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When it is time to start planning a family the list of important things to think about becomes overwhelming at times. One of the many things that will go through your head is the future gender of the baby you wish to conceive. For some parents, this decision is extremely important and they wish to have one sex over the other. Some parents have been trying for years to have that baby girl or baby boy they have always wanted with no success. Fortunately there are a growing number of preconception gender selection techniques at their disposal. Medical Preconception Techniques The most effective of all preconception techniques, but also happens to be the most expensive. This would involve having your future child created in a laboratory, then implanted. This is a topic of much debate and will cost over $20,000. You may also consider sperm sorting techniques which are not as expensive, but definitely fall under the medical category of gender selection. At-Home Kits The kits are not extremely expensive and can be purchased online. They usually include ovulation tracking, diet/exercise instructions, supplements/vitamins and some will even suggest sperm sorting. These programs are not as effective as medical techniques, but they may have some influence on preconception gender selection. Diets and/or Supplements/Vitamins/Herbs This category of gender selection techniques are often scrutinized methods of gender selection because some have gone unstudied or seem ridiculous. There are some diets that can help either alter the pH balance of the vagina or ovum that can create a better living and swimming environment for girl or boy sperm. While not 100 percent effective, they can have an effect on conception. Sexual Positions & Timing Probably the cheapest and methodical way to have a boy or a girl has to do with sexual positions and timing. The closer to ovulation, the more likely you are to have a boy due to sperm swimming speeds and life spans. Sexual positions such as ones with shallow penetration are more likely to lead to a girl because it causes the sperm to have to travel farther to get the egg, thus decreasing the likelihood that the male sperm will make it. While all of these preconception gender selection techniques may not be completely effective, they could contribute positively to conceiving the gender you want. It essentially boils down to how much money you can spend and how much time and planning you put into it.

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==== ==== Discover this weird baby gender selection trick they don't want you to know at ==== ====

How To Choose Baby Gender Before Getting Pregnant?  

Discover this baby selection weird trick they don't want you to know at