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“Art is what makes life more interesting than art” – Robert Filliou


Robert Filliou first had the idea to found his own gallery in 1961 and Galerie Légitime (Legitimate Gallery) ‘opened’ in January 1962. It was a gallery in his hat, and over the years and different editions he used various different hats – the first edition was contained in his cap but later it would be a beret or a bowler hat. The gallery contained very small artworks that had been made by Filliou and he would carry it as he travelled around, approaching people on the street;


“Are you interested in art, monsieur or madame?” he would say. If they said, “Yes, yes,” he would say: “Well you know I have a gallery.” And if they expressed some interest he would say: “Here it is”. HEF(S) D'O





C U For Filliou, a gallery in his hat was perfect, he E GALERIE was not constrained by a building and could LÉGITIME move about the streets, go into houses. This portability also allowed for interesting Robert Filliou things to happen to the gallery and the work ra fi nc contained within it. Filliou once lost an edition h e A r n ol of the gallery while traveling in Frankfurt and on another occasion the work was stolen. In 1962 he exhibited Galerie Légitime at the Festival of Misfits held at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and met with many of the members of the Fluxus movement. He subsequently made a lot of work for Fluxus events and collaborated with many of the artists involved, including a long term collaboration with artist George Brecht.

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courtesy collection agnés b.

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This guide folds into a paper hat, fold along the dotted lines.

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The edition you see here is from 1968, when Filliou decided to have six or seven plastic hats made that acted as further editions of Galerie Légitime. These more stationary and permanent homes for his gallery contained some of the orginal objects from his cap as well as other artists work such as Al Hansen, Alison Knowles and Dieter Roth (see the inventory inside this guide for the full list of works/artists).

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01. Clear Plexiglas hat 02. White velvet 03. Scott Hyde, Untitled, Undated Cut paper, paint 04. Robert Filliou, Untitled, Undated Sandpaper Box 05. Al Hansen, Françoise Hardy, 1966 Mixed Media on wood 06. Chieko Shiomi, Untitled (‘Window to R. Filliou’), 1965 07. Dieter Roth, Sehnsucht



nach dem Sommer (Longing for Summer), 1967 11

Framed Postcard 08. Dorothy Iannone, Mary Green, 1966 Acrylic on paper, wood 09. Robert Filliou, La Joconde revient tout d’suite (The Mona Lisa of all returns after), 12

Undated Magic slate 10. Robert Filliou, Untitled, Undated


Wood, cardboard 11. Alison Knowles, 06



Untitled, Undated Tie 12. Robert Filliou, Untitled, Undated Tracing paper, pigments, metal

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13. Robert Filliou, Futura26 Galerie Légitime signed poster

La Galerie Légitime  

La Galerie Légitime

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