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Calendar & Handbook 2013- 2014 M.A.M. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING

VISION To develop as World class engineering institution producing competent professionals.

MISSION To blend rigorous academics with innovative approaches under a sustainable ambience to produce competent professionals.

QUALITY POLICY A centre of excellence with quality infrastructure imparting value based education on par with international standards by adopting modern training methodologies and fulfilling the expectations of students and parents towards continuous improvement in education and placement.


From the


Dear young engineering aspirants, Greetings. With a heart full of love and joy, we welcome the freshers into the M.A.M. family and our existing students for the new academic year at the M.A.M. Campus. We also welcome you into our extensive alumni community whose members are spread all over the world and leaving a mark in all the fields they endure. Wishing you Almighty’s blessings as you venture into this new academic year. May Almighty’s light brighten our life and guide us as we walk along. Like all communities, we have a culture informed by distinct values. During your sojourn at MAM you will hear us speak about setting goals, knowledgeable education, leadership, service to others, integrity and strength of character and the ways to achieve them. You, the young men and women entering our campus, representing some of the finest talent in the region, have already demonstrated many of these characteristics. The MAM Campus salutes you for what you have accomplished till date, and, celebrates the promise you represent of even greater accomplishments in the days and years ahead. During your journey at MAM, I wish to strongly encourage you to prepare yourselves to compete in the rapidly Changing, Competitive and Complex world. Immerse yourselves fully in your academic studies, develop your communication and research skill, be open and receptive to new information, be both a leader and a good team player, feel comfortable with the technologies available, learn from your teachers and peers but strive to become an independent, flexible and lifelong learner. Expand your horizons and develop your talents by participating in various activities organized both within and outside the campus. Seek to invest in your future by enhancing your entrepreneurial skills through the Entrepreneur Development Cell; and plan your career through the career development cell that offers services which includes UPSC examination training to all basic skills. We want every student to be nurtured into strong, reflective and responsive individuals who are confident and adaptable in meeting the challenges and opportunities of this rapidly changing world. Undoubtedly, the next few years will bring many challenges, be they financial, academic or personal. It is an abiding truth that through adversity we develop resilience and strength of character. Strive to create strong, supportive friendships and seek to balance work with play and pray. Develop a world vision but remember to be grounded in service to family, community and nation. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.



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