce Date: October 27th Time: 6:00 pm Location: RBC room #236 Email: Featured Poet: Open mic follows featured poet. The world offers itself to your imagination. ~ Mary Oliver

When submitting an essay online click on Online Essay Submission. Next, fill in all the required fields. If all fields are not completed, the essay will fail to be submitted. In the field labeled Detailed description of needs and goals for this assignment, comments should be specific as possible as it will aid the writing coach in his or her macro editing (structure, content) and micro editing (grammar, syntax, punctuation, MLA and APA format) of the submitted essay. After completing the required fields, the essay should then be uploaded in Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf); if the essay is uploaded in any other format, the Writing Center will be unable to open it. After successfully submitting the essay, the Writing Center will reply with a video response called a Jing, and an attached copy of the essay with marginal comments. It should be noted that essays submitted online should be a completed first draft. Obviously, the more written, the better a writing coach will be in helping the student on his or her essay. If students need help getting started on an essay, or are struggling with brainstorming, then they are encouraged to drop by the Writing Center in person for help, or if they are unable to meet in person, schedule an appointment to work with a writing coach via Skype or Blackboard IM.

CREATIVE CORNER September, 2011 7

Patience ISSUE #

The Patient One By Josh Moreno Grant me your grace and love is sure to follow. The wait for you, my dear, has wept this soul hollow. And tomorrow will bring forth another day we have yet to make. I quake as the being that is bound to the end of time If there is where you hide then there is where my wait resigns. But forward is the line And too strong is the morning For me to decline. Can it be easy or is it just the other? Am I your one or am I just a number? These bothering questions are consuming me for the answers; I know where to get them..... But I’m afraid that they might not come in my favor. You may call me weak for not grasping the woman that I desire But trust me if my arms could reach such distances Then this... This ache would never be the bother.

About Photograph This photograph is by Millie Knox. She is working in the creative art department of NOVA. Welcome aboard Millie! Look out for more creative art pieces by her.

OUR MISSION The Gaston College Writing Center exists to help students of the College pursue their educational goals and develop into intellectually mature persons, competent writers, and lifelong learners.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT September, 2011

Patience ISSUE # 7

Staff Presentación

The following staff members in the Writing Center have been invited to present their papers:   Jefferson Fortner: “The South as Post-Colonial Society” at the 37th Southern Comparative Literature Association Conference, Johnson C. Smith University.  Stephanie Tolliver Osborne: “Closing the Loop: Using Assessment to Document Success of Support Services in Student Learning” at The Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Georgia State University.  Stephanie Tolliver Osborne: U AR Write: Using Assessment Results to Improve Writing (with Tonia Broome, Lori Metcalf, and Heather Woodson) at the Association for Liberal and General Studies Conference, Miami-Dade College.  John Withers IV: “Exiles and Failed Societies in American and Australian Biker Films” at the 37th Southern Comparative Literature Association Conference, Johnson C. Smith University.

Foreign Film Series List of Movies September 14th: Dhoom (2004) October 12th: Sangharsh (1999) November 9th: Don (2006, remake)

Watch Us Watch Movies By John Withers, IV Evening Coordinator

Watching a film is a past time that is enjoyed around the world. Although many people watch only for fun and do not evaluate the film critically. It is possible to do both, enjoy a film and be able to discuss it critically by watching a film with a purpose. Watching films with a purpose can be achieved in a variety of manners. One important distinction is whether or not you chose to watch the film with or without prior knowledge of what you are going to see. If you chose to watch the film on its own merits then come to the Writing Center (RCB 236) on September 14th. If you chose to read background information about the film, then I would suggest starting on . Another way to watch with purpose is to pay attention to how the film is constructed, compare it other films, compare it to other aspects of a culture, or evaluate the historical position. Each of these paths to attention can prove rewarding. Some approaches are easier with some films than others. When watching Dhoom you will want to decide which approach seems to work best for you so that you can watch for enjoyment and purpose. The films chosen for the Fall 2011 Foreign Film Series, sponsored by the Writing Center, are all modern Bollywood Films. Bollywood is the unofficial name of the movie industry from Northern India. Bollywood produces more movies annually than Hollywood. These films reach more audiences worldwide than Hollywood audiences. Bollywood films were chosen for this first semester since the global impact is undeniable. The Foreign Film Series is a chance for students to view films that are not readily available in this area and have a place to discuss them. This is not a class for college credit. This is a chance to view and discuss films. To help facilitate the discussion of films a discussion board is available here in The Writing Center Blackboard to give the Gaston College community another space for discussion.

September, 2011

Patience ISSUE # 7

Quotable Quotes  Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead. ~Mac McCleary  “Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience.” ~Unknown

“ABOUT THE WORD” In Latin, the word is “patientia” meaning endurance. There was a monk who was very impatient. The more he tried, the more impatient he became, and so he decided that he must get away altogether, to learn to be patient. So he built himself a little home deep in the woods, far away from civilization. Seven years later, a man traveling in those woods met him. He asked the monk why he was there all by himself. The monk said that he was there to learn to be patient. Stunned, the traveler asked, "If there is no one around to bother you, how will you know when you are patient?"

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Nova Issue 7 September 2011  

Issue 7 September 2011