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You hear people talking everyday about their problems and how bad things are, and it can be hard to hold onto your own positive outlook when everyone else seems so negative. But if you truly want to lead a happy and contented life, you must put into practice the simple steps that will attract happiness to you... just as if you whistled and it came running. In the same way that you can attract friends by being friendly, you can also attract happiness into your life by acting happy. This method of "acting as if" you are already happy is a proven technique for tricking your mind when it wants to go down a negative trail. In this way, you keep yourself on the right path. For instance, if you are upset about a project going wrong at work, you would take care of correcting it to the best of your ability, but then avoid taking those upset feelings home with you where you'd end up making others unhappy with your bad mood. Practice flipping your feelings from negative to positive, like you turn a light switch. Realize that your thoughts control the way you feel, and since you are in charge of your own thoughts, you can choose what you will focus on. To help remind you to be positive in outlook, select a favorite quotation or proverb, a song, a photo or a picture torn from a magazine that remind you of happy times. When you are feeling unhappy, bring joyful thoughts and feelings into your life by looking at the photo, recite the proverb you chose, hum or sing the song as if it's a pep talk from your personal coach. As you do this, breathe in slowly and get centered again in your emotions. Attract happy feelings into your life by making a clear intention each day that you want to be a happy person and you wish to lead a happy and fulfilling life. If you notice that your positive attitude is slipping towards negative comments and self-talk that is non-productive, change gears... hit reverse... and drive straight toward a positive and happy outlook. Most times, it is simply a matter of becoming aware of your thought process and correcting it throughout the day when you slide into negativity or complaining. A quick trick for attracting more happy and abundant thoughts and activities into your life is to hang out with people who are happy. Their positive attitude will reinforce your own goals, and you will be able to offer each other mutual support and encouragement.

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==== ==== Discover this secret attraction trick they don't want you to know at ==== ====

How To Attract Happiness Into Your Life?  

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