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Safari in South Africa in the Kruger National Park If you are a foreigner looking for a good location in South Africa to spend your holiday, or even if you are a South African who just needs a weekend break, the Kruger National Park is ideal. You can find cheap accommodation and there is something to suit any budget. The Kruger National Park is a nature reserve along the border of Mozambique. This border is clearly seen by the natural barrier, the Lebombo Mountains. The park, which is about 350km long and 60km wide on average, exists of plat grass and bush covered plains better known in South Africa as the savannah or bosveld. There are several entrances or gates to the park, each with its own name. South African safaris in Kruger National Park can be divided into three sections: the south, central and the north. The South, which is also known as the hill country of the Kruger National Park has easy access and a large number of camps and game drives. Central consists of open grassy plains, roamed by the large predators and herds. The North is a more remote part of the Kruger National Park, and thus offers more rest. It consists of mopane plains. There is more than enough accommodation at the Kruger National Park. You will find many rest camps, as well as bush camps, the smaller version of a rest camp. All these camps have different names. You can book a safari tour with an operator at the Kruger National Park. They will take you out in a 4x4, or minibus. This depends on budget. Some people however argue that a better way to experience the Kruger National Park is to hike. This means a guided walk where you get into close contact with the life on the park. Of course your guide will take all steps necessary to ensure your safety, such as staying out of scent ranges of the more dangerous animals. Many South Africans also prefer to drive the Kruger National Park by themselves. The Park has many facilities which make this possible, such as petrol stations etc. Accommodation at the Kruger National Park is easy to find and not as costly as one might think. There is a selection of accommodation to suit everyone's preferences. Booking is as easy as clicking a button. There are so many websites which allow you to "design" your own holiday and then offer very affordable rates. You can also see maps of the Kruger National Park and decide which location you would like to rest at. You can find a bargain deal for your holiday break at the Kruger National Park.

Safari in South Africa in the Kruger National Park