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Davy College Newsletter Mission DC is a bilingual school providing a challenging, balanced, international education. Our mission is to empower students to be active, responsible citizens on the local and global levels throughout their lives

“A bilingual, international school established in 1995”

Volume 16-11-E

Oct. 31st, 2011

First Davy College Gymnastic Meet—2011

The winners were: 1st place: Nyah Petcu, 2nd place Alejandra Rojas, 3rd place Dulce Oblitas INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1 2 3 4 5 6

Introduction From the Superintendent Early Childhood Elementary School Secondary School Events: First DC Gymnastic Meet, Floral Games/Book Fair 2011



Vision Our vision is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better and more peaceful world as LEADERS in their respective communities. These leaders strive to be: Inquirers Knowledgeable Thinkers Communicators Principled Open-minded Caring Risk-takers Balanced Reflective

From the Superintendent Saying 'No' to Your Child: How to be a More Assertive Parent– Part I by Sara Bean, M.Ed., Parental Support Line Advisor It can be hard to say “no” to our kids. Does your child manipulate, act out and negotiate until he gets his way? Sara Bean explains how to change from being a passive parent into an assertive one by taking back authority and learning how to say “no.” It’s no secret: kids can make it incredibly hard for adults to say “no,” whether your young child is having tantrums and acting out—or your teen has escalated to becoming verbally (or physically) abusive. Your child might also try to make you feel guilty in order to get his way, or act overly sweet and responsible, only to revert to his normal self after the “prize” has been won. Remember: your job is to set the limit, not to control how your child feels about it or reacts to it. This behavior usually starts when kids are young. Maybe your daughter acted out in the grocery store when she didn’t get something she wanted. You tried to be firm but finally let her have the coveted candy or toy she was screaming for so she would just be quiet and stop embarrassing you. Or maybe you were at home one day and you told your son to turn off the TV. Perhaps he cried, put on his best sad face, and said, “Please mommy—just 10 more minutes?” The ten minutes turned into another ten minutes and then an hour, until you found yourself feeling frustrated and angry that you didn’t stick to your limits. The bottom line is that we all know what we should do in these situations but let’s face it—it can be really hard. Over time, parents can get stuck in a pattern of giving in even though they want to set firm limits. But it’s never too late to start taking back your authority so you can help your child develop the skills he’ll need to cope when people tell him “no” in the adult world. Why is Setting Limits So Hard? Most parents want their kids to be happy. Most of the time, when your kids are happy, you’re happy. The opposite is also true—it’s so difficult to see your child hurting, because it hurts you too. For many parents, it’s easier to give in than to deal with their child’s negative reaction or their own feelings of guilt, resentment, anger, or general discomfort. Other parents give in by doing their child’s chores for them without holding them accountable because they don’t feel like fighting about it. So basically, parents can become too focused on their shortterm goals: to get some peace and quiet or to feel better emotionally. If this is you, it’s time to shift your focus to the bigger picture of consistent limit setting, as difficult as that may be. Parents also struggle to say “no” because of other people’s opinions or pressure from friends, family, or society in general. Parents often feel that they should do this, or they should allow that. I talk to parents on the Support Line all the time who doubt their decisions because their “child’s friends’ parents” seem to be doing things differently. Or, they received some criticism from someone they trust, such as their own parent or their best friend. So they compare themselves to others—or to an imagined ideal—and act how they think they should out of fear of being judged, rather than acting how they think is right for their family and their child. Here’s the truth: Nobody knows your values and your child better than you do, so try to remind yourself of that when you’re feeling that outside pressure to be a certain way. Keep your focus on the big picture and remember: no matter the reason, giving in is a “quick fix” that will almost guarantee problems later on. As James Lehman says, “Always ask yourself, ‘What’s the best thing to do for my child right now?’” Sometimes the answer is to set limits and give a consequence in order to teach them an important lesson about behavior. Peter Zeitoun, Ph.D. Superintendent Page 02

(to be continued on the next edition)

