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MESSENGER the faculty & staff newsletter of Fort Lewis College - November 2012

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Campaign Stops in Durango

Campus gets an up close look at politics on a national scale. by Mitch Davis


FLC Experts

New online database aims to promote College’s faculty and staff expertise. by Mitch Davis


Mountain Lion! Hits the Road Popular exhibit now in Arizona. by Mitch Davis

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Recognitions/Announcements New Travel Forms

Due to repeated issues and much frustration resulting from using the travel form which was rolled out in March, 2012, we have discontinued that form and created a newer, easier to read form for your convenience. The discontinued form was used for 8 months and trends showed that among many complaints, it was confusing, hard to read, and could not be modified for special circumstances The new form is still an all-in-one form to use for pre-travel authorization and post-travel reimbursement request. However, the name of the reimbursement form has been changed back to “Travel Reconciliation� form because it made more sense. There is not as much color or as many built-in formulas. The accounting strings will be required to be entered by the individual filling out the form and a complete list of all account codes associated with the form is the second tab in the workbook. A complete list of instructions is located on the third tab of the workbook, and three links are located in the form which will be of assistance in locating per diem rates, the A/P Direct Deposit Form, and the State Travel Management Program rental vehicle matrix. The font is larger resulting in an easier to read form when printed. As always, any required information which is not filled out on the form will result in the form being returned for corrections. Please begin using the new form immediately.

Upcoming Holiday Schedule

As the holidays approach, employees should be aware of some key dates and the upcoming holiday schedule. With the winter break not far away, it is time to take notice of those paid holidays as well. The campus will be closed the entire week of December 24th. Prior to leaving campus for the holiday, please remember to set your out-ofoffice assistant on email and change your voicemail messages to notify your customers that the College will be closed that week. Of particular interest is New Year’s Eve, December 31st. This year, that date is a scheduled work day. If you want to take that day as annual leave, please schedule that with your supervisor as early as possible. If all (or a majority) of the employees in your workgroup or office intends to take December 31st off as annual leave the College will allow the office to be closed with proper notification. The director or supervisor of an office that intends to be closed on December 31st should notify Darren Mathews in the Office of Human Resources prior to December 15th in order for the College to post all office closings.

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November 2012 Editor Mitch Davis Messenger is published for the faculty and staff of Fort Lewis College and is produced by the Public Affairs Office. To submit an idea please contact Mitch Davis at 970-2477401 or Please submit ideas by the 15th of the month prior to desired publication date. Fort Lewis College Public Affairs Office 1000 Rim Dr. Durango, CO 81301 970-247-7401

Recognitions/Announcements La Movida Now Available

El Centro de Muchos Colores Hispano Resource Center is proud to share with you the latest edition of the La Movida newsletter. Each semester, the students staff and volunteer members of El Centro contribute to creating this fun and informative newsletter from their unique perspectives. This month, you’ll find travel abroad stories in Spain and Mexico, a biography page of all our student employees at El Centro, photos from Day of the Dead and Real History of the Americas and much more. Click here to view La Movida, or you may check it out with other past issues on our website. If you’d prefer a paper copy of the newsletter, stop by El Centro do pick one up anytime during our regular hours Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Iron Horse Training at the Student Life Center

The Student Life Center is collaborating with Mountain Bike Specialists to offer Iron Horse Training for the campus community. This program starts with 17 weeks of indoor riding on spin bikes and finishes with 8 weeks of outdoor bike riding. This is a comprehensive fitness program incorporating aerobic bike sessions with strength training, core work, and yoga for flexibility. Indoor Training Dec. 3, 2012 – April 1, 2013 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6:30 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. Price: FLC Students & Members of the Student Life Center - $220 All Others - $325 *The price includes spinning classes, yoga trainings sessions, heart rate threshold testing, coaching on outside rides and transportation on the longer rides in May. To register for this course stop by Mountain Bike Specialists, or go to

Open Enrollment Runs Until November 30

Exempt employees and faculty members can make changes to their benefits elections during the month of November. Visit to view the Open Enrollment Guide, which will inform you of changes to the benefits plans for the upcoming year, the changes that you are allowed to make, as well as the cost of the various benefits plans. Please take some time to review your options, then turn in any plan changes to the Office of Human Resources no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 30, 2012. Plan changes that effect your payroll deductions will begin with your December paycheck, and the actual changes will become effective January 1, 2013. Two additional pieces of good news: 1. While there were increases to the premiums of both health and dental plans, the College has graciously chosen (and effectively budgeted) to absorb those increased costs. The net effect being that the insurance premiums currently being deducted from your paycheck will not change for the 2013 plan year. 2. Because the overall CHEIBA plan has performed well this year, there will be a 1/2 premium holiday extended (funded by CHEIBA) to participants for both health and dental in the month of November. The net effect will be that your current health and dental deductions will be half the cost for the November paycheck.

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day at the Bookstore

On November 30th the FLC Bookstore is celebrating Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day by offering a 20% discount for all items in the store, excluding textbooks or gift cards. There will also be free munchies from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. at the bookstore on November 30th.

