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You might have heard of the latest craze in baby shower gifts - the baby diaper cake. You might be wondering what they are exactly and so this article will explain the essentials of a diaper cake for you. Essentially it is a cake that resembles a wedding cake in that it is made up of different levels, usually three. Unlike conventional cakes these are made using a whole bunch of baby diapers joined together to form what for all the world looks just like a cake, hence the name. Of course, that being said, these cakes are not just a whole lot of diapers thrown together any old how. They are fitted together and held in place using elastic bands and ribbons. If made really well they can easily fool people into thinking that they are looking at a genuine cake until they get close enough to realize that the cake itself is actually made out of diapers. Some are made using nondisposable diapers but the majority make use of the disposable kind. Usually white diapers are used by nowadays many of them are available using colored ones. This is useful if you know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. The decorations on the cake are usually baby items such as plush toys, bibs, babygrows, rattles, pacifiers, teething rings, and so on. Sometimes the decorations follow a specific theme and sometimes they do not. The choice is yours and you can decide to give one that is decorated only with baby clothing for example, or perhaps all the essentials to giving the new bundle of joy a bath. Most expectant parents will have made sure that they have all the other essentials such as the furniture for the baby's nursery and the stroller. Although these are great gifts to be able to give not many people can afford to. Besides, these types of items are usually the prerogative of the new parents and so are not really ideal. If the couple are expecting their first baby it makes much more sense that your gift include the essentials since sometimes they might not know what these are and could find themselves without them just when they need them the most. Diaper cakes allow you provide some of the essentials in a way that is totally unique and interesting. What is more, they are really easy to come by and if you are inclined you can choose to make the cake yourself. Tips on how to make diaper cakes can be found online and a quick look will soon convince you that you can make one easily and quickly with minimum effort. Even so the cake will be a welcome gift and is likely to be one that is really valued by the new parents when the little one arrives. It is a gift idea that keeps on giving because of the items that can be attached and concealed within the cake of diapers, thereby providing a surprise later on down the line. For a truly fun and creative way to give a gift at a baby shower, the baby diaper cake is a superb way of showing you care.

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==== ==== Discover the diaper cake making secrets you need to know at ==== ====

How To Make Diaper Cakes For Baby?