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Criminal attorney

New York City, like many densely populated, extravagant, lavish and large cities in the United States, seems to embody the American dream, in the sense that anything can happen, and anyone can get ahead. As with other enormous cities, people are quick to point the finger at one another, which can lead to an overflow of legal battles. With close to nine million people living in one city, it’s to be expected that there will be no shortage of need for lawyers, attorneys and other legal specialists, which causes a massive problem for those who seek the professional legal counsel of a criminal attorney. There are simply so many lawyers, it becomes difficult to discern between who’s going to drop the ball and who’s going to pull ahead for you in your case. Reputation is king in the big apple, and the ability to see a criminal attorney’s track record is absolutely imperative in deciding who will represent you in your legal criminal case. Allow us to save you the hassle of browsing through hundreds of websites and making phone calls to inquire about credentials and introduce you to the Law Office of Aaron Wallenstein, one of New York City’s premiere criminal attorneys. If you’ve got a criminal case on your hands, we’ve got your back. As one of the city’s most celebrated and trusted criminal defense attorneys, Aaron Wallenstein has taken part in thousands of criminal trials in New York City, ranging from DWI/DUI cases all the way to murder trials, and boasts an impressive track record of keystone cases he and his firm have successfully undertaken. To us, it has little bearing how much, or how convince the evidence the district attorney has to use against you. The only thing that matters to Aaron Wallenstein is true justice in defense of our clients. We will exercise an extensive knowledge of the New York judicial system, and if we need to, scrounge high and low, for any information, law or policy loophole that may sway the jury in favor of your innocence. Remember, we need only convince the jury that there is reasonable doubt that the crime you are being accused of may have not been your doing, and that you may be innocent in order to ensure your freedom.

Many of our cases don’t even see a courtroom for a variety of reasons, most of which are either because Aaron Wallenstein and co possess exemplary ability to negotiate lax plea bargains, or that the district attorney simply does not have enough evidence to pursue a trial and the case is dropped by a judge. However, as a client, if your case does see the inside of a courtroom, we will promise you that through extensive working knowledge of the law and the New York judicial system, we will answer all of your questions to ease your mind and make the process as comfortable as possible. We will work to tenaciously and aggressively attack your case, leaving no stone unturned. We strive for excellence, and with us, you’re receiving only the best possible criminal attorney representation. So if you’ve been charged with a crime, from petty theft to first degree murder, the Law Office of Aaron Wallenstein is your go to for professional legal representation. Don’t waste time! Call today!

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