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Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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PARTY TIME! Bring your family and friends to share this giant 29 inch pizza. It’s topped with any of your favorite toppers and feeds 15-20 people for only 49.95

OUR FAVORITES CHICAGO’S FIRE We start with a layer of premium quality blend of four cheeses topped with red onions, green peppers and chopped tomatoes. Finished with crispy chicken marinated in hot sauce and served with ranch dressing on the side

TEX MEX PIZZA It’s loaded! Refried beans,seasonedbeef, mild salsa,black olives, onions, four cheeses, fresh chopped tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream on the side

VEGETABLE LOVE Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms green peppers and black olives OR create your own with all your favorite veggies

CHICKEN PIZZA PIZZAZ We start with your choice of Barbecue or Ranch Sauce and top it off with strips of grilled chicken breast, red onions and four delicious cheeses

THE SKYLINE The pizza that made us famous! You can enjoy it thick or thin crust, loaded with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and onions, with our famous sauce and a sprinkle of extra cheese on top

PEPPERONI CLASSIC Everybody loves pepperoni! A swirl of our famous sauce extra, loaded with premium pepperoni, served hot from the oven Price as a two topping pizza

LOW CARB PIZZA Our low carb pizza starts with our famous cheese, your choice of toppings and more cheese (Available in small and large only, priced as a Chicago-style deep dish pizza)

CALZONES & PERSONAL PIZZAS Our delicious pizza crust served open faced or stuffed with up to three of your favorite pizza toppings. Served with your choice of dipping sauce - 4.99



Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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SOUP BOWL TODAY’S SOUP It’s hot, it’s fresh, it’s made everyday! Ask your server about today’s choice - 1.89

SOUP & STICKS A steaming bowl of today’s soup teamed up with three fresh-baked breadsticks and choice of one sauce - 3.79

FARMER’S GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD We start with the garden goodies...Fresh lettuce and tomatoes, garnished with shredded cheese and eggs, then finish it off with strips of grilled chicken and your favorite dressing - 5.29

CHEF SALAD Plenty of crisp lettuce topped with ham, tomatoes, boiled eggs and cheese - 4.99

TACO SALAD Nacho chips topped with lettuce, tomatoes, seasoned beef and shredded cheese with a side of salsa, sour cream and ranch dressing - 5.29

ONE TRIP TO OUR BAR Includes one trip to our famous salad and hot bar - 4.49

HOUSE GARDEN SALAD A side salad of fresh greens, tomato and cucumber - 1.89 DRESSING CHOICES: Ranch•Bleu Cheese•Thousand Island Catalina•Honey-mustard Poppy Seed•Creamy Italian AVAILABLE IN FAT-FREE: Zesty Italian•Raspberry Vinaigrette Catalina•Ranch

SALAD BAR & HOT BAR SALAD & HOT BAR Indulge in our endless salad and hot bar, complete with today’s soup and fresh-baked breadsticks - 5.19 Enjoy our delicious pizza at the hot bar Monday - Friday - 5.42 From 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m, Monday & Tuesday Nights - 6.39 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

TUESDAY’S PASTA DAY! Enjoy our delicious pasta dishes on the hot bar at lunch and dinner

Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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WINGS & THINGS CHICKEN TENDER BASKET 3 Pieces of chicken tenders, choice of one: chips, fries or bread stick. Served with your choice of dipping sauce - 5.89

WILD WINGS Tender, meaty chicken wings, doused with your choice of sweet barbecue or our spicy, sassy sauce--not too hot, but not too tame). Served with a cool dipping sauce upon request. 6 - 4.15 10 - 6.45 18 - 10.99


FROSTY COLD BEER Perfect with a pizza or sandwich. Ask your server about our beer selections Mug - 2.50

WINE Your own personal mini bottle. Ask your server about our selection - 2.75

POTATO PATCH THE WORKS This spud’s got it all! A super large baked potato stuffed with broccoli, ham, bacon, sour cream and plenty of cheese sauce - 3.29

BROCCOLI & C H E E S E P O T A T O - 2.59 PEPSI • DIET PEPSI SIERRA MIST • DR PEPPER MOUNTAIN DEW • DIET MT. DEW MUG ROOT BEER LEMONADE TROPICAL FRUIT PUNCH ICED TEA • SWEET TEA COFFEE • MILK Pitcher - 4.00 Pitcher Refills - 2.00 Free Refills for the following sizes only Kids - 1.09 Medium - 1.39 Large - 1.69 Senior citizens discount: Free medium drink with food purchase of $3.00

H A M & C H E E S E P O T A T O - 2.59 BACON & C H E E S E P O T A T O - 2.59 BASIC BAKER With sour cream and butter - 1.99

CHICAGO FRIES A hearty portion of large cut crinkle fries topped with cheese and bacon. Served with a side of ranch - 4.99


Try our delicious dessert pizza! Ask your server for selections Small - 8.00 Medium - 12.00 Large - 16.00

C I N N A M O N R O U N D S - 2.25


Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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TRADITIONAL PIZZA THIN-CRUST PIZZA (Hand-tossed) Total number of toppings will be counted on divided pizzas PREMIUM TOPPINGS Canadian Bacon Meatballs Chicken MEAT TOPPINGS Anchovies • Bacon Sausage • Pepperoni Italian Sausage Ham • Ground Beef NON MEAT TOPPINGS: Black Olives • Green Olives Mushrooms • Pineapple Green Peppers • Onion Tomatoes • Broccoli Banana Pepper Rings Jalapeño Peppers

Cheese 1 Item 2 Items 3 Items 4 Items Skyline/Veggie Chicken Pizzaz Chicago Fire Mexican 5-8 Items Extra Toppings




