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CYLINDER SEAL MANUAL Miho Shimizu & Øyvind Renberg 31.10.2012

1) Front view of Cylinder Seal crate.

2) The key to unscrew the top four screws of the crate lid attached underneath the crate.

3) Unscrew the four screws using the key.

4) The crate is now open. Carefully lift off the polystyrene lid.

5) The Cylinder Seal lies wrapped in a cushion made out of cotton fabric and cotton stuffing.

6) Take out the Cylinder Seal carefully. As the top and base are only losely attached, take care so they don´t fall off.

7) The top and base are lined with soft felt. The felt thickness is 2mm. The lining helps secure the cylinder, and adjusts height 18.9cm.

8) The Cylinder Seal components: Cylinder, top (“capital”), base and two sets of felt lining. IMPORTANT: when re-inserting the cylinder into the top and base, take care to gently twist, to avoid the felt side lining sliding in and get jumbled underneath (easily happens if one simply pushes in). We advice taking some time to get used to the process.

9) Printing with the Cylinder Seal. Enclosed with the artwork is a white, light weight Polymer based clay. The clay will set in contact with air - therefore only open the clay wrapping when planning to use it. If you wish to try with other clay, please use something similar: non oily soft clay. IMPORTANT: Do not use ceramic clay (earthen/stone based), it may damage the cylinder. A: Flatten the clay and roll the cylinder firmly over. A couple of trials might be necessary. B: Wipe the cylinder with soft cloth. If necessary, gently clean with water with mild diluted washing up liquid.

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Danger Museum Cylinder Manual  

Danger Museum Cylinder Manual

Danger Museum Cylinder Manual  

Danger Museum Cylinder Manual