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Besides being a great gaming console, you can make your PlayStation 3 into a home computer without negatively affecting the console's native gaming capabilities and without voiding the warranty. Gaming consoles are generally designed so that no third party system can run on them without some serious hacking skills. Most of the tie, doing this is illegal and will certainly void the manufacturer's warranty. However, your PlayStation 3 allows for this and Sony even condones it. Your PlayStation 3 uses the IBM-designed Cell microprocessor as its CPU. With this microprocessor, your PS3 is capable of surfing the Internet, creating text files and spreadsheets with free applications such as OpenOffice, and other features you find on any regular home desktop computer. For anyone wanting to personalize your system, installing Linux is the way to go. There are many free documents out there that will show anyone how to install Linux on your PlayStation 3 console. But if you are hesitant about doing this yourself or just do not want to take the time to do it but want to take advantage of a Linux-installed PS3, you can buy a guide for around $40 that will do it all for you. Whatever you decide, installing Linux on your PS3 is a good idea if you want to completely customize your gaming console and have another fully functioning home desktop computer. Doing this does not take away your PS3's native gaming capabilities whatsoever. Remember, Sony designed the PS3 to be capable of running Linux so do not let this be the reason why you do not want to install it. Above all else, have fun with it! That is pretty much the point of having this firstrate gaming system.

Getting the most out of your PlayStation 3 is possible and it does not have to take a computer programmer to do it. It is not that complex and you will have aa powerful multimedia entertainment center. Visit for more information.

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==== ==== Discover this secret trick they don't want you to know at ==== ====

Installing Linux On Your Ps3 Guide