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There is a secret to getting your own set of six pack abs - but it's not a supplement or crazy diet. Follow these simple steps and before you know it, your own six pack will be your reward! 1 - Diet Right 2 - Exercise Right 3 - Cardio Workout 4 - Lower Appetite 5 - Eat Right 6 - Abs Exercise Diet Right Unless you are some odd alien type, you already have abdominal muscles - it's just that they are probably hidden under that layer of stomach fat that you have been building up for possibly years now. As unwelcome as the news is, your first step to getting that sexy, ripped look is to eat less. The first step to get a six pack that you can be proud of is to change your eating habits. Concentrate first on reducing your snacking, and when you do snack, be sure to eat high-fiber crunchy foods such as carrots or protein bars. By eating fewer calories each day than your body needs, you force your system to start metabolizing stored energy sources, one of which is fat. But because your body defaults to burning glucose and simple proteins before it burns fat, you need to do more than just cut out sweets or eat lots of protein. To focus the benefit of eating less and to get six pack abs, you need to move to steps 2 and 3 next. Exercise Right To get your body to burn stored fat, you have to do the right kind of exercises. That's the only way you'll get rid of that layer of stubborn abdominal fat.Ă‚ Your best bet is to always start with a good all-around exercise program designed to strengthen your major muscle groups. You can do simple exercises at home without any special equipment. Remember gym class where pushups, sit-ups, squats, toe touches and running in place were part of the regular routine? Establish a regular routine of these every morning. Even 15 minutes will be a big help, and sticking to your program will be easier if you try to take smaller steps rather than making huge changes all at once. Any exercises you do will help you move towards the six pack abs you are looking for. Once you have started your exercise routine, move on to step 3! Cardio Workout Now that you're exercising, to kick your body into the fat burning zone, you've got to include a variety of cardio workouts. Once you're in reasonably good shape, start doing things that increase

your heart rate for a 10 to 15 minute period. While walking, running or swimming are all great exercises, to lose your belly fat fast avoid doing things with a steady rhythm like walking on a treadmill or jogging. Your body quickly learns to ignore these as requiring fat burning and uses other stored energy sources instead.Ă‚ Instead, do things like jumping rope, play in pickup basketball games, jump on a stair climber, or use a rowing machine that varies the pace and strength required in different segments of the workout. Running wind sprints burns substantially more fat than jogging, so don't be lazy with your cardio workouts, and you'll be well on your way to getting the six pack abs you want. For more read How 2 Get A Six Pack - Part 2

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==== ==== Discover how to get a six pack fast at ==== ====

How To Get A Six Pack In Your Own Home  

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