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Foreign exchange trading is all about making money out of the fluctuations in the values of the currencies you hold. While most profitable forex trading decisions are done by staying in the market long enough to see trends and to tack advantage of breakouts, there are those that are done short-term. One forex trading method that is popular for those who want to go for short-term small-yield forex trading is forex scalping. Scalping in the forex market is done by getting into a trade and then getting out of it within seconds. Traders scalping in the forex market often make several trades in a day hoping to get more pips out of their trades. Scalping in the forex market can only be used in a high leverage. Only a small number of pips are targeted in each trade. About one to five pips would be just right. Day traders who want to see gains everyday and who are not patient enough to watch the longer-term charts do well in scalping in the forex market. This kind of short-term trading, to their mind, lessens their exposure to risks as they are able to quickly get out of bad trades and quickly realize small profits in good trades. The small pips in a large number of trades accumulate to a substantial amount in profits at the end of the day. Small fluctuations in the currency prices during the day are what the forex trader who does scalping relies on. These fluctuations in a highly leveraged account, however, could also result in great losses or possibly even wipe out your gains. Not every broker in fact supports this method of forex trading. For one, not all have a scalping system that they have proven effective. It is important the the trader doing scalping in the forex market is mentally and physically quick to be able to manage the seconds-long trades. Those who are in doubt about being able to make their forex trading decisions this quick could opt for a scalping system that is automated, with the forex trading robot automatically executing their trades for them. Using a reliable scalping system makes scalping in the forex market so much easier. The rules of whatever forex scalping strategy you have can be programmed into the automated scalping system. And then, the automated forex trading system can be left to do your forex scalping for you. Choose an automated system that can be relied on to execute your strategy on a per-tick basis. A good forex scalping system can make money for you more than a day trader can. Better yet, having an automated forex scalping system works really well as you do not anymore need to watch the market and keep on executing your trades. If it is short term gains that you are looking for, then you can take a look at scalping as a forex trading method. Make sure though that you or your broker are quick enough to execute your own trades. Otherwise, it might just be wise to get an automated forex scalping system and simply input your scalping rules into the program.

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==== ==== Discover the forex scalping secrets they don't want you to know at ==== ====

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