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''A local dad who believes in a bit of common sense''

Paul Clark Gillingham and Rainham's MP

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The past few weeks have been terrible for our democracy. I am appalled at the actions of MPs, claiming money for moats, cleaning swimmings, and non-existant mortgages has dragged Parliament to the lowest level possible. It is important now that the whole system is sorted out and this never happens again. The old system has already been scrapped and an immediate stop has been put on many claims. I hope that this is the type of tough action you support. For my part, I guarantee you that: 1. Gillingham always has been and will continue to be my number one priority. You elected me, I work for you 2. You should expect and you will get a value for money MP. I've helped over 10,000 constituents since 1997 and attended far more votes in the House of Commons than most MPs 3. My offices are always fully staffed and when you have a problem, I'm always here to help I make these pledges because I want you to know that I remain focussed on how I can help you, your neighbours, and the community. You are what matters amongst all the headlines. In the following pages you will see that over the past 12 years, together we've made a huge difference to Gillingham. All the best,

Paul Clark MP Member of Parliament for Gillingham and Rainham PS

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A great success story in this part of Gillingham

We're really lucky in this part of Gillingham. Thanks to the Labour Government's massive investment in the NHS, we've now got a new walk-in centre run by great GPs on Canterbury Street. I was up the road at the walk-in centre recently, meeting staff and patients. It's so good to see investment in the Health Service really paying off. We can all remember when there was a Tory Government that wanted to cut, cut, cut, and not invest money in our health in Gillingham. That's a thing of the past, and let's make sure it stays that way.

STANDING UP FOR YOU My office has helped over 10,000 people with a range of concerns like poor housing, the Child Support Agency, problems with the Council, rubbish collection, benefits payments, financial problems... the list really is endless. What's important to remember is that some MPs are part-time. They have other jobs as barristers, financial consultants, or stockmarket traders. I think being an MP should ALWAYS be a full-time job, 7 days a week, and that's the reputation I've got locally. Would you seriously want an MP who was also a part-time barrister, so you couldn't get in touch with him when he was defending some yob in court? I didn't think so. That's why I'm here all year round, every day of the week, listening and ACTING on your concerns.

“Paul just cuts through the nonsense and gets on with the job. I wouldn't have been rehoused without his help'' Kelly Gillingham resident

You should expect the best... Because I know people want to keep track of their MP, I run a DAILY update service through my website. It doesn't cost the taxpayer a single penny and it's completely free to join. Sign up at my website,

Visit Paul's website,, for more information

Support when you need it In the middle of all the recent news stories are you and your neighbours – you are what matters the most. I am focussed on getting Gillingham through this recession and building a better future for us. If you are worried about how the recession could affect your family, your job or your house then I am here to help you get the real help you need. Please call my office on 01634 574261 if you need advice on what to do if you’ve lost your job or you are struggling to pay the mortgage. Helping constituents is what I do every single day of the week, so if you don't know where else to turn, you know you can contact me.

Local to you I'm always out and about in this part of Gillingham. Whether it's Canterbury Street and the new walk-in centre, or advice surgeries along Sturdee Avenue or Barnsole Road, you're bound to catch me down your street at some point. Many of you will know my offices on Watling Street, and I do hold my advice surgeries there too, so call to book in.

''When my wife fell ill, Paul helped us to secure the treatment she needed from the NHS. He's a real fighter.'' Mike Gillingham resident

Tough times call for tough action During these tough economic times I believe that Labour must step in to provide support rather than leaving people to sink or swim. Acting now will mean that the recession will be shorter and shallower than it otherwise would. This is why I'm acting to help ensure that losing your job does not have to mean losing your home. To make paying the bills a little easier Labour has introduced mortgage schemes which provide extra protection for families if they suffer a temporary fall in income. You can see that up in the north of Gillingham there's new homes being build by Pier Road, and this is bringing jobs and better quality housing to Gillingham. We're on our way up in Gillingham and this economic challenge won't stop us.

Common sense campaigning all year round right across Gillingham

LOOKING TO YOUR FUTURE You know, people keep saying to me: "Paul, why don't most politicians use just a little bit of common sense sometimes?" And they're absolutely right. That's why as a local dad I've always thought about what the common sense answer is to problems, not the politicians' answer. Nobody wants or needs an MP who's so caught up in bureaucracy

and Government that they can't stay in touch with what real people in Gillingham really want. Just like you, I chat with my neighbours and the postman about what's happening in Gillingham, and it's so clear to me that solving these big problems in Westminster needs a common sense solution. That's my promise to you.

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