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HERBERT DISTEL DAS SCHUBLADENMUSEUM (THE MUSEUM OF DRAWERS) Museums, especially museums of fine art, are places where we become conscious of time. Like a preserving jar, they all have the task of conserving and presenting a subject curdled with time – the artwork. But through and behind these works the artists appear, falling out of the screen of time, as it were, and becoming immortal. – Herbert Distel Herbert Distel’s Das Schubladenmuseum (The Museum of Drawers), 1970–1977, includes 500 miniature artworks collected during the 1960s and 1970s, held inside a cabinet of drawers formerly used to store haberdasher’s silk sewing thread. In fact there are 501 artworks as the whole cabinet stands on a metal base by Ed Kienholtz. After Distel had found the cabinet, he began to write to well-known artists of the time and friends, asking them to contribute artworks to the museum. He received positive initial responses and so began to ask more and more artists, receiving the 500th artwork for The Museum of Drawers seven years after he had started the project. With the last acquisition, the museum stopped collecting and finally opened to the public. Each drawer in the cabinet is split up into 25 tiny white galleries, each measuring 2.25" wide, 1 11/16" high and 1 7/8" deep, and the works exhibited within them vary in style, medium and format – from installation to sculpture to painting, photography, kinetic and sound art. The artists themselves represent the spectrum of renowned artists working in that era, and acts as a ‘who’s who’ of the art world – Man Ray, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Ryman, Claes Oldenburg, Alighiero Boetti, Bruce Mclean, Annette Messager, Jean Tinguely, Carl Andre, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, John Cage… the list goes on. At Arnolfini, we are exhibiting Drawers 3, 6, 10, 13, 16 and 17, and three of the artists that are exhibiting in Museum Show Part 1 and 2 can also be seen on display here. Robert Filliou displays his trademark paper hat in Drawer 17, Tom Marioni exhibits a resin sculpture in Drawer 10, and Sarkis presents an Minox film in Drawer 16; while others, for example James Lee Byars in Drawer 9, Marcel Duchamp in Drawer 12 and Peter Blake in Drawer 20, are not on public view. This guide includes the full inventory of the The Museum of Drawers. black + white Kunsthaus Zurich; donated by Herbert Distel and the Julius Baer Foundation Many thanks to Phil Owen for cataloguing assistance


INVENTORY All drawers are catalogued back to front and left to right DRAWER 1 D1.1- La Fleur jaune, 1976. Emile Gilioli. D1.2: Acteur, 1977. Eduardo Arroyo. D1.3: Ohne Titel. 1977. Markus Lüpertz. D1.4: Apfeldünenlandschaft, 1977. Max A. Schärlig. D1.5: Senza titolo, 1974. Luciano Fabro. D1.6: Ohne Titel, 1977. Markus Zürcher. D1.7: Volume 24, 1977. Gottfried Honegger. D1.8: Senza titolo, 1977. Mario Schifano. D1.9: Breakwater 1, Flevoland, 1975. Ger Dekkers. D1.10: Die Welt des Niesens – Fragment eines Schwitters-Gedichtes. Version 3, 1977. László Lakner. D1.11: Sans titre, 1977. Jean Mauboulès. D1.12: Senza Titolo, 1976. Alberto Burri. D1.13: Ohne title, 1977. Winfred Gaul. D1.14: Kleine Welt, 1977.Gerhard Rühm. D1.15: Gedanken zu einem Sandhaufen, 1977. Tom J. Gramse. D1.16: M.O., 1933. Man Ray. D1.17: Ohne Titel, 1977. K.R.H Sonderborg. D1.18: Ohne Titel, 1959. Josef Albers. D1.19: