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Build a playhouse and get your kids outside. Are you worried that your children don't play outside like kids used to? Don't you remember playing outside with your friends, riding bikes, hide and seek, a playhouse or fort? Now that kids spend their time playing video games or watching endless hours of television, they don't use their imaginations the way kids used to and to be blunt, they're getting fat. Why don't you build a playhouse for your kids. Better yet, make it a family project and get them involved. Let your children help choose the plans. Should it be a playhouse or a fort? What kind of accessories and trim should it have? Should it have a swing? A slide? What colors should it be? Once you have the plans picked out, let the children help with the construction as far as they are able. Maybe a four-year-old can only hand you a few nails before losing interest, but when that child grows up, they'll remember how they helped Daddy build the playhouse. A seven- or eightyear-old can drive nails and with supervision, cut boards. Anyone can paint, sort of. Don't forget to take pictures. Then when it's finished, the real magic happens. The children will actually play outside. The playhouse becomes a mansion, a pirate ship, a frontier fort or a submarine. Neighborhood children will come and play at your house. Now is a good time to get your children into the habit of having their friends over. You'll be glad to know who their friends are when they get into their teens. Don't put it off. Children have a habit of growing up before you know it. Even with minimal building skills, you can build a playhouse you can be proud and your children will cherish. All you need is the desire and a good set of easy-to-follow, step-by-step playhouse plans.

It's easy to build a playhouse using simple to follow step-by-step garden shed plans, click Check out the nine minute video at My Shed Plans and learn all you need to know about building a playhouse your children will remember forever.

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==== ==== Discover the Build A Playhouse secrets they really don't want you to know ==== ====

How To Build A Playhouse From Scratch?  

Discover the Build A Playhouse secrets they don't want your to know at

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