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If you are new to skateboarding, these are probably the first 10 skateboard tricks you will want to try to learn. They are also probably the easiest ten skateboard tricks also, but be forewarned, some of them can still be quite difficult and frustrating as you are first learning them. Manual Manuals are when you push down on the tail of the board and roll on only the back wheels, never touching the front wheels or the tail to the ground. Manuals are arguably the easiest trick in skateboarding, although keeping a manual going for extended lengths of time, or landing a trick in manual can be quite difficult. Ollie The ollie is another one of the most basic tricks and usually one of the first a skater learns, and since most fltland skateboard tricks, such as kickflips, heelflips, and tre-flips, all begin with an ollie, learning to ollie is a necessity before attempting most other tricks. Ollie 180 An Ollie 180 is just what it sounds like. It is when you ollie into the air and rotate 180 degrees (haklf turn in the air and land backwards and roll off. Once a regular ollie is mastered, the 180 version is not toio much more difficult. Kickflip As soon as you have mastered the ollie and are prepared to take it to the next level, the kickflip is probably the best choice for the next trick to learn. First learning kickflips can be about as frustrating as skateboarding can get, but it has been said that once you learn the kickflip, learning other tricks becomes easier. It is an ollie followed by a flick of the toe, sending the board in a backward spinning motion like a drill. Boardslide A boardslide is when you ollie onto an obstacle and slide on it, with the bottom part of the board between the trucks sliding on the obstacle. Boneless Bonelesses are another pretty easy trick to learn, and another good selection for one of the first ones to learn. It's a bit of an old school trick, as tricks not involving ollies become less popular. The good news is that the boneless is one of the few tricks you can learn even if you don't know how to ollie. To do a boneless, you simply grab your board with one hand and place one foot on the ground, jumping up in the air with your other foot on the board. Pop Shuvit

A Shuvit is another trick you can learn without knowing how to ollie. You just jump up off your board and push the board behind you with your back foot, sending it into a spin like a helicopter propeller. Then you land on it and roll away. If you know how to ollie, it is a way better looking trick if you ollie first and then do this. Then it is a pop shuvit. Nollie A nollie is the same as an ollie except you kick down on the nose with your front foot instead of kicking the tail with the back. Impossible An impossible is when you ollie into the air, scooping the tail of the board down and over into a spinning motion like the hands of a clock, before landing it. No Comply A no comply is another old school trick, kind of like a cross between an ollie and a boneless. You basically plant your front foot on the ground and ollie with the other foot, and land with both feet on the board. You can also do many other tricks with a no comply, like a no comply impossible, for instance. Well, now you have your mission. These are arguably the 10 easiest skateboard tricks for beginners to learn. Now go out and conquer them!

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==== ==== Discover this weird trick they don't want you to know at ==== ====

How To Learn Skateboarding Tricks Fast?  

Discover this one weird trick they don't want you to know at

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