Négresse, 1976. Nikki de Saint-Phalle. D1.20: Témoin, 1976. Jean Michel Folon. D1.21: Untitled, 1976. Lynn Chadwick. D1.22: Texte Wände, 1972. Ferdinand Kriwet. D1.23: Untitled, 1976. Gudmunder Gudmundsson Erró. D1.24: Negative Eye Tear Lips, 1971. Roy Adzak. D1.25: Sans Titre, 1971. Baschet Bernard / Baschet François. DRAWER 2 D2.1: Cracked Earth, 1976. Mark Boyle. D2.2: Untitled, 1971–76. Keith Arnatt. D2.3: Superficie-Grafia-Luce, 1972. Guarneri Riccardo. D2.4: Sans titre, 1976. Félix Labisse. D2.5: Sin titulo, 1976.Rafael Canogar. D2.6: People with modern paintings, 1973. Robert Ballagh. D2.7: Sin titulo, 1976. Eduardo Chillida. D2.8: Untitled, 1976. John Davies.Painted D2.9: Ohne title, 1972. Oskar Kokoschka. D2.10: Motorkameria, 1972–1976. Sieverding Katharina / Mettig Klaus. D2.11: Small relief, 1976. Eduardo Paolozzi. D2.12: Pearls, 1976. Patrick Caulfield. D2.13: Untitled, 1976. Robert Motherwell. D2.14: La Prison du Narcisse, 1976. Michel. D2.15: Untitled, 1976. Cy Twombly. D2.16: 21K, 1975.Camille Billops. D2.17: Burgstein-Publikation, 1969–1976. Harry Kramer. D2.18: Gazzetta Ufficiale (del 1911) 1976. Luca Patella. D2.19: Untitled, 1976. Newton and Helen Harrison. D2.20: Ohne titel, 1976. Hans Hartung. D2.21: Grimassen, 1971. Arnulf Rainer. D2.22: Miniatur-Papier-Migof, 1971. Bernard Schultze. D2.23: Alfabeto e Numeri, 1972. Mario Ceroli. D2.24: Cosmos, 1970–71. Stansilav Filko. D2.25 -One Unit of GRAIN BELT (9 Units), 1975. Alan Shields. DRAWER 3 D3.1: Carib Island Miniature, 1976. Alan Davie. D3.2: A/P, 1976. Jack Miller. D3.3: Untitled, 1976. Robert Breer. D3.4: Senzo titilo, 1976. Jannis Kounellis. D3.5: Ohne Titel, 1976. Pravolslav Sovak. D3.6: North Bar II, 1976. Larry Zox. D3.7: Anamnesis, 1975. Michele Zaza. D3.8: Ohne Titel, 1976. KP Brehmer. D3.9: White Spirit II, 1976. Roger Nellens. D3.10: Atelierschlüssel, 1976. Klaus Rinke. D3.11: Untitled, 1976, Roy Lichtenstein.

D3.12: Untitled, 1976,Richard Smith. D3.13: Untitled, 1976. M.-L. De Geer-Bergenstråhle. D3.14: Senza Titolo, 1972. Vincenzo Agnetti. D3.15: Untitled, 1972. Colin Self. D3.16: Untitled, 1976. John McCracken. D3.17: 13.1.1976, Joan Miró. D3.18: Schneckenhaus mit Perle, 1975. Paul Wunderlich. D3.19: Reclining Figure Nr. 346, 1976. Gerald Laing. D3.20: Ohne Titel, 1972. Beate Hulbeck. D3.21: Senza titolo, 1963. Mimmo Rotella. D3.22: Barrier Piece, 1971. Joshua Neustein. D3.23: Progression, 1971. Jésus Rafael Soto. D3.24: Chain System: 2-1-2-3-2-3-1-3-1, 1971. Kenneth Martin. D3.25: Concepts of Property, 1971. Georgette Battle. DRAWER 4 D4.1: Silenus Pisces II, 1975. Frank Bowling. D4.2: Still Life, 1975. William Scott. D4.3: Figure 2, 1975. Jasper Johns. D4.4: Untitled, 1975. Jiši Valoch. D4.5: Untitled, 1970. Sam Francis. D4.6: Ohne titel, 1973. Balthasar Burkhard. D4.7: Untitled, 1975. John Hoyland. D4.8: Artists/BU rearranged observed matrix, 1971. Joshua Young. D4.9: Untitled, 1975. Howardena Pindell. D4.10: Infinito, 1969-1975. Giovanni Anselmo. D4.11: Raumvision, 1970. René Ramp. D4.12: Untitled (photos by Babette Mangolte), 1975. Yvonne Rainer. D4.13: Untitled, 1975. Robert Irwin. D4.14: Sans Titre, 1975. Olivier Mosset. D4.15: Senza Titolo, 1971. Emilio Isgrò. D4.16: Emballage-Parapluie, 1971. Tadeusz Kantor. D4.17: Water Colour, 1975. Robert Ryman. D4.18: Ohne titel, 1975. Claude Sandoz. D4.19: Sans titre, 1975. Luis Tomasello. D4.20: Ohne titel, 1975. Rebecca Horn. D4.21: Untitled, 1975. Carolee