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Perform Your Own Ghost Hunt Paranormal investigations, hunting ghosts that haunt humans - a fascinating hobby, thrilling and exciting. Because of growing popularity of paranormal related TV shows, books and magazines, more and more young people want to start their own paranormal investigation team and go for ghost hunt - but not many of them understand the principles behind hunting ghosts. Keep reading, and I will explain you every little detail regarding how to perform your own ghost hunt. Get the team First of all, you need a team - a group of people who are willing to investigate some paranormal activities along with you. Be sure to get adult and responsible people, for their own and your safety. Once you have a team, you can get to work. Find a location Ghost Hunt - Now you have to find a location that is haunted - you can either search for public

places, abandoned buildings or seek individual "clients" that believe their home is haunted. Do not try to investigate cemeteries, it's not worth it and honestly, burial grounds deserve some respect, and not a bunch of ghost hunters running with digital cameras there. You might look for local legends and gossips about paranormal activities, or you can launch a website and drive traffic, or give a classified ads to local newspaper - surely, you can find some haunting near you. Collect ghost hunting equipment Before going to investigation, you need some equipment useful for ghost hunting. You should grab some notebooks (both paper and a computer, too), digital cameras, digital recorders, camcorders, flashlight, and most important - batteries, as they tend to die quickly because of paranormal activities. Also be sure to grab some food and water, you don't want to starve during your investigation. Do the research One more thing before going for investigation, is to do research - historical research mainly. Learn everything you can learn about the place you're about to visit - history, technical data, people who lived there etc. It will greatly help you with your investigation. Collect data in the field When you're finally on the paranormal activity site, you can start collecting data. Interview witnesses (if any), do some photos, recordsEVP's and videos, launch a whole night observation, try to collect as much data as possible. And if you believe you've encountered something paranormal, try to recreate the phenomena - if it's possible to recreate it, then it surely isn't paranormal at all.

Help people haunted locations - If you're dealing with a haunting indeed, try to help people. You might ask

some psychics or occult practitioners to help you deal with spirits haunting the place, as being a ghost hunter also means you should help people who experience supernatural activities. Post-investigation procedures After getting back from investigation, be sure to analyses all data once again - look at all photos, listen to all recordings and watch all videos.Analyse personal notes, too. Look for everything extraordinary - it might be your proof for real paranormal activity on the site you have just visited. Start again And when you're done, you can simple start all over again - look for another haunting, and perform another investigation. That's how you become a ghost hunter.

Perform Your Own Ghost Hunt  
Perform Your Own Ghost Hunt  

Paranormal investigations, hunting ghosts that haunt humans - a fascinating hobby, thrilling and exciting