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I am sure you really loved your spouse when you were first married? How did it you feel when you were around them? You said you would love them forever, and you really meant it. Save Your Marriage: Re-Discover that True Love Nothing feels quite as intense as that feeling of true love, except perhaps the emotional trauma brought about by divorce. When you are going through relationship troubles, it is too easy to dwell on how your partner has wronged you. This is dangerous because it can cause you to you neglect your own responsibility. You don't want to get all angry and resentful towards them. Resentment can build until we have forgotten where it came from in the first place. Small unimportant events are easily magnified out of proportion. Trivial disagreements can lead to more serious ones. Negative emotions trigger heated arguments, and your marriage deteriorates. Before you know it the years pass by, and you are barely speaking. You are really thinking about divorce because your relationship is practically moribund. How can you fix this? Forgiveness Will Save Your Marriage From Divorce Real forgiveness happens in your heart. Accepting what has happened in the past will make you grow stronger. Don't feel like you have to forget what has happened though, that is not what forgiveness means. It means that you are prepared to moving on. Concentrate on what is to come, and let go of what has happened in the past. Forgiveness will bring peace into your heart. Your heart will shine forth with all the natural love you possess. Commit to looking at your spouse every day with genuine love and affection. It is OK if you need to pretend these feelings are real to start with. If you can keep this up it won't take long for your partner to change the way they act towards you. Compromise Saves Your Marriage From Divorce Many marriages end in divorce due to a lack of ability from one or both of you to compromise. Expectations towards your partner need to be realistic. Maybe problems started when you were just married. Were you unrealistic about how their personality would change? So your husband likes to watch footy, and drink a few beers with his mates? Did you expect him to suddenly stop after marriage? If he doesn't like shopping, or what ever you would have him do, it is unrealistic to expect this from him every week. To all husbands - It would be a powerful gesture if you were to miss a game or something you enjoy to spend time with your wife from time to time.

At the moment lets not talk about divorce. Focus on marriage and love! Do whatever it takes to make significant improvements in your own life. Let the love shine from inside your heart! This is what you want from your life so make the commitment to get there.

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==== ==== Discover the save marriage secrets you need to know at ==== ====

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