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Colour Printing Services - Johannesburg Reliable and cost effective color printing services are the key to developing an attractive and long lasting business card. Use of colors makes a business card more attractive and eye catching and boosts its effectiveness as a communicative and promotional tool. Colour printing service in Johannesburg: Preferred over Black & White Color printing services are increasingly being preferred to black and white cards for the simple reason that colorful things attract more attention and remain in a person's mind for a longer time. Color printed cards or promotional items can do wonders for an individual or a company. The technical advancement over the past several years has resulted in the advent of highly efficient printing services that use a mix and match of not two but several colors to produce highly attractive and noticeable output. The cost is slightly higher than that for traditional black & white printing but the benefits are enormous, such as: Color printing helps a business present a credible and professional image. Quite often, viewers tend to reject business cards or other promotional materials that are dull or unattractive. Use of good quality printing services can ensure that one's business card or brochures and pamphlets get noticed and encourage the viewer to read the further details. Use of colors enables the efficient use of graphics, pictures and logos, and even photos in business cards, pamphlets, circulars or any form of communication material. A mix and match of various colors and shades can be used to design and print varied types of business cards to target varied audiences and serve diverse purposes. It can be done on any kind of paper and various other kinds of materials. Types of Services Color printing services are provided by using various types of printing techniques that include offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, flexography and gravure. The cheapest form of this printing is the spot color printing technique, in which the text and images are printed with black ink but the color highlights are printed using the spot color ink. Process color printing is used to print full photographic images using translucent inks of four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (or CMYK). Six-color process printing is the latest in the list of the type of printing services offered by printing companies. The technique adds orange and green to the traditional CMYK inks to have a wider range of inks.

Colour Printing Services - Johannesburg