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Natural remedy is the ideal method to use as treatment for leaky gut. The question most sufferers ask is how to treat leaky gut syndrome naturally. It is known that using harsh chemicals may just make the condition worse, so it is best not to use them. In effectively treating this condition, the use of herbs is the best method. Considered as natural or alternative medicines, herbs have been used for centuries. They are used by many people to treat many ailments. Slippery elm is a very popular herb. Made into a salve, this herb can be used for skin problems like boils, burns, wounds, and skin inflammations. When mixed with water, it turns into a gel form due to a substance found in it called mucilage. The gel soothes the inflamed or irritated lining of the gastrointestinal tract which includes the throat, stomach, and intestines. Since the leaky gut syndrome arises from an irritated lining, this herb becomes a very desirable choice. It also has antioxidants that helps fight infections which in turn decrease the symptoms. When people ask what the best natural treatment for leaky gut is, another popular herb called peppermint tea comes to mind. This herb is known to help relieve symptoms of leaky gut. It is said that peppermint tea can calm the stomach, help in promoting the normal flow of bile and it can also target certain bad bacteria thereby reducing the risk of infection. Chamomile tea is also another alternative when considering treatment for leaky gut. It is used to address the problems of abdominal bloating, excess gas,, cramping and pain. When you are feeling stressed, this herb can help calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. Stress and gastrointestinal problems are often present at the same time. For this reason, minimizing the stresses in your life will consequently lessen your gastrointestinal problems. Another herb that has been used for thousands of years is marshmallow root. This herb is used to help relieve the symptoms of digestive tract inflammation. It is very effective in soothing the irritated lining of the digestive tract. Many herbalists will probably tell you that echinacea is the herb of choice because it can address a broad range of health issues. This herb has been known to cure scarlet fever, malaria, blood poisoning, and diphtheria to name a few. This powerful herb possesses antioxidants, it reduces infection and helps boost the immune system. Another favorite of herbalists is the herb called goldenseal. This powerful and popular herb can be likened to echinacea in which it not only helps in the relief of digestive tract symptoms but it can also be used in dealing with a variety of health problems. Because the demand for it is so great, it is harvested to the point of it being almost classified as endangered. When people try to find a natural treatment for leaky gut, one of these herbs may be the answer

they have been looking for. Those who have tried to use medicines may have found that these medicines can aggravate their symptoms. Antibiotics are known to kill both the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract that may result to more problems. This in turn perpetuates the harsh cycle of leaky gut symptoms.

Natural leaky gut treatment is the best way to go to cure your syndrome, for more information check out the site on leaky gut syndrome.

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