Schneemann. D4.22: Orienterungsmodul, 1971. Jorrit Tornquist. D4.23: Ohne titel, 1975. Oskar Wiggli. D4.24: Untitled, 1972. Richard Long. D4.25: Napoleon Miniaturen, 1971. Klaus Hoffmann. DRAWER 5 D5.1: Dots, 1971. Alain Jacquet. D5.2: Ohne Titel, 1971. Adolf Luther. D5.3: Sans Titre, 1971. Christian Boltanski. D5.4: Mini-Effet, 1971. Nicolaus Schöffer. D5.5: Ohne Titel, 1971.Alfred Wunderwald. D5.6: Sans Titre, 1971. Bernard Aubertin. D5.7: Random Objectivation, 1971. Herman de Vries. D5.8: Kugel, Vibration ROT-GRÜN-BL-VIO, 1971. Kuno Gonschior. D5.9: Sein, 1967-1969. Baldaccini César. D5.10: New Music, 1971. Sarenco. D5.11: Edible Rainbow, 1971. Peter Kuttner. D5.12: Y.K.B., 1958. Yves Klein. D5.13: «F», 1971. Fritz Köthe. D5.14: Magnetic Fallout, 1971. Vassilakis Takis. D5.15: Ohne Titel, 1971. Raimund Girke. D5.16: Sans titre, 1971. Ben Vautier. D5.17: Moi, 1971. Gianfredo Camesi. D5.18: Ohne Titel, 1971. Hannah Höch. D5.19: Statement, 1971. Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim. D5.20: Sans titre, 1971. Bram Bogart. D5.21: Palindrom, 1971. André Thomkins. D5.22: Eros, 1972. Joe Tilson. D5.23: Untitled, 1973. Donald Judd. D5.24: Zylinder im Kubus, 1968-1971. Ad Dekkers A. D5.25: My Life Chair, 1971. Tony Morgan. DRAWER 6 D6.1: Untitled, 1975. Bruce McLean.

D6.2: Sans titre, 1975. Sacha Sosno. D6.3: Herbert Distel, 1975. David Hockney. D6.4: Senza titolo, 1975. Claudio Parmiggiani. D6.5: First Model for S.O.M.B.A., 1972. Öyvind Fahlström. D6.6: Two Laws of Presentation, 1975. Anthony McCall. D6.7: Io non amo la Natura, 1970. Vettor Pisani. D6.8: Autoportrait Préhistorique, 1975. Lou Laurin-Lam. D6.9: Pro + Contra, 1971. Hans Richter. D6.10: Santa Ursula, 1971. Schultze-Bluhm Ursula. D6.11: Tracce, 1971 Piastrina di Riconoscimento, 1971. Franco Vaccari. D6.12: Senza titolo, 1974. Valerio Adami. D6.13: Sans titre, 1975. Wifredo Lam. D6.14: Senza titolo, 1975. Enrico Castellani. D6.15: Perspective Correction photograph – a Circle, 1968. Jan Dibbets. D6.16: Sans titre, 1975. Fernando Botero. D6.17: Untitled, 1975. Vija Celmins. D6.18: Senza titolo, 1975. Piero Dorazio. D6.19: Submarine Strukturen, 1971. Jürgen Claus. D6.20: 1965/1-∞, Détail: 748889–750019. Roman Opalka. D6.21: Personnages, 1963. Abraham Habbah. D6.22: Ohne Titel, 1971. Verena Loewensberg. D6.23: Sans titre, 1971. Jacques de la Villeglé D6.24: Pot, 1971. Jean-Pierre Raynaud. D6.25: Untitled, 1975. Richard Nonas. DRAWER 7 D7.1: Sans titre, 1971. Jiší Koláš. D7.2: Der häusliche Friede, 1971. Klaus Staeck. D7.3: E30., 1971. Angel Duarte. D7.4: Standard, 1971. Peter Stämpfli. D7.5: Cuoco Segreto, 1971. Daniel Spoerri. D7.6: Ich bin so weit von dir entfernt, in Raum und Zeit, 1971. Jochen Gerz. D7.7: Ohne Titel, 1971. Ferdinand Spindel. D7.8: Capriccioso, 1970. Nell Walden. D7.9: Untitled, 1971. Shirley Jaffe. D7.10: Kleine Schraffur, 1971. Jan J Schoonhoven. D7.11: Apollo 11, 1:24000, 1971. Edy Brunner. D7.12: Superficie a testura vibratile,1971 (Reprod.) Cubo + Quadrato = Volume positivo negativo, 1971. Getulio Alviani. D7.13: This is a Museum Room, 1971. Marinus Boezem. D7.14: Translokation, 1971. Camille Graeser. D7.15: Mond, 1971. Joseph Beuys. D7.16: Sans titre, 1971. Victor Vasarely. D7.17: Gegen das Fieber, 1940. Meret Oppenheim. D7.18: Herbie, 1970. Peter von Wattenwyl. D7.19: Senza titolo, 1971. Antonio Calderara. D7.20: mb 1/70, 1970. Willy Müller-Brittnau. D7.21: Untitled, 1976. Ivor Abrahams. D7.22: