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Drawing cars is always something I have enjoyed doing. As a kid I used to draw 2-3 cars a day! As I got older all I had was endless drawings of side profiles of cars. I had always tried drawing cars in perspective but just failed... miserably! Eventually I went to college to do product design and I learned a lot on how to draw things in perspective. We even had a car design unit, which was great! But I struggled, a lot, drawing great cars seemed to come so naturally to others in the class. I got lots of help from the tutors mind you, and eventually after a lot of practicing at home, and after buying a few books on car design and drawing cars, I became rather good, well.. I thought so. Anyways, I just want to share with you some of the things I have learned on how to draw cars. *How to draw cars - Horizon line The horizon line and the place of the horizon line on the page is important, as it decides where you will draw your car. For instance if you were drawing the car as if you were standing above it, then the car would be drawn below the horizon line, and vice versa. So in that case you would draw the horizon line near the top of the page so that your car is drawn in the middle. Understand? *How to draw cars - Perspective box Perspective boxes are important as they act like the borders of your car, your car should fit inside this box, and the end result will be a car in perfect perspective, as long as all the lines of the car are brought back to the vanishing point. *How to draw cars - Vanishing point The vanishing points are important as they put they are the lines that put the drawing in perspective. These points should be at either end of the horizon line, and fairly far away from the actual drawing, to give it a more realistic perspective. If the vanishing points are too close the car will look weird and warped. I always find it easier to carry the horizon line off of the page by putting a bigger sheet of paper under the one I am drawing on, this makes the drawing look more realistic. *How to draw cars - Creating the perspective box This is easy, just simply draw a vertical line in the centre of the page, above, below or on the horizon line. Just depends what view you are going for. The line should be a bit higher than the height you want the car to be, the wheels need to be taken into account. Now draw from the top of the line to both vanishing points, and the same on the bottom. Now mark the edges of the box etc. Now we have our box to start drawing the car in *How to draw cars - Drawing the car

Start with the wheels, it is easier to see the lines and scale of the car when you start with the wheels. Now just form the basic outline of the car, gradually adding more detail as you go. Eventually you will have a good shape of the car, this can be altered at will to make look more realistic. And there you have it, a simple way to draw a car in perspective.

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==== ==== Discover the car drawing secrets they really don't want you to know at ==== ====

How To Draw Cars Step By Step?  

Discover the car drawing secrets they really don't want you to know at

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