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Michael Curtis, J.D. Chair, Criminology Department Albert Hall 115 Phone: 304-637-1610 Email:

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The criminology program at Davis & Elkins College blends theoretical and applied approaches. Predicated on an understanding of crime and punishment in a free and democratic society, the program provides the background and skills needed to pursue professional careers in the field of criminal justice. Students are prepared in the applied aspects of criminal justice and the broader theoretical aspects of criminology. Learning both in and out of the classroom is encouraged

through a variety of “real world” activities. It is critical for students to be able to apply what they are learning in the classroom to their current and future lives. Students may participate in simulated murder investigations, the development of loss prevention plans for simulated retail outlets, and acting as Supreme Court justices to determine the outcome of real life court cases. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts in criminology, D&E offers an Associate of Arts in criminal justice.

WHY MAJOR IN CRIMINOLOGY? The criminology program at D&E is built on a strong social science foundation within a framework of the liberal arts. Students completing the program are prepared to pursue a variety of careers in the criminal justice or juvenile justice fields, such as law enforcement, community corrections, corrections, private security or to continue their education at the graduate level.

COURSEWORK Introduction to the Criminal Justice System Introduction to Criminology Advanced Theoretical Criminology American Government and Politics Introduction to Psychology Psychological Research Methods Criminology Internship or Senior Thesis

Related Coursework Law Enforcement Corrections and Punishment Criminal Law Criminal Procedure Courts and the Criminal Justice System Criminal Investigations Victimology Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Crime and the Media

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White Collar Crime Serial Killers Topics in Criminology Independent Study Crime and Social Inequality Comparative Justice Women and Crime Ethics and Philosophy in Criminal Justice

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Criminology Fact Sheet  

Learn more about the criminology program at Davis & Elkins College.

Criminology Fact Sheet  

Learn more about the criminology program at Davis & Elkins College.