Eye Cry, 1973. Penelope Slinger. D7.23: Untitled, 1973. Tobi Zausner. D7.24: Spiegelarbeiten, 1962-1970. Christian Megert. D7.25: Untitled, 1975. Douglas Wheeler. DRAWER 8 D8.1: Now is the TI.!, 1975. Paul Thek. D8.2: Untitled Screen Painting, 1974. Al Bengston. D8.3: La Reprise, mes Travaux d’Aiguille, AlbumCollection Nr.7, 1975. Annette Messager. D8.4: Würfelrotation im Raum mit zunehmender bzw. abnehmender Kantenzahl, 1975. Manfred Mohr. D8.5: Ohne Titel, 1968. Dieter Roth. D8.6: Untitled, 1975. Larry Rivers. D8.7: Untitled, 1975. On Kawara. D8.8: Untitled, 1975. Stephen Posen. D8.9: Air détaché, 1975. Jacques Hérold.

D8.10: Earliest known drawing of living memory (facsimile). The original drawing, 1954, was lost in transit to the British Museum. 1975. John Latham. D8.11: Untitled, 1974. Richard Estes. D8.12: Room of Venice, California, Sea and Sky, 1973. DeWain Valentine. D8.13: Pressione, 1974. Giuseppe Penone. D8.14: Senza titolo, 1975. Lucio Del Pezzo. D8.15: The Key, 1975. Nam June Paik. D8.16: Lauter Ballons III, 1971. Peter Nagel. D8.17: Untitled, 1975. Mark Tobey. D8.18: Ohne Titel, 1975. Christian Vogt. D8.19: Module, 1975. AR Penck. D8.20: Ohne Titel, 1968. Markus Raetz. . D8.21: Eva, 1975. Alfred Hrdlicka. D8.22: Untitled, 1971. Moshe Gershuni. D8.23: Genghis Khan, 1963. Phillip King. D8.24: «Hommage à Stendhal», le Rouge et le Noir, 1971. Eugenio Miccini. D8.25: Ohne Titel, 1971. Franz Eggenschwiler. DRAWER 9 D9.1: Das Mondtier, 1971. Otmar Alt. D9.2: Poème à jeter au panier, 1975. Maurice Henry. D9.3: Dried Fruits, 1974. Bernd Minnich. D9.4: Untitled, 1975. Larry Bell. D9.5: Accumulation, 1975. Fernandez Arman. D9.6: Senza titolo, 1974. Giorgio Griffa. D9.7: La grande Couleur, 1965-1975. Jef Verheyen. D9.8: Ohne Titel, 1974. Stefan Wewerka. D9.9: Ohne Titel, 1974. Hans Hollein. D9.10: Art File, 1975. Robert Cottingham. D9.11: Caduveo, 1975. Lothar Baumgarten. D9.12: Ohne Titel, 1974. Urs Lüthi. D9.13: Untitled, 1975. James Lee Byars. D9.14: Untitled, 1968. David Hall. D9.15: Senza titolo, 1975. Giulio Paolini. D9.16: Untitled, 1974. Jiro Sugawara. D9.17: Sans titre, 1974. Panamarenko. D9.18: Personnages, 1970. Vic Gentils. D9.19: Ohne Titel, 1974. Horst Antes. D9.20: Untitled, 1972. Anthony Hill. D9.21: Modell, 1970. Lambert Maria Wintersberger. D9.22: Rotazione Continua, 1972. Antonio Scaccabarozzi. D9.23: Raum = Körper, 1973. Gerhard von Graevenitz. D9.24: 5.5.1976, Passeggiata di Ripetta 19, Roma, 1976. Tano Festa, D9.25: Love, 1974. Robert Indiana. DRAWER 10 D10.1: Untitled, 1973. George Segal. D10.2: Untitled, 1973. John Giorno. D10.3: Apache Tears, 1973Carl Andre. D10.4: Holy Squash, 1973. Barbara T. Smith. D10.5: Easy, 1972. Allan Kaprow. D10.6: Mediums Memory Nr.1, 1963. Carl Frederick Reutersward. D10.7: Untitled, 1973. Robert Graham. D10.8: Untitled, 1973. Malcolm Morley. D10.9: Estructura articulada, 1973. Gonzalez Sebastián. D10.10: Rosin, 1973. Tom Marioni. D10.11: Untitled, 1973. George Sugarman. D10.12: Broken Circle, Emmen–Holland, 1970. Robert Smithson. D10.13: Untitled, 1973. Paul Jenkins. D10.14: Untitled, 1973. Terry Fox. D10.15: Untitled, 1973. Bruce Connor. D10.16: Untitled, 1973. Mathias Goeritz. D10.17: Untitled, 1973. Ron Davis. D10.18: Untitled, 1973. Laddie Dill. D10.19: Trans-Parent Teacher Ink, 1969–1973. Paul Cotton. D10.20: Untitled, 1973. Tom Wudl. D10.21: Chickasaw, 1972. Tom Doyle. D10.22: Geometric Mouse, 1972. Claes Oldenburg.

