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If you are a baseball pitcher looking for ways to improve your performance then you will most likely benefit from some pitching velocity tips. Improving the speed on your fastball can definitely help you get a competitive advantage over the opposing batters. Here are a few excellent points that should be incorporated into your training program. Long Toss Drill - This drill is a staple for all pitchers as well as other position players and one of the most important pitching velocity tips. Long toss will improve your arm strength and endurance. Start a long toss session relatively close to your throwing partner, perhaps 40 to 50 feet. After a sufficient warm-up period gradually increase the distance slightly with each throw. Always maintain good throwing mechanics. As you build up some distance think of your throws as going "through" your partner, not just trying to reach him. While this drill is excellent be sure to NOT do it too much it as that could lead to a sore or tired arm. Proper mechanics - Having proper pitching mechanics is vital to good performance. You should develop good throwing mechanics and concentrate on them with every pitch until it becomes second nature to you. Your technique should include a good strong leg drive, rotation of the hips, arm acceleration as it comes forward, a consistent release point and a thorough follow through. Your head should remain stable and eyes focused on your target. Mound Practice - Nothing can replace throwing off a pitcher's mound. Practice pitching just as you would pitch in a real game. This is the time to really focus on your mechanics, practice your various pitches and make any adjustments in your motion. Do not just go through the motions but concentrate fully from the moment your foot touches the rubber until you follow through and assume a fielding position. Fitness Conditioning - Having stronger muscles will enable you to throw faster and harder. While your arm and shoulder muscles are vital to pitching you will benefit greatly by following a moderate strength training program that works all the major muscle groups - back, legs, shoulders, abdominal, chest, upper and lower arms. Proper weight training means brief but intense workouts with all exercises done in good form. Good form means using slow, controlled movements with no fast, explosive or jerky moves. This is ineffective and dangerous. Running, or some other type of endurance training, such as biking or swimming should also be part of your training. Combining distance running with wind sprints can be very effective. Mental Aspect of Pitching - The power of your mind can have a tremendous effect on your pitching performances. Obviously you should concentrate fully on each pitch. Aside from this you should do some mental practice or visualization to assist your pitching. Mental practice is a very helpful and widely accepted technique used by high level athletes in many sports. Each day spend a few minutes mentally focused on exactly how you want to perform. Close your eyes and allow your

mind to visualize yourself pitching with the exact success and ability that you desire. Once your mind gets "programmed" in this fashion it will be easier for you to do these things physically because your mind has already acknowledged such a performance. This easy technique can prove to be very helpful when it comes to improving your pitching velocity.

Did You know that you can increase your pitching velocity by 5 to 10 mph? To learn more about proper baseball training to improve your velocity and overall pitching skills visit Increase Pitching Speed. David Waters is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and he is author of The Fitness Center Handbook. He is also an expert outdoorsman with extensive experience in fishing, hiking and camping. He is a founding member of the Nahanni Camping and Fishing Club.

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==== ==== Discover the Increase Pitching Velocity secrets they really don't want you to know ==== ====

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