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Advanced Headboards The advancements in technology and craftsmanship never cease to amaze. There are many items and pieces of furniture that were plain Jane 100 years ago, but now you can get almost any item in a variety of aesthetic flavors. In this article we'll talk about modern headboards derbyshire and what comes to mind when most people think of them. Artistic Many years ago, most headboards consisted of a few solid wooden or steel beams, and that still holds true today for many headboards on the marketplace. Only the wealthiest could afford intricately carved headboards. Today however, there are a variety of styles of modern headboards on the market. From cut outs to painted headboards, the headboard has become more than a mere device used to keep your head from touching the wall. In many cases, like the exquisitely carved headboards of the past