Childhood Early Early Childhood / Inicial

Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman defines Emotional Intelligence as: “The ability to recognize our own feelings, the feelings of others and to manage relationships with ourselves and with others in an appropriate way”. Emotional Intelligence is related to the following aspects: · Self- Knowledge · Recognition, management, control and expression of feelings (emotions). · The ability to establish appropriate relationships with others. Goleman says that it’s possible to control our emotions but it takes practice. There are intense situations which could cause sadness or anger. We should try to control these kinds of feelings from the beginning; for this reason, schools are preoccupied with helping students get to know themselves, being empathic, caring, responsible, tolerant, respectful of others and balanced. ECE teachers have developed an Inquiry Unit related to feelings; it has helped students achieve balance in order to understand the importance of emotional well-being for themselves and for others. Following our lines of Inquiry (different kind of feelings, factors that affect our feelings, and how to communicate my feelings in an appropriate way), students were exposed to different real-life experiences such as role plays, stories, music, their own photos and meaningful experiences which allowed them to express happiness, sadness, anger and surprise. In addition, they were able to identify some factors that caused these kinds of feelings in order to convey them appropriately. Bunnies Class Page 03


Learning more through Units of Inquiry! All Grade 1 classes have begun their Unit of Inquiry ‘Whale of a Time’ this term. Children have been learning about how the ocean provides the food and environment for sea animals to live and survive. We have been investigating many things such as ‘Where do sea animals live?’, ‘What do sea animals eat?’, ‘How does an ocean food chain work?’ and ‘How can we take care of our oceans and keep them clean?’. This Unit has allowed for student orientated learning and discussions have been prompted by the student’s inquiry into sea animals. Students have also been working on group projects which have included exploring different sea animal habitats and constructing their own Marine Animal Food chain. This has not only expanded their knowledge on sea animals but has allowed students to actively cooperate with one another and to work together as a team. We have explored other topics such as oil spills in our oceans. The children reacted very strongly to this and are now more aware of the disasters that can happen in our oceans and the effects of them. They are looking forward to becoming active participants in helping to look after our oceans! First Grade Staff

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Secondary BOYS AND GIRLS SOCCER TOURNAMENTS During the 15 - 16 of October weekend, the Davy College Boys’ Soccer Team participated in a six team tournament format, finishing in 2nd place. With a 3-1 record this is the first time when a Davy College Team made it all the way to the final. Our boys’ won their group (3-2 win against Cabrera; 7-0 win against William Harvey) to play the semifinal game against Divino Maestro (3-1 win). In the final they were defeated by Cristo Rey 30. It is a well deserved 2nd place considering that in the last two years, our boys finished 6th in 2009 and 4th in 2010 respectively. Congratulations to our Boys’ Soccer Team and their coaches; Mr. Cesar Perez and Mr. Marco Diaz. Davy College Boys’ Soccer Team: Julio Alejandro Rodríguez Mercado; Kevin Ronny Chávez Sánchez; Renzo Marcelo Herrera Córdova; William Steve Morales Condori; Eduardo Javier Sedano Alcalde; Hernan Rodrigo Fernández Herrera; Adrian Mendoza Strilchuk; Franco Sebastiám Cubas Pastor; Gonzalo Alberto Cardenas Valle; Juan Mauricio Albán Fernández; Cesar Alexis Castillo Flores; Bruno André Sanchez Tirado Huatay; Irving Sonny Ortíz Vargas; Edmundo Rodolfo Zambrano Castro; Martin Hernán Wilfredo Albán Fernández.

