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1-A barking dog seldom bites Un perro que ladra nunca muerde. People must use this phrase when a person who readily threatens other people does not often take action.

2-Angry as a bear  Enojado como un oso. If someone is as angry as a bear, they are very angry, so the people use it when a person is very very angry.

3- As rare as hen´s teeth Tan raro como los dientes de gallina. This is useful when something is so rare or non-existent.

4-At a snail´s pace A paso de caracol. The people use this when something or someone go so slowly.

5-Boys in blue Hombres en azul. This phrase the people usually use it for the police officers, as a nickname.

6-Green thumb Pulgar verde. Someone with a talent for gardening has a green thumb.

7-A still tongue keeps a wise head Una lengua inmóvil mantiene una cabeza sabia. We use this phrase when people don´t talk to much.

8-At the top of your voice Hasta el tope de tu voz. If you talk, shout or sing at the top of your voice, you do it as loudly as you can. So we use it with people that talk to loud.

9-Beauty is only skin deep La belleza es solo superficial. This idiom means that appearances can be deceptive and something that seems or looks good may turn out to be bad.

10-Big nose Nariz grande. If someone has a big nose, it means they are excessively interested in everyone else's business.

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