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==== ==== The magic of making up after a lovers argument, or even a break up, is very special to behold. Here are tips on how to get your ex back. ==== ====

Okay, you're heart-broken, messed-up and in pain. We have all been there at one time or another. The love of your life has, seemingly, moved on and you probably have a lot of folks telling you to do the same. Well I am not going to take that route. This article is for all those people who refuse to accept the situation as it is. This is for you if you want to know how to win back your girlfriend. The fact of the matter is simple - if you're girlfriend wanted to be with you once then there is every chance that she will want to be with you again. As long as you don't make major mistakes and use a proven plan she will once again be in your arms. You can learn how to win back your girlfriend. Here are some "how to win back your girlfriend" tips & tricks. Firstly these are the things you must not do: 1. Do not plead with your girlfriend for another chance! This is a disastrous course of action. It makes you appear needy, insecure and desperate. 2. Don't text stalk her or send her countless emails. 3. Never attempt to go uninvited to her work, home or social places. 4. Do not try to involve other people in the situation. Never get a family member or friend to try to help you win her back. Most people do not know how to go about this and they will probably end up making matters worse. 5. Do not send flowers or gifts. 6. Do not say you will always be there for her. This gives her the option of doing whatever she wants or seeing whomever she chooses all the while knowing she can fall back on you! 7. Don't tell her you want to be friends. Do you really want to be her friend? Of course not. Here are some things you can do: 1. Agree with the break-up. Let her know that you believe her decision to end the relationship was the correct one. Now this may sound like a bad idea but trust me when I tell you that it works. Firstly she will immediately lower her defences and stop being so resistant to you. And she will wonder why you no longer want to be with her. This is just the first move in how to win back your girlfriend.

2. If you have already taken the approach of pleading and begging then you need to reverse the situation. You should consider sending her a letter. Explain that you had been a little confused. Tell her you weren't thinking straight but now you have had time to think about it, you realise it was the right thing for both of you to break-up. This is one of the most powerful first moves in how to win back your girlfriend. 3. If you're talking to her or anyone she knows let them know that you are not sitting pining over your loss (even though you are). This must appear natural and not over-emphasised - this is important. You should ensure you take this how to win your girlfriend back step seriously! 4. Remain calm and cool around your ex or anyone else who knows her. You must project the image of an emotionally secure man who is fine with himself and the world. 5. Take time away from her. Allow for a cool off period. Do not rush in when you start to make progress. 6. If you happen to meet or talk to your ex just politely ask her how she is doing. Keep the conversion as normal as possible and never mention the break-up. You can get some pointers as to how she is feeling if you just add things like "funny we should meet I was just thinking about you". Watch for her reaction and then steer the conversation away to another point. 7. Make sure you end any conversion first. You cannot talk long because you are busy or have to be somewhere. This is an important point. You want to give the impression that you are fine without her. This leads to the age old phenomenon known as "wanting what you can't have!" 8. Act a little hesitant when she wants to talk you or meet you. You need to get her to start chasing you.

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The magic of making up after a lovers argument, or even a break up, is very special to behold. Here are tips on how to get your ex back. ==== ====

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The magic of making up is a way of winning back your ex lover, be they girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be done and it is very easy. http://...