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There is an almost infinite variety of promotional items that are connected to the sporting world. There is sporting equipment itself, the things actually used in the games, and then there is a huge range of accessories that support the playing of the game. Balls, water bottles, t-shirts, sweat bands, hats, bats, tees, socks, mats, towels, shorts, sweats, and jerseys are only some of the promotional items that you can get that have a connection to sports. People enjoy playing many different kinds of sports, and your promotional items can make those activities more enjoyable for their lives. Basketball, for example, is one of this country's most popular sports. If your clients or customers, their spouses or kids enjoy this game, a free branded basketball with your company's logo and name on it is a gift they will truly enjoy. A promotional basketball will keep your company's information in their sights as they relax in their driveway or enjoy a pick-up game at the gym. They will come to associate your brand with fun and fitness, an association that can only benefit you in the long run. Promotional basketballs come in many different sets, styles, and arrangements. You can get them in the standard competition size in the classic orange, or in a variety of colours that complement your business's name and logo. You can purchase mini basketballs, which look just like normal basketballs but are about half the diameter. These are excellent toys for both adults and children. These mini basketballs are also available in sets with hoops and back boards, with your logo printed on the back board. In addition to basketballs themselves, there are a plethora of items that are basketball shaped or basketball themed, any of which can bear your logo. There are Frisbees that are printed like basketballs, pens with basketball tops, bubble blowers with basketball tops, stress balls that look like basketballs, basketball banks, basketball yoyos, inflatable basketball beach balls, basketball maracas, basketball pillows, basketball key chains, basketball stuffed animals, basketball notebooks, basketball can holders, basketball cell phone holders, basketball picture frames, basketball clocks, basketball memo holders, basketball jerseys, basketball bottle coolers, basketball refrigerators, basketball mug, basketball magnets, basketball kick balls, basketball ashtrays, basketball mints, and yet more basketball themed items that put your logo in people's line of vision. Most of these branded basketballs and basketball related items are quite inexpensive and can be distributed in large quantities to crowds of people. The most expensive items are the good quality basketballs themselves, which run around £10 in most cases (except of course for the basketball shaped refrigerators, which are usually over £100). Branded basketballs are especially good items to give out at trade shows, fairs, or other events where other businesses are giving out promotional items, since items that encourage people to have a good time will stand out

from other less enjoyable products. Any time your product and logo is associated with fun, both you and your customers can benefit from the relaxing atmosphere that comes with it.

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's leading online supplier of Promotional Basketballs and other Promotional Products. You can also find a wide range of Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items at Eco Incentives.

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