D10.23: Martelé, 1972. John Chamberlain. D10.24: Nude from Nude on a Couch, nd. Tom Wesselmann. D10.25: Poesia Oggetto, 1972. Luciano Ori. DRAWER 11 D11.1: Untitled, 1974. Hubert Dalwood. D11.2: Untitled, 1974. Robyn Denny. D11.3: Senza titolo, 1974. Giuseppe Chiari. D11.4: 2AWLS, 1974. Jim Dine. D11.5: Ohne Titel, 1974. Franz Gertsch. D11.6: Microrelief, 1974. Sandro De-Alexandris. D11.7: Ohne Titel, 1974. Jürgen Klauke. D11.8: Untitled, 1974. Richard Artschwager. D11.9: ‘63 Polara, 1974. Robert Bechtle. D11.10: Ohne Titel, 1974. Peter Sorge. D11.11: Forgò VI, 1972. János Fajó. D11.12: Ohne Titel, 1974. Robert Müller. D11.13: Wer begreift hat Flügel, 1974. Valie Export. D11.14: Dinamica Circolare 6R, 1972. Marina Apollonio. D11.15: Sunlight Convergence. Solar Burn: 1 hour, 1974. Charles Ross. D11.16: Senza titolo, 1972. Marino Marini. D11.17: Untitled, 1974. Robert Grosvenor. D11.18: Dreams of a Coal Man schizophrenic Rumors Part Nr.4, 1974 Frederick James. D11.19: Untitled, 1974. Nicholas Krushenick. D11.20: Local Index, 1975. Marvin Brown. D11.21: Sans titre, 1974. Berto Lardera. D11.22: Mural, 1972. François Morellet. D11.23: Einbetoniertes Blut, 1972. Wolf Vostell. D11.24: Ohne Titel, 1972. Erwin Heerich. D11.25: Untitled, 1974. Joe Goode. DRAWER 12 D12.1: Die 22 grossen Arcanen des Tarot, 1974. Walter Wegmüller. D12.2: Ohne Titel, 1974. Raffael Benazzi. D12.3: Letter, 1974. David R Prentice. D12.4: Untitled, 1974. William Tucker. D12.5: Modulo L, 1974. Nicola Carrino. D12.6: Foraging,1971. Peter Hutchinson. D12.7: Untitled, 1974. Richard Anuszkiewicz. D12.8: Untitled, 1974. Peter Alexander. D12.9: Untitled, 1974. Richard Lindner. D12.10: In Schwarz und Rot, 1971. Erich Buchholz. D12.11: Imagination (arcanal), 1973-1974. Peter Weibel. D12.12: Sans titre, 1974. Jean Baier. D12.13: Sans titre. Marcel Duchamp. D12.14: Ohne Titel, 1974. Sigmar Polke. D12.15: Ohne Titel, 1974. Samuel Buri. D12.16: Fireman’s Conflict Resolution… Gravitational Dias, 1973. Howard Fried. D12.17: Untitled, 1973. Nancy Graves. D12.18: Untitled. Stephen Laub. D12.19: Untitled, 1973. Ron Cooper. D12.20: Billard, 1971. Reinhard Rühlin. D12.21: Le Cadenas du Musée, 1971. Jean Le Gac. D12.22: Untitled, 1972. Peter Sedgley. D12.23: Untitled, 1972. Slothouber + Graatsma. D12.24: Elefäntchen mit Flügelmutter, 1972. Berhard Luginbühl. D12.25: Atlantic crossing an Egg, 1973. Tom Phillips. DRAWER 13 D13.1: Senza titolo, 1972. Arnaldo Pomodoro. D13.2: Senza titolo, 1974. Bruno di Bello. D13.3: Untitled, 1973. George Brecht. D13.4: Calcul de la Diagonale d’un Rectangle, 1966–72. Bernar Venet. D13.5: Sans titre, 1974. Julio Le Parc. D13.6: Spenza titolo, 1974. Giuseppe Spagnulo. D13.7: Sans titre, 1974. Marta Pan. D13.8: Paintscape, 1974. Edvins Strautmanis. D13.9: There was a Discussion, 1973–4. Ian Wilson. D13.10: Autoportrait avec Molly Bloom,