6.15 6.95 7.75 8.55 9.35 10.15 10.95 10.95 10.95 11.75 .80

7.50 8.50 9.50 10.50 11.50 12.50 13.50 13.50 13.50 14.50 1.00

10.80 12.05 13.30 14.55 15.80 17.05 18.30 18.30 18.30 19.55 1.25

CHICAGO-STYLE DEEP DISH THICK-CRUST PIZZA Deep dish pizza requires 20 - 25 minutes cooking time Small Cheese 1 Item 2 Items 3 Items 4 Items Skyline/Veggie Chicken Pizzaz Chicago Fire 5-8 Items Extra Toppings

8.50 9.30 10.10 10.90 11.70 12.50 13.30 13.30 14.10 .80

Large 13.15 14.40 15.65 16.90 18.15 19.40 20.65 20.65 21.90 1.25

PIZZA: Traditional or Chicago-Style


Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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PASTA PERFECT Served with breadsticks or garlic bread Add a dipping sauce - .50 extra

SPAGHETTI BOWL Steaming spaghetti topped with plain marinara sauce - 3.59 Half order - 3.29 With meatballs - 5.59 Half order - 4.29

LASAGNA A hearty meal of lasagna noodles layered with sausage, marinara sauce and five cheeses, topped off with more cheese and baked till bubbling Full order - 5.99 Half order - 4.59

BREAD BASKET CHICAGO’S FAMOUS PEPPERONI STICKS A delicious addition to your meal.... Three fresh baked breadsticks stuffed with pepperoni and cheese, served with two sauces of your choice - 3.29 Extra sauce - .50

FRESH-BAKED BREADSTICKS Our breadsticks are baked fresh everyday... hand-rolled, lightly salted and baked to a golden brown. Sauce choices: Marinara, cheese, ranch or garlic butter 6 Sticks & 2 sauces - 3.19 3 Sticks & 1 sauce - 2.19 (Extra sauce - .50)

GARLIC BREAD Four slices of Italian bread, brushed with buttery garlic salt and baked untilgolden brown - 1.69 Half order - .99

GARLIC CHEESE LOAF A full loaf of Italian bread brushed with buttery garlic salt, baked with plenty of melted mozzarella cheese - 3.59 Add dipping sauce - .50 Extra

Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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They are so good because they are baked fresh! Please allow 10 - 12 minutes cooking time. All our great Chicago-style sandwiches are served on a fresh-baked Italian roll, garnished with pickles and chips

STACKED HOT ROAST BEEF You might need a fork for this one! Tender roast beef stacked on an Italian roll, smothered with sautéed mushrooms, onions and green peppers, all covered with rich beef gravy and melted mozzarella cheese 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59


Try our Classic Ham Cheese

MEATBALL ITALIANO Tender meatballs lavished with marinara sauce, green peppers, onions, and melted cheese 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

BARBECUED ROAST BEEF Our spicy barbecue sauce gives this savory roast beef sandwich it’s great flavor, smothered with melted cheese 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

STEAK HOAGIE YOUR WAY! Seasoned ground steak served sizzlin´ with onions on our toasted Italian roll, topped with cheese and your choice of: Pizza sauce, Barbecue sauce or Mushroom gravy with sauté mix 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

Look for these special items!

Our Italian dressing makes this one special! It’s served HOT with melted mozzarella cheese and drizzled with our Italian dressing 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

THE SUPER SUB Our Italian roll layered with ham, salami, bologna, pepperoni and melted cheese, spiced up with onions and our tangy tomato sauce 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

THE CHICKEN GRILLE Lean and tender strips of chicken breast, topped with honey dijon dressing and melted cheese 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

STROMBOLI Ground sausage topped with our homemade tomato sauce, onions and melted cheese 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59

TURKEY CLUB Our Italian roll stacked with turkey, bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise 12" Super - 7.29 6" Regular - 4.59



Chicago McCord-Greenfield & McCord 10-3-09


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PIZZA GREAT FOOD & G U E S T S A T I S F A C T I O N. . . CHICAGO’S TO GO... Enjoy any of our great selections at home or work. Call ahead and we will have your order ready.

Chicago’s Pizza was founded by Bob McDonald & Ron Epple September 16, 1979

That’s what Chicago’s Pizza is all about! We strive to provide you, our VIP guest with... •Quality Food •Fresh homemade pizza dough and sauce, never frozen or canned •Premium cheese products •Made-to-order sandwiches and fresh baked breadsticks •Quality Service •Relaxed, clean and enjoyable atmosphere •Service with a smile •Team spirit and personal pride The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is Chicago’s little extras.

C O N V E N I E N T L Y L O C A T E D T O S E R V E Y O U!

Greenfield, IN 1031 N. State St. (317) 462-3131 French Lick, IN 8498 West St. Road 56 (812) 936-2962 Bloomington, IN (Ellettsville, IN) 5621 W. Hwy. 46 (812) 876-6816 Franklin, IN 1047 West Jefferson (317) 736-5108 Bargersville, IN 2 N. State Rd. 135 (317) 422-8114 Clermont, IN 9060 Crawfordsville Rd. (317) 299-3990

Cloverdale, IN I-70 & US 231 Cloverdale (765) 795-4070 Indianapolis, IN 5920 E. Stop 11 Rd. (317) 881-1515 Tell City, IN 1023 Payne St. (812) 547-4060 McCordsville, IN 5917 West Broadway (317) 335-3131 Corporate Office Greenfield, IN 1111 N. Broadway For customer comments and franchise information call (317) 462-9878

Visit us on the web at

Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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