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Recognitions/Announcements Ken Francis Earns Friends of Open Space Award

The Center of Southwest Studies is pleased to share news of former Office of Community Services (OCS) director Ken Francis’ recognition in October for his extensive efforts in developing the San Juan Skyway National Scenic Byway here in southwestern Colorado. On October 3rd the Palmer Land Trust Honor presented Mr. Francis with its Friends of Open Space Award at a dinner in Colorado Springs. Based on nominations from the public, a blue ribbon committee chose to honor Mr. Francis for work performed since the early 1990s in the development of the San Juan Skyway Corridor Management Plan (1995) and for his continuing role through the recent year as the executive director of the San Juan Skyway. Ken served as the director of OCS from 2004-2012, and also served as the Center’s interim director from 2010, until his retirement in July 2012. We sincerely congratulate Ken on this particular honor and for his years of dedicated service here and at large in the greater Four Corners community.

Jerry Martinez Takes Over as Director of Financial Aid Office

Effective Nov. 5, Jerry Martinez will be the director of the Office of Financial Aid. Jerry has a decade of experience in financial aid in the four-year and two-year sector, public and private. He most recently served in the director position at Western State Colorado University. He completed his higher education at Metropolitan State College of Denver, earning a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in marketing. Heartfelt thanks to Conrad Chavez, who returned from retirement this summer to serve as the interim director of the office after Elaine Redwine’s resignation. Happy re-retirement!

FLC Students Earn Colorado Indian Education Foundation Scholarships

Three Fort Lewis College students earned a Colorado Indian Education Foundation scholarship recently. Congratulations to: • Julie Jacobson: Alaskan Native from the Village of Tazlina; junior majoring in English-writing option • Utahna Brown: Navajo from Shiprock, NM; junior majoring in Political Science • Noel Altaha: White Mountain Apache from Whiteriver, AZ; senior majoring in Psychology

Brad Clark Wins Charles Redd Award

Brad Clark received the Charles Redd Award for Best Paper on the Politics of the American West presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Western Political Science Association in Portland, OR. The paper’s title was, “Dam Removal and River Restoration on the Elwha River: Does Size Really Matter?” It explored the recent, unprecedented removal of two large dams on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. The purpose of dam removal was to restore critical spawning grounds for the four main species of endangered salmon off the Pacific Coast.

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Campaign Stops in Durango Fort Lewis College has been a regional focus of this year’s battle for the White House, with the College, its students and the community coming out as winners. First Lady Michele Obama, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Jim Gray all stopped by to stump on campus in the tense last month of the campaign. Obama spoke on October 10, Ryan on October 22, and Gray on October 29. The Republican Party also brought along Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner during Congressman Ryan’s visit. FLC is also the common link between the Democratic and Republican candidates who were vying to represent western Colorado in the U.S. Congress. Both U.S. Representative Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) and State Representative Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) are alumni of FLC’s Political Science program: Tipton graduated 1978 and Pace in 1999. Representative Tipton spoke at the Romney-Ryan rally, along with State Representative J. Paul Brown. Representative Pace had made a visit to campus to meet with Dr. Thomas earlier in the fall. In the days leading up to the visits by the First Lady and Congressman Ryan, national media outlets such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC all mentioned Fort Lewis College. The visits also attracted state and regional TV, radio and print media. For many on campus and in the community, these visits represented the first time they’d ever seen a political candidate of national standing in person. One reason FLC has been a stop on the campaign trail is Colorado’s status as a swing state, says Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Barbara Morris. “Colorado’s being a battleground state is fundamental to our being at the center,” she says. Morris herself adds to the political expertise of the FLC campus, having earned her Ph.D. in Political Science in 1996 from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

“Further, the Four Corners region is a potential draw,” she adds, “since New Mexico has been a battleground state before and is ‘light’ blue to date. La Plata, San Juan, and Montezuma counties also have mixed political leanings, thus our region is attractive to all parties.” On top of hosting campaign events -- and shaping political leaders -- the College has been actively encouraging students to register to vote and engage in the political process. The 1998 Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities participating in federal student aid programs to make a goodfaith effort to distribute voter registration forms to enrolled degree- or certificate-seeking students at their institution. In accordance with that federal legal mandate, Fort Lewis College emails voter registration information and voting reminders to all students and faculty. The attention from the campaigns has been great for FLC students for a number of reasons, says Morris. “First, it optimized and energized our learning goals and values of creating informed, engaged, responsible citizens committed to advancing democratic ideals. Second, it dovetailed with many classes throughout the College, offering ‘teaching moment’ opportunities. Third, it created a sense of pride in our community and our school.” “Most importantly, though,” she adds, “it created lasting memories for our students, who got to share in powerful ‘moment in time’ events.” The financial impact of the visits were minimal as the campaigns were responsible for paying for the visits themselves. Still, the visits by the candidates entailed a great deal of work by College employees and even sacrifice by some departments, such as Exercise Science when Whalen Gym was taken over for the events, and a great deal of thanks is due to all those who helped make the visits happen.

