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Taylor Swift Red Magazine Advert -

This magazine advert is full of natural girly colours all signifying somthing differetn but together link in with the pinks and red signifying love, white - purity and innocence and the blues sadness, loss. Her pose is very guarded and facial expressions innocent and here appearance is very minimilistic.

Digipak -

The digipak shows Taylor again with the colours red and white shwing love and purtiy and the images of her face shadowed shwing she is guarded and likes to lead a life of privacy perhaps related to love, is she scared? all heping to show her emoctions.

Music Video -

Youtube -

Here I have analyzed Taylor Swift Red Song, digipak and the magazine advert and a clear link throughout is the colour red and this is obviously going to be shown due to the title of the song/album but it is shown throughout her music products related to this song such as the digipak and magazine advert. The colour red is mostly shown through lipstick and sometimes other aspects of her appearance, i feel as this is on the lips and is a very bright red that this signifies love with the link between the lips and the colour as on the digipak she is seen wearing red lipstick, on the magazine advert she has red lipstick on and likewise in the music video. The colour red is a clear brand identity for Taylor Swift as she constantly has something red based in her appearance (mainly her lipstick) on her cd's, website, videos etc as this gives the audience something to be able to recognize and associate with her.

In this shot from the music video Talyor Swift is shown swirling around in silk materials with the colours red, blue and white all adding to the meaning of the song through the portrayal of colour which keeps a clear similarity but also helps the audience to help recognize emotions and understand the song more. The colour red symbolizes love while the blue could be there to signify sadness and tears through the link to water whilst the white gives the impression of purity altogether express a young innocent girl stuck in the complications of love with all of its mixed emotions and linked into Andrew Goodwins theory as these connotations link in with they lyrics as Taylor Swift sings about - 'Loving him was red', 'Losing him was blue' and 'burning red' all link in with the colours in this shot as all these things are swirling around in her mind. Innocence and purity are shown throughout her advertisement for Red as her poses are very

reserved and care free as she acts her age, with minimal make up and girly/retro outfits usually covered up and not to much skin showing such as the magazine advert where she is sat with her arms over her body showing she is protecting her self with a very innocent face and smile and girly clothes with the signature red lips. In the Digipak she also has the signature red lips and her clothes are very much retro with the colour white again showing her innocence and purity. The font style for the Digipak and Magazine advert is very bold and in block capitals emphasizing what she is saying and that its important to make sure herself stands out but at the same times its a very simplistic font keeping it fitting in with the genre of the singer songwriter. The colours are also kept closely linked in with the red and white and the connotations stated above that come with this so this is a clear brand identity that Taylor uses.

Being portrayed as this innocent girl is very much emphasised with Taylor swift as in this shot she is shown to be at a ball in a very elegant gown almost 'princess' like and this is also portrayed in the magazine avert where Taylor Swift is in a very glittery posh ball gown showing her importance and feminine side but also how precious and delicate she is. From doing this digipak research i have learnt and took some tips that especially we must have a clear brand identity to make sure all of our designed products run smoothly together and look like a package so tis easy for consumers to recognise her and the music. I think from this its important to use a colour to run clearly throughout it help signify the song through emotion so in our case most likely the tree used in Taylors music. The pose also come across as important as this suggests her life, is she protective over it? vulnerable? innocent?

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taylor swift  

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