1971. Carlo Alfano. D13.11: Keith, 1974. Chuck Close. D13.12: Untitled, 1974. Ronald Bladen. D13.13: Untitled, 1974. James Rosenquist. D13.14: Senza titolo, 1974. Alighiero Boettti. D13.15: Senza titolo, 1974. Marco Gastini. D13.16: Untitled, 1972. Imre Bak. D13.17: Untitled, 1974. John Kacere. D13.18: Untitled, 1974. Ray Johnson. D13.19: Untitled, 1974. Vito Acconci. D13.20: Untitled, 1974. William Turnbull. D13.21: A Little Person, 1971. Will Insley. D13.22: Ohne Titel, 1972. Hermann Goepfert. D13.23: Kubus, 1972. Gunther Nuecker. D13.24: Nr.322, 1972. Gerhard Richter. D13.25: Ohne Titel, 1972. Konrad Klapheck. DRAWER 14 D14.1: Untitled, 1973. William Copley. D14.2: ONE, 1973. Dan Graham. D14.3: Hommage to Venus, 1975. D14.4: Sans titre, 1974. René Bauermeister. D14.5: Ohne Titel, 1974. Dieter Meier. D14.6: Mini-mini Torsions, 1973. Walter Leblanc. D14.7: Micro-Matic Nr.1, 1973. Peter Phillips. D14.8: Ohne Titel, 1965. Otto Mühl. D14.9: Ohne Titel, 1970. Otto Nebel. D14.10: Gee Gee, 1974. Mel Ramos. D14.11: Zwei Grün, ein Gelb, 1970. Franz Fedier. D14.12: Your Rain my Rain, 1971-1973 (Abb.) Ten Questions, 1971-1973. Endre Tót. D14.13: Ohne Titel, 1973. Lilly Keller. D14.14: Panzarita Too, 1973. Richard McLean. D14.15: Untitled, 1972. Robert Watts. D14.16: Ohne Titel, 1973. Heinz Mack. D14.17: Untitled, 1973. John Baldessari. D14.18: Ohne Titel, 1973. Marcel Wyss. D14.19: «Oh le joli Musée», 1973. Muriel Olesen. D14.20: Atelier, 1973. Lukas Wunderer. D14.21: Biokinetischer Stopper, 1972. HA Schult. D14.22: Senza titolo, 1960. Lucio Fontana. D14.23: Untitled, 1972. Howard Kanovitz. D14.24: Untitled, 1972. Tadaaki Kuwayama. D14.25: Madonna Magritte, 1972. Hannah Wilke. DRAWER 15 D15.1: Modifikation, 1972. Edgar Hofschen. D15.2: Ohne Titel, 1972. CO Paeffgen. D15.3: One Year, 1972. Gábor Attalai. D15.4: Ohne Titel, 1972. Walter Ottiger. D15.5: Untitled, 1972. Michael Balog. D15.6: Wassertürme Westeuropa, 1972. Bernd and Hilla Becher. D15.7: Untitled, 1972. Shusaku Arakawa. D15.8: Untitled, 1972. Fred Sandback. D15.9: Red Helium Sky Line, 1970-1972. Otto Piene. D15.10: Disent-elles, 1962. François Dufrêne. D15.11: Lipstick Sculpture, 1972. Lil Picard. D15.12: Past Present Future, 1970. Maurizio Nannucci. D15.13: Guter Mann, 588, 1972. Curt Stenvert. D15.14: Mini-Physichromie, 1972. Carlos Cruz-Diez. D15.15: Pain, 1972. Miralda+Selz. Mixed media. D15.16: Reserviert für Timm Ulrichs, 1967-1972. Timm Ulrichs. D15.17: Maintenance Situation, 1972. Billy Apple. D15.18: Retrospective 1958-1972. Jorge Stever. D15.19: Senza titolo, 1972. Mario Merz. D15.20: 117,648 cm³ of Dark, 1972 . Michelangelo Pistoletto. D15.21: Schwarz durch Grau, 1971. Hans Nagel. D15.22: Sin título, 1976 . Jorge Castillo. D15.23: Sunny, 1975. Alex Katz. D15.24: Ohne Titel, 1972. Richard Huelsenbeck. D15.25: Sans titre, 1972. André Caderé. DRAWER 16 D16.1: Untitled, 1973. Jerry Zeniuk. D16.2: Untitled, 1973. Ralph Goings. D16.3: Untitled, 1974. Brice Marden. D16.4: Untitled, 1973. Richard Tuttle.

