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Losing weight and burning fat is the green tea health benefit that has garnered the most attention from people. Scientific researchers have proven that this type of tea not only helps the body burn the existing fat; but also helps suppress the appetite. Needless to say, overeating is a key cause of people being overweight. Catechins are natural polyphenols which are found in great concentrations in this special tea. Studies show these plant based elements seem to stimulate the body into burning fat. One such study used a group of men of similar weight based on their Body Mass Index (BMI). For three months they eat identical meals at breakfast and dinner. These subjects were also under strict instructions to control their fat and caloric intake in order to maintain near identical diets. After just three months the men who were drinking green tea lost almost twice as much weight as the group drinking oolong tea. One of the researchers Tomonon Nago stated, "These results suggest that Catechins contribute to the prevention of and improvement in various lifestyle-related diseases, particularly obesity," Still another extensive study done which involved 1,003 subjects showed that those who drank green tea at least once a week for ten years were almost 20% slimmer than the non-tea drinkers. Keep in mind, that's with only drinking this type of tea once a week! Once a week is far less than daily use which both Dr. Oz (Oprah's favorite guest Doctor) and Dr. Perricone (the anti-aging specialist) recommend for drinking this beverage. It's fair to say this benefit would be substantially greater with daily use. Current research also points to another green tea health benefit which is the suppression of appetite by reducing Leptin levels - which is a protein generated by fats. Leptin plays a key role in how our bodies manage fat storage via brain signals. Many people know that this tea is packed with a natural substance called EGCG. Rats that were injected with EGCG were found to have major reductions in their Leptin levels according to the March issue of the medical journal Endocrinology. These effects were noticed after just several days of the injections.

The human body was designed to absorb as much food energy as possible whenever it was available. That's because man was around a long time before refrigerators, supermarkets, and restaurants being open 24/7. For thousands of years people ate their food immediately when they could find it. As a survival mechanism - the human body stores whatever food energy isn't needed at that immediate moment. That way the body had a 'reserve' on hand in case food got scarce. Today we call that reserve fat - and since most of us have plenty of 'new' food available we never get around to burning our fat reserves... The green tea health benefit which can have an amazing impact on dieters is it is packed with the antioxidant EGCG which happens to do a wonderful job of depressing Leptin which in turn decreases our appetite. Scientists form the Tang Center for Herbal Medicine at the University of Chicago also confirmed a strong connection between the EGCG found in this tea with a significant reduction in the appetites of their test subjects. Still another green tea health benefit was highlighted in a study which showed that a significant increases were seen in metabolism (our bodies energy expenditure), and beyond the effects of limited caffeine found in green tea. Obviously, the green tea health benefit of helping people both lose extra weight as well as helping them avoid overeating could have a wonderful impact on the millions of American looking for a answer to being overweight.

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Discover the Green Tea secrets they really don't want you to know at ==== ====

What Are The Health Benefits Of Green Tea?  
What Are The Health Benefits Of Green Tea?  

Discover the Green Tea secrets they don't want you to know at