It is my pleasure to write about the first Girls Soccer Team in the history of Davy College. After two years of efforts to field a team, we had more than 20 girls trying out for the 15 player roster. Due to Mrs. Jackie Tuason’s efforts and determination to promote this sport, we finally had the first Girls’ Soccer Tournament with three participating teams from Cajamarca. In their first game the girls experienced it all. Scoring first, within 5 minutes of the beginning of the game and coming back from a 2-1 deficit, to end the game in a 2-2 draw. Our girls were outstanding against Santa Teresita team. In their 2nd game they were defeated by Juan XXIII, and finished the tournament in 3rd place due to the goal difference category. It was a great opportunity for our young soccer players to compete in an organized format against schools that compete regularly in this sport. Congratulations to Mrs. Tuason and we are looking forward for the tournaments to come. Davy College Girls’ Soccer Team: Castro Iberico, Alexandra Leonor; Castro Iberico Luana María; Del Aguila Saldaña Flavia Victoria; González Díaz Mariana Lucia; Nuñez Silva Claudia Fernanda; Rodríguez Cavero Nicole del Carmen; Rojas Andrea; Uribe Cortéz Rossmery Carolina; Vergara Arteaga Mara Rosario; Zuazo Gamarra Nicole Antonella; Castillo Lertora Alessandra; Del Aguila Saldaña Natalia Cecilia; Arrieta Otiniano Ana Belén; Benites De La Puente María Ximena; Chocano Barboza Sarah; Gómez Centurión Lorena; Valera Ostolaza Daniela; Castillo Lertora Camila Belem; Miranda Cuenca Mónica Beatriz. Max Petcu HoD Physical Education Page 05

EVENTS FIRST DAVY COLLEGE GYMNASTIC MEET! The First Davy College Gymnastic Meet was developed with great enthusiasm during the last weekend. There were 36 students participating in this competition, 21 of them from SAN SILVESTRE College in Lima and 15 from Davy College. This was the first time Davy College organized this kind of event. Our primary students had an outstanding performance. And also, this was their first time participating in such an event with international judges. The results achieved by our gymnasts was the fruit of their perseverance and hard work during all this time. We are very pleased with the results. Congratulations to all the students for their effort, to their parents for their support and the coaches who trained and impelled them to give their best as sports but also as wonderful people they are. Thank you girls for this achievement. Our gymnasts are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


Raúl Cruzado Coach

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2011 FLORAL GAMES AND BOOK FAIR FLORAL GAMES 2011 Our students participated in different contests last week with the purpose of developing their creativity and literary talent. Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 were the final stage in different expressions: legends, (Grade 6), expression (grade 7), writing columns for newspapers (grade 8), narrative (grades 9 and 10 and finally essays (grade 11) Congratulations to all participants ! Language —Primary and Secondary

2011 BOOK FAIR October 17-21

The 2011 Book Fair was a success! Hernan Garrido-Lecca shared his experiences with our students K-12. Oscar Prieto Ramirez talked about writing “Lulita” with grades 3 and older. Segundo Nicolas Puga and Antonio Caballero shared their writing experiences with the older students. The Early Childhood students listened to Yonel Saavedra, a story teller. Six different vendors had books and other items available for purchase throughout the week. Young authors from the school also had their works on display for all to read. Thank you all for attending and making the book fair a success! Debora Kienzle Teacher Librarian

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Announcements Science Fair: You are all invited to our Science Fair to be held in the school coliseum on November 4 th. More information, please see below. Art exhibitions: We will have the EC exhibition on Nov. 4 and the ES exhibition on Nov. 14. You are invited to enjoy your children’s works of art. Back Entrance and Safety: Thank you to all parents! You have done a wonderful job paying attention to our traffic directions over these last few days. I know we have asked for your patience all year long but the word is that all this work will be completed before we come back in 2012. 2012 Student calendar: You can see our 2012 school calendar at our website. What’s Happening November 1 November 4 November 4 November 5 November 5 & 6 November 12 & 13 November 12 November 14

All Saints Day– no classes Art Exhibition – Early Childhood building Science Fair 8:00-10am, gym Music Award – Centro de Convenciones Ollanta 4:15pm Volleyball tournament U14, gym Volleyball Tournament U17, gym First Communion ceremony, Posada del Puruhuay, 10:00am Art Exhibition – Elementary School Optional Uniform Day

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Peter Zeitoun Ph.D. Mg. Arlette Romero Robert Hagenbucher, M.Ed. Mr. Manuel Huaripata (Interim) Miss Sara Nalvarte Dr. Peter Zeitoun / Mrs. Milagros Servat Page 08

Newsletter, October 31, 2011  

Newsletter, October 31, 2011

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