D16.5: Ohne Titel, 1973. Jan Voss. D16.6: Sans titre, 1973. Sarkis. D16.7: Untitled, 1973. Escobar Marisol. D16.8: Senza titolo, 1973. Enrico Baj. D16.9: Untitled, 1973. Kenneth Snelson. D16.10: Marilyn Monroe, 1972. Andy Warhol+ Richard Pettibone. D16.11: Ohne Titel, 1973. Bernhard Giger. D16.12: Untitled, 1971. Chris Burden. D16.13: L’Alliance, 1973. Richard Topor. D16.14: Choice, 1973. William T Wiley. D16.15: Ohne Titel, 1973. Hermann Nitsch. D16.16: Kunst ist ein Fehler, 1971. Bendicht Fivian. D16.17: Shopping Lady, 1973. Duane Hanson. D16.18: Untitled, 1973. Allan d’Arcangelo. D16.19: City of the Future, 1973. Paul van Hoeydonck. D16.20: Disteldiplomaten, 1973. Roger Raveel. D16.21: I buy you a drink, fuck under pink sky, 1972. Walasse Ting. D16.22: L’Araignée du Soir ne mange que des Violettes, 1972. Walter Linck. D16.23: Art is all over, 1971. NE Ting ltd (Iain Baxter). D16.24: Three IRIS-paintings, 1972. Lowell Nesbitt. D16.25: Senza titolo, 1963. Enzo Mari. DRAWER 17 D17.1: Untitled, 1973. Allen Jones. D17.2: Guy Creature, 1969. Ernest Trova. D17.3: Ohne Titel, 1972. Alfonso Hüppi. D17.4: Untitled, 1973. Douglas Huebler. D17.1.5: Grüner Traum, 1973. Anton Egloff. D17.2.6: Galerie Légitime, 1962-1972. Robert Filliou. D17.2.7: Selbstversuch, 1969. Wolf Kahlen. D17.2.8: Ohne Titel, 1973. H.R. Giger. D17.2.9: Muraille Antipode, 1973. Jean Dewasne. D17.2.10: Sans titre, 1972. Sergio de Carmago. D17.3.11: Ohne Titel, 1972. Ewerdt Hilgemann. D17.3.12: Untitled, 1972. Les Levine. Chewing-gum on wooden base D17.3.13 – Ohne Titel, 1972. Herbert Bayer. D17.3.14: Untitled, 1972. John Cage. D17.3.15: Sans titre, 1973. Kumi Sugaï. D17.4.16: Untitled, 1972. J.H. Kocman. D17.4.17: Feet, 1972. Clive Barker. D17.4.18: Untitled, 1972. Chuck Arnoldi. D17.4.19: <<E>>, 1972. Ed Moses. D17.4.20: Device, 1971. Paul Pechter. D17.5.21: #2, 1972. Alfred Jensen. D17.5.22: Walldrawing, 1972. Sol Lewitt. D17.5.23: Erdbild, 1972. Rolf Iseli. D17.5.24: Demeure 10, 1972. Étienne Martin. D17.5.25: Untitled, 1972. Philip Pearlstein. DRAWER 18 D18.1: And then untended as…, 1972. Lawrence Weiner. D18.2: 9/VIII 72/1; 7/VIII 72/1; 9/VIII 72/2. Oskar Holweck. D18.3: Ausschnitt aus dem Film. Reiner Ruthenbeck. D18.4: Untitled, 1972. John de Andrea. D18.5: Senza titolo, 1972. Agostino Bonalumi. D18.6: Eclectic Prop, 1972. Jud Fine. D18.7: Nude, 1972. Sandro Bocola. D18.8: Untitled, 1972. Frank Lincoln Viner. D18.9: Ohne Titel, 1972. Marc Adrian. D18.10: Ohne Titel, 1972. Erich Hauser. D18.11: Sans titre, 1972. Piotr Kowalski. D18.12: Drei Freunde, 1972. Johannes Grützke. D18.13: Untitled, 1972. Charles Christopher Hill. D18.14: Farbraum, 1972. Karl G Pfahler. D18.15: Micropainting, 1968. Gene Davis.

D18.16: Sculpture, 1967. Ken Friedman. D18.17: Ohne Titel, 1972. Gotthard Graubner. D18.18: Mary, 1972. Guy Dill. D18.19: Wreck Pile, 1972. John Salt. D18.20: Senza titolo, 1972. Turi Simeti. D18.21: Composition Multiyiselle Nr.95, 1972. Jean Gorin. D18.22: Untitled, 1972. Kiki Kogelnik. D18.23: Museumsraum, 1972. Alfred Hofkunst. D18.24: Algorhythmus I, Miniversion, 1969-1972 (Konstellationsmöglichkeiten 24!/4). Karl Gerstner. D18.25: Le Tiercé, 1965. Gianni Bertini. DRAWER 19 D19.1: Untitled, 1973. David Smyth. D19.2: Ohne Titel, 1974. Karel Appel. D19.3: Ohne Titel, 1974. Thomas K Lenk. D19.4: From «Straight Review» Visual Arts Press April 1968. Joseph Kosuth. D19.5: Untitled, 1974. Tom Blackwell. D19.6: Ombres de clés ou la clé des ombres, 1967. Lourdes Castro. D19.7: Senza titolo, 1971. Roberto Crippa. D19.8: Senza titolo, 1960. Piero Manzoni. D19.9: Senza titolo, 1974. Dadamaino. D19.10: The Illustration of Art, 1974. Antonio Dias. D19.11: Ohne Titel, 1974. Günter Brus. D19.12: Wasserwand, 1973. Heinz Brand. D19.13: Sans titre, 1974. Jean Pierre Yvaral. D19.14: Etching, 1974. Richard Hamilton. D19.15: Senza titolo, 1969. Bruno Munari. D19.16: Ohne Titel, 1974. Eugen Gomringer. D19.17: Untitled, 1974. Lily Greenham. D19.18: Untitled, 1974. Tim Scott. D19.19: Untitled, 1971. Teruko Yokoi. D19.20: Untitled, 1974. Barry Flanagan. D19.21: Ohne Titel, 1971. Otto Tschumi. D19.22: Person I met, 1969-71. Braco Dimitrijevic´. D19.23: Twin-Glimps und Aquarell, 1971. Roland Werro. D19.24: Meurs (P.A.Benoit, Alès), 1960. Pablo Picasso. D19.25: Ohne Titel, 1972. Willy Weber. DRAWER 20 D20.1: Die Fülle von 4000 Nichts, 1977. Martin Schwartz. D20.2: Untitled, 1977. Peter Blake. D20.3: Strutturazione Pulsante, 1959-1972. Gianni Colombo. D20.4: Ohne Titel, 1977. Christian Rothacher. D20.5: Eck-Flügel, 1977. Bernd Völke. D20.6: Senza titolo, 1977. Nato Frascà. D20.7: Trofeo di Caccia, 1966. Pino Pascali. D20.8: Visione prospettica di un progetto per metallo monocromatico nero di m.3 x m.1, 1961. Francesco Lo Savio. D20.9: Culture of Hope and Glory, 1977. Louis G Le Roy. D20.10: Passport, 1976. Komar+Melamid. D20.11: Real Marijuana, 1972. Ed Ruscha. D20.12: 1.1175, 1975. Ray Staakman. D20.13: Ohne Titel, 1974. Walter Giers. D20.14: Fossil in Hiroshima, 1960-1970. Tetsumi Kudo. D20.15: Sans titre, 1974. Pol Bury. D20.16: Great Sky Transparency, 1972. Geoff Hendricks. D20.17: Sans titre, 1973. Hugo Rodlofo Demarco. D20.18: Wrapped Coast, 1969. Christo. D20.19: Art is Art about Art, 1972. Gérald Minkoff. D20.20: Sans titre, 1972. Raimond Hains. D20.21: Ohne Titel, 1972. Fred Troller. D20.22: Blue, 1971. Gerard Marx. D20.23: Single Rectangle Bronze, 1975. George Rickey. D20.24: Beta-Light Sculpture, 1971. Janos Urban. D20.25: Volume Virtuel, 1976. Jean Tinguely.

Museum of Drawers