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In the next few minutes you will learn a few reasons why you should consider creating your very own Facebook fan page and generating a lead flow with it. At the end of the article you can get access to a video tutorial showing the easy way to do this. No one can deny that Facebook presents incredible opportunities in the industry and it is THE next big thing to hit the online world in terms of marketing and traffic generation. No one can afford to pass off Facebook in their business, if they have serious profits in mind. It's particularly good for us as Network Marketers as our business is all about relationships after all! Google themselves could be a little anxious as they see Facebook increase their users to 1 billion and take a bigger share of the traffic market. Facebook PPC is the new home for those who had their AdWords accounts shut down during the massive Google slap period. Like the early days of Google PPC, marketers are having the time of their life. Leads are cheap, traffic is abundant, competition is weak. The perfect environment. Getting involved now would be a smart business move You don't want your marketing efforts to be wasted by having a poorly converting fan page and profile so make sure you take the time to learn how to set these up properly. There is also a lot of free marketing that you can do on Facebook which will bring some great results. So let's get on to fanpages, these are relatively new in our industry and only recently have people been realising the potential of them. By setting up a fanpage you will be differentiating yourself from many other marketers as someone who takes their business seriously. By using the like button anyone can become a fan of yours, the like button is found directly on your fan page. Not only is it nice to be popular, it also serves as a nifty communication tool. The people that have liked you, will receive a message directly from you whenever you do a status update. As the message goes directly to the Facebook inbox, more people are likely to open it (who doesn't read their FB mail?) plus also they are more likely to actually receive it in the first place. Essentially you are building your own list of interested prospects within the confines of FB. You want your fanpage to have a strong offer, something that is targeted to your visitor. This is most likely going to be an informational product of some description, maybe a video or eBook, you want people to 1) click the 'like' button and 2) give you their name and email address and subscribe to your list. An effective strategy, get double the bang for your buck, get a fan and a lead!

A fanpage is also great for social proof (the most powerful selling tool). Having a large number of fans looks good to your prospects! There are many ways to drive traffic to your new fanpage, you might want to consider using the Facebook PPC service or perhaps create a page badge which you can put on your website. A badge I've found to be very effective, you can even have a news feed so people can see what's happening on your fanpage directly from the badge. Very cool! Its quick & easy to set up a fanpage and will be a real asset to your business! It really is just a case of setting up the graphics, page and coming up with a good offer to entice people to opt in and like you.

James T Hicks has assisted many to success in the Network Marketing industry. You'll find a video guide at his web site showing how to make a Facebook fanpage.

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==== ==== Discover how to create a facebook fan page fast at ==== ====

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