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It's always recommended for a beginner to World of Warcraft to choose the Alliance over the Horde faction. This is because there are more players in the Alliance and therefore more guides to help you get started. Some would argue that the Horde have equal amount of leveling guides but you won't have an easier time if you compare it to the Alliance. In the original world, a lot of players that played both the Alliance and Horde noticed that the Alliance side has better zones planned out. The leveling maps for lower levels are smaller and they are full of quests. You just need to travel a short distance to reach any new quest spots. Alliance also has a lot of good leveling maps to choose from so guides have no problem looking for materials. Hordes usually have very little choice on where they can level because most maps are big and the guides usually pick the smallest map to write about. That's why Alliance guides are much more popular and much simpler to understand for new players. The map you level will be small and they can easily guide you to where you need to go. The Horde side has one of the worst low level maps - The Barrens. Just as its name suggests, The Barrens is huge, empty and quests are scattered all over. You would need a lot of explanations and a map just to find the quest spots in Barrens. Another reason why Alliance leveling guides are better is because they are very Player Versus Environment (PVE) centered. You just need to find monsters in your own zone and kill them. The Horde has some Player Versus Player (PVP) quests that require you to kill Alliance NPC. That usually makes you open for PVP and Alliance players to kill you while you are trying to complete the quest, which happens a lot more often than you might think. There is another reason why Alliance levels up faster when they follow the Alliance leveling guides - they are racial. Racials are passive or active skills that your character can have. Some let you use stealth and avoid monsters or give you extra weapon skill points. Alliance players can level easier thanks to these racial abilities. The Horde has more PVP centered racials that have little use in a PVE setting. While they can use it to kill Alliance better, they would still die to an even leveled monster. You will always see there are more Alliance leveling guides than Hordes because during the first few years of release, newcomers were attracted to the Alliance's race, mostly due to the fact that Alliance races look a lot better than the Horde.

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==== ==== Discover this Leveling weird trick they don't want you to know at ==== ====

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