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davis college graphic design

The Graphic Design Program at Davis College focuses on developing the student’s creativity and problem-solving skills that are necessary to be a graphic designer. The program explores the relationship between client and audience, and how visual messages are created and delivered. Emphasis is placed on digital technology, utilizing the tools and software to create visual messages.


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At Davis College you will learn how to arrange type and images to create meaningful visual communication. You will also learn how to become a graphic designer who is responsive to his/her cultural environment and is responsible to society at large.


Upon completion of the Associate Degree program, you will be prepared to:

Apply the elements and principles of design to create a visual language appropriate for graphic design, which includes the synthesis of typographic and visual elements to create effective visual messages. Use appropriate computer hardware and industry standard page layout, image editing, and illustration software. Analyze and evaluate your work in terms of the design elements and principles, process, project requirements, and client needs.

In addition Davis College offers extracurricular programs that bridge the gap between design education and professional practice including:


Guest lecturers

Field trips to area graphic design offices and studios

Tours of Chicago graphic design offices and studios

Collaboration with area university and college graphic design programs

Collaboration with the AIGA (Toledo Chapter)

Graphic designers work in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, in-house design departments, and for commercial printers. Graphic designers create printed materials (posters, brochures, catalogs, books, ads, etc.), interactive media, identity programs, signs and sign systems, packaging, exhibitions, and displays. Call 419.473.2700 for more information.

It’s All About Where You’re Going 4747 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43623 419.473.2700

Davis College Graphic Design Program Booklet  

Promoting the Graphic Design Program at Davis College

Davis College Graphic Design Program Booklet  

Promoting the Graphic Design Program at Davis College