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In today's generation, our way of life is being dictated by the necessities that human life depends on. One of the resources we greatly depend on is oil. Huge oil deposits are found in countries situated in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait are countries in the Middle East that have enormous supplies of oil. In these countries, Arabic is used as the native language. Thus learning Arabic can be very useful in opening more opportunities in the future. Here are three reasons why. 1. Learning Arabic will help you with your job and employment. Many Arabic speakers are employers and are investors. If you are seeking for employment in the Middle East or in your country where Arabic speakers are employers, it will give you an edge if you are able to speak and understand Arabic. If you know Arabic you will be a step higher than other job seekers or employees. Some Arabic speakers also invest heavily in many industries and if you are looking for a client or an investor, you will have a better influence to handle transactions involving investments if there is competition in the business. 2. Learning Arabic will help us understand Arab culture. There is great beauty to be found in Arab culture, its arts, music and history. If you were able to watch films that show Arabic arts and crafts, you could observe its intricate beauty. Arabic arts have been preserved for many centuries. There are artifacts that have been discovered which are of great value that are considered major archaeological finds, many of these objects inscribed with stunning Arabic calligraphy. And if you are a music lover, you will be amazed with Arabic music. By learning Arabic language you can easily interpret what their arts and music signify. It will also allow you to travel to different Arab countries and discover their distinct culture. You will also be able to read and understand the Qur'an, the religious text used in Islam, which is written in Arabic. It is considered one of the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language and all world religions. 3. Learning Arabic will unify differences in ideology. Arab speakers have a very different culture, lifestyle, belief and religion compared with Western civilization. There are many Arab countries in what is called the Arab World. It consists of around 21 countries and territories with a total population of 360 million people in several regions in Africa and Western Asia. To represent their sentiments, the Arab League was organized in 1945. Most of these Arabs are Muslims. Their way of thinking and behavior is different, even the clothes they wear and the food they eat. Learning and understanding their language will bridge the gap with respect to differences in ideology. And we will then be able to associate and communicate with the Arabic world in a harmonious way.

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==== ==== Discover the Learn Arabic secrets they really don't want you to know ==== ====

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