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K3 AX The UK’s leading Microsoft Dynamics AX people ®

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Welcome to K3 AX Doing great business doesn’t have to be complicated, even when your business is complex. Here are fIVE simple reasons why it makes perfect sense to choose K3 AX as your ERP partner.




A team that delivers

A heavyweight partnership

The only global AX network

We don’t claim to be the only Dynamics reseller in the UK, but we do claim to be the best.

It hardly needs to be said: Microsoft is a key factor in any modern enterprise. K3 AX has the highest level of accredited partnership with Microsoft. We can place all the benefits of direct access to the world’s number one software manufacturer at your disposal. Our relationship becomes yours.

Only K3 AX has access to a whole world of AX professionals.

We work harder to understand your business drivers and key processes. We offer the most experienced and talented AX specialists in the UK today. We are original AX providers with an unrivalled track record of delivery, from launch in 1999 to date. Of course, all our technical developers, consultants, project managers and trainers are accredited with relevant Microsoft Sure Step and PRINCE2 qualifications, so you can be sure of only the most professional service.

The immense added value of Microsoft resources are behind every project we partner with, from planning to implementation to go-live and beyond. Our partners gain ongoing insight from exclusive access to Microsoft events and conferences, customer days and key personnel.

We are the UK member of AxPact, the global AX delivery network. Other resellers may claim to be multi-national, indeed, many operate in multiple territories; but no other reseller can guarantee comprehensive global coverage of the highest quality. AxPact ensures our partners’ specific needs are met in-country, wherever that may be. You can learn more about the enormous benefits AxPact brings to multi-territory implementation at

“The pragmatic approach of K3 AX and their deep knowledge of our industry is impressive” MD, Thompsons

FOUR An industry standard solution The exclusive focus of K3 AX is Microsoft Dynamics AX. Comprehensive, flexible, scalable, powerful. For ERP specialists, Microsoft Dynamics AX needs no introduction. We concentrate solely on this solution because it’s the best one for our customers. It’s as simple as that. As well as software we provide consultancy, training and technical support. We also develop customised AX software enhancements that cater to our customers’ specialist needs, for example in the retail, food and beverage, fresh produce and animal feed sectors. And while size isn’t everything, you can rest easy in the knowledge that K3 is the UK’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner.

FIVE A Microsoft Gold Partner Every Microsoft Certified Partner business is officially accredited by Microsoft with the level of expertise required to provide Microsoft products and services to professional standards. As a Gold Certified Partner, K3 AX has attained the highest standard of accreditation. This gives us the fullest possible access to Microsoft resources and means that you receive the best possible level of service.

K3 AX is the team that makes doing business a pleasure. More importantly, we’re the team that makes the most sense on your bottom line.

Compelling business benefits Explore the rich mix of features and functionality that K3 AX can harness for your business using the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX. No other solution CAN compare.

The world number one

A comprehensive package

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the fastest growing ERP system in the world. It has more resources and development support dedicated to it than any other solution; an entire ecosystem of expertise. Because it is a Microsoft product, new users feel immediately comfortable.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most powerful ERP systems in the world. With one solution you integrate the management of a host of functions: manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, trade and logistics, finance, CRM, HR, environmental systems, compliance and much more.

The benefits for your business are clear: •p  ervasive interoperability – everything works with everything else • familiarity – fast adoption, reduced training needs With Microsoft Dynamics AX your business will realise value from its ERP implementation faster.

The benefits for your business are clear: • total control – make informed decisions without delay • streamline processes – eliminate overlap, improve communication With Microsoft Dynamics AX your business becomes more agile and integrated from end to end.

“The flexibility of Dynamics AX has enabled the significant automation of our business processes” MD, l’Anson Brothers

“The K3 AX team completed on time and on budget... refreshing” IT Manager, BCT

A solution that grows with you

A long-term proposition

Microsoft Dynamics is inherently agile. On top of this, K3 AX is also able to provide modular developments tailored to the specific needs of your sector. Examples include our FreshDynamics™ solution for the fresh produce industry and FeedAX for the animal feed industry.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a clear, long-term product road map, designed to add value not just now but into the future. Drive the effectiveness of your business processes today, and be ready to adapt to the technical architectures of tomorrow, like cloud computing.

The benefits for your business are clear:

The benefits for your business are clear:

• flexible and scalable – the features you want, when you want them

• innovative – keep at the forefront of technical developments

• specific industry solutions – the features you need for the business you’re in

• future proof – exploit new paradigms quickly and cost-effectively

With Microsoft Dynamics AX your business is equipped to develop dynamically and react effectively.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX your business is perfectly placed to take advantage of a changing world.

Effective enterprise resource planning enables your business to exploit opportunities more successfully. Microsoft Dynamics AX puts that power at your fingertips. You can find out more about Microsoft Dynamics AX at

Dynamics AX in brief Dynamics AX from Microsoft is rapidly becoming accepted as the industry standard for enterprise resource planning software. This is a world class solution which is setting the standards for others to follow. It’s a powerful, integrated solution that gives you control over the financial, operational and commercial aspects of your business; its scalability means that AX is equally suitable for enterprises with a few dozen people and those with many thousands. Because Dynamics AX is a Microsoft product it’s readily grasped by your team thanks to its familiar look-and-feel, and it’s easy to integrate with existing systems. Ultimately, Microsoft Dynamics AX enhances your business performance. Microsoft Dynamics AX Powerful. Agile. Simple. Microsoft Dynamics AX has a proven track record in these sectors: • distribution • manufacturing • public sector • retail • services

Case study Since 1999 K3 AX has helped many businesses to flourish. Here’s one example; you can read others on our website. The enterprise Staples Chilled Fresh Vegetables Ltd. Locations across the UK, Spain and Portugal; 500 staff; currently growing ~15% year-on-year.

The task To implement a system that can manage all the factors of production from seed to customer, and harmonise operations across all locations. Implementation should ensure customer satisfaction is maintained and quality control enhanced. Any system must also be able to adapt to ongoing changes in volume and physical locations.

The solution K3 AX was able to demonstrate familiarity with business processes specific to fresh produce farming, like grower payments, spray records and traceability, as well as with common processes like stock control and sales order processing. Based on this, K3 AX was in a position to demonstrate the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX and our custom FreshDynamics™ module. This system has the power to integrate processes and locations using a mix of technical platforms, so that office, field and lorry are all accounted for in real time.

The result Analysis reveals more accurate stock management and labour management, improved compliance, improved customer satisfaction and improved optimum delivery times. This has resulted in reduced costs and increased profitability. What’s more, Staples now has the ERP capacity to continue to grow sustainably and successfully.

At a Glance • International sites • Multi-platform solution • Increasing profitability • Driving growth

Strength in depth When you choose K3 AX as your ERP partner you bring on board a team you will love to work with and a best-in-class software solution. But that’s not all. As a division of K3 Business Technology Group we are backed up by the resources of the UK’s leading integrated business systems supplier. What could be more reassuring than that?


K3 Care

K3 Managed Services

K3 Business Technology Group Plc specialises in ERP and CRM solutions, business intelligence and e-commerce, hosting and managed services. Across all divisions the group currently supports more than 3,000 partners and customers in 20 countries.

This is a group-wide initiative that helps our people put your people first. The focus of K3 Care is our relationship with our partners; it is a programme designed to ensure that you get the most out of every single interaction with K3.

This is our sister division specialising in networking and IT infrastructure. K3 MS can design, install and host the IT systems that your business requires on a retained or pay-as-you-go basis. K3 MS partners enjoy all the benefits of state-of-the-art technical architecture without any of the risk or hassle.

At Group level, K3 is one of the largest Microsoft channel partners in the UK and is a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle Club which is reserved for the top 60 partners worldwide. The mission of K3 BTG is to deliver world class software with world class service.

K3 Care metrics evaluate the quality of every deliverable: our products, project management, consultancy, training, support and infrastructure. Developed in collaboration with K3 partners and customers, K3 Care is just one more thing that sets K3 AX apart from other resellers. Ask us how K3 Care can enhance your business.

In the future, ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX will be delivered by K3 MS via the cloud.

Our goal over these few pages has been to give you a flavour of what an outstanding partner K3 AX can be for your business. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities further, simply contact us using the details overleaf..

“I have now met all the major players at K3 AX and I have nothing but praise for them as a team” Finance and Commercial Director, BCT

Your future in the cloud K3 BTG has a clear vision within our core markets. We see powerful opportunities in the area of cloud computing and we propose to drive growth for our partners with this emerging technology. What is cloud computing? Put simply, cloud computing is internetbased computing; “the cloud” is the internet itself. Shared resources, software and information are provided to users on demand. Cloud computing reduces costs, enhances reliability and security, improves capacity, and provides a host of other business benefits. K3 Managed Services helps businesses take full advantage of these opportunities.

“Relationships the K3 team built with our staff were fundamental to a streamlined transition” MD, l’Anson Brothers

Visit K3 AX online or call today to discuss your ERP requirements. We’re looking forward to working with you.


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