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It can be amusing when you learn ventriloquism to perfect the imitation of various sounds found both in nature and man made. You can achieve very realistic sounds if you follow the instructions below. Donkey. The donkey makes his preliminary squeak by drawing in his breath, and this may be imitated with the Punch voice. To do this, recall just how the Punch voice sounds or take the first opportunity to listen to a good Punch and Judy performer. Then bring the teeth together and stretch the tongue until it touches the roof of the mouth near the back of the front upper teeth. Practice the braying from nature, and do the whole imitation, while exhaling. House Fly. Close the lips tightly except at one corner and, after filling the cheek full of wind force the latter to escape through the aperture. Cock Crowing. Almost any one can make some shift at crowing like a cock. For the Bantam's crow use the Punch voice, and you will get it at once Wood Saw. This imitation has the sound of a harsh hiss, made by forcing the air out between the teeth at one corner of the mouth, which gives the downward movement of the saw, while the air is drawn in to represent the upward movement. Imitate the motion of the saw with your hands while placing one knee on a chair seat as if holding a stick of wood. The sound of sawing may also be made by breathing through saliva at the roof of the mouth. It should be jerky and not continuous, and each advancing cut is suggested by making the imitation more and more at the back of the palate. It is also a sort of "hawking" sound, and by pressing the lips together and forcing them open with expelled air you will seem to strike a knot in the wood, which will cause a laugh. A meat or small hand saw can be imitated by the "hawking" method in a higher key, with the addition of a hissing sound. Planing. By forcing the air against the tongue and teeth and dwelling on the syllable "sh" or "tsh" you will get the sound right. Take a book and, holding it so that it does not quite touch the table, use it as you would a plane, making the sound in perfect time with the movement, so that it will cease abruptly the instant your hands leave the table; then repeat. Drawing Soda. This is a good sound to study when you begin to learn ventriloquism. It is a milder form of the sound used in imitating planing. Take a tumbler and pretend to draw a glass of soda from an imaginary fountain, at the same time forcing the air between the teeth at one corner of the mouth. Raise the tumbler to your mouth and get the fizzing of the soda by prolonging the sound made in a whispered "s," changing to "z" when your mouth is covered by the glass, and back again to "s" while pretending to drink, gradually lessening the sound until the liquid has apparently

disappeared. Water Boiling. Repeat the liquid consonants "ll" as in the Welsh name "Langollen," which will give you the same sound as made by water boiling or hissing. By using "s z" alternately you can produce the sound of something frying or stewing. Take two empty plates and, using one as a cover to the other, pretend to cook a chop or steak. By modulating the hissing sounds of these consonants, the fancied meat will apparently be stewing or frying. If the top plate is raised a little the sound will suitably be made louder by a well timed guttural effort simulated by gurgling. Wind. Listen to the various sounds made by the wind and try to make them by saying "huzz" in a prolonged fashion against the front of the teeth. For a high wind use a high pitch. Tearing Linen Force air between your lips, which should be lightly pressed together. Squeaking Door or Gate. Easily imitated with the Punch voice in its highest key. These sounds will amuse and delight your friends as you learn ventriloquism.

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