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FLC Experts

To help the faculty, staff and students make decisions regarding whether or not to respond to a media inquiry, the following policy was developed with general guidance. The policy explains the situations where a faculty or staff member, or a student, may respond to the media and encourages interaction with the Public Affairs Office for help with the response. The policy also lays out who the officially designated spokespersons are for Fort Lewis College. Although every FLC faculty member, staff member and student may respond to media inquiries and identify themselves as associated with the College, only the designated spokespeople are approved to speak on behalf of Fort Lewis College.

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II. FACULTY AND STAFF In situations where members of the media contact Fort Lewis College faculty or staff for comment, faculty and staff are free to respond to these inquires as they feel it is appropriate and if they feel comfortable doing so. The FLC Public Affairs Office exists to assist faculty and staff in responding to media inquiries. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the FLC Public Affairs Office when they receive requests from the media. When FLC faculty and staff speak to the media, that communication represents the personal opinions, insights and/or expertise of the individual. Faculty and staff are free to identify themselves as employees of Fort Lewis College. Faculty and staff, unless so designated by the President of Fort Lewis College as a spokesperson, should not characterize themselves as official representatives of Fort Lewis College, or represent themselves as acting on behalf of the College. The only authorized spokespersons for Fort Lewis College are the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Fort Lewis College, the President of Fort Lewis College, and the Fort Lewis College Public Affairs Officer.

III. STUDENTS Fort Lewis College students, as with FLC faculty and staff, are free to answer inquiries from the media with personal opinions, insights and/or expertise and are also encouraged to contact the FLC Public Affairs Office for guidance and information. FLC students may identify themselves as students of the College. The President of the Associated Students of Fort Lewis College is the only person authorized to represent and act on behalf of the FLC student body. The President of ASFLC may designate another student to fulfill the spokesperson role as needed and as appropriate. Registered Student Organizations may also designate a currently elected officer or current FLC advisor of that RSO to act as spokesperson for that particular Registered Student Organization. Everyone acting as a spokesperson for a Registered Student Organization must be a current student or employee of Fort Lewis College.

Vice Presidents, Deans, the Faculty Senate President, the Athletic Director, and others as designated by the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, the Faculty Senate President and the Athletic Director may act as spokespersons for their particular organization, office, department, or area. Everyone acting as a spokesperson for a College organization, office, department, or area must be a current employee of the College.

FLC Experts

In conjunction with this new policy, the Public Affairs Office is rolling out a new FLC Experts database for the media, the public, and the campus to use. The database will contain the names, contact information, and areas of expertise for those FLC faculty and staff members wishing to sign up. The hope behind the database will be to encourage media outlets to use FLC faculty and staff as experts in their work, regardless of whether their stories have anything directly to do with the College or not. The goal is to put the vast knowledge and expertise contained on this campus and make it available for the region, state, nation and even the world. As our faculty and staff gain exposure in the media, so will Fort Lewis College. To sign up for the FLC Experts database, visit The database can be search at

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Mountain Lion! Hits the Road One of the most popular exhibits in the history of the Center of Southwest Studies (CSWS) at Fort Lewis College is getting a second run. In August 2012, the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) in Flagstaff, AZ, announced that it was opening the CSWS’ Mountain Lion! as a traveling exhibit in September 2012. The exhibit will run until August 2013. “The original idea of Mountain Lion! was that it would be a regional draw and something that would be developed to share with other galleries in the near mountain states,” explains Dr. Jay Harrison, director of the Center of Southwest Studies. “Among the candidate sites were museums in the Grand Canyon area; when the conversations settled, MNA was the site that agreed to host the exhibit as they had a perfect slot in their rotation and the exhibit fit the desired themes they were working on recently – wildlife and natural history of the Colorado Plateau. While we plan to offer it elsewhere in western Colorado and perhaps Utah or New Mexico, we’re happy with MNA as a first travel site because they are a very professional museum with similar standards to our own.” While at the Center of Southwest Studies, Mountain Lion! drew thousands of visitors to campus. The exhibit took an in-depth, educational and even fun look at the reclusive animals that make their home in this region.

“Hunting techniques, habits, and physical features which have allowed them to survive for thousands of years are explored, along with differing cultural perspectives towards cougars, changing opinions, and the ways in which they are portrayed in fine art and popular culture. This exhibit also delves into how to read cougar behavior and practical tips on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion in the wild.” The idea of allowing exhibits to travel to other museums and cultural centers is an important one for the FLC Center of Southwest Studies, and one that the Center staff would like to do more. “Traveling exhibits extend the investment we make at the museum at the Center of Southwest Studies,” says Dr. Harrison. “In an ideal situation, at least every other exhibit we develop should travel. Our goals for traveling exhibits are to make the Center better known as a broker of cultural dialogue in the region; to introduce new audiences to our work here at the Center, and as part of FLC, to the value of the College to various audiences; and to form persistent collaborations with other museums, cultural centers, and research institutes to broaden the investment base in the promotion of Southwest studies. “In short, the more we send our works out, the more return we see in terms of knowledge, partnership, and the needed resources to accomplish such efforts.”

“Mountain Lion! examines the history of these large cats, starting in the Ice Age, when they roamed this continent along with the giant North American Lion and Smilodon, popularly known as saber-tooth tigers,” said the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Michele Mountain in a press release.

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