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==== ==== Discover the Ball-Handling secrets they really don't want you to know ==== ====

The most essential part of being a good basketball player is the ability to handle the ball well. There are some players who can dribble only with one hand. This is not very good as at times you might be forced to dribble with your wrong hand. For example, if you are left hand dribbler, you could be made to dribble with your right hand by a player of the opposing team. Nonetheless, there are players who get away with dribbling with one hand. In fact, some NBA players who are not good at handling the ball with their left hand, their wrong hand. However, there are players like Latrell Sprewell who could not use his left hand as effectively as he would have like to use it. It was his quickness and athletic ability that made up for this lack. But you should not use his example because you may not be able to do what he does. There are many big players who think they do not have to work on their ball handling because they would be spending most of their time in the post. This actually is not true. Basketball is changing and you will find that many big players are playing on the outside as much as the on the guards. Players like Webber, Dirk and Garnett are perfect examples. They shoot mid range shots, three and ran the break. They would not have been able to come out of the post without good ball handling skills. There are special ball handling drills to improve a players ball handling skills. Besides that, players have to do exercises to strengthen their wrists. There are many videos available which have number of ball handling drills. Those players who can not afford to buy videos, can use the internet to get drills and tips. Remember, being a good and intelligent ball handler, will get you very far in this competitive sport of basketball.

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==== ==== Discover the Ball-Handling secrets they really don't want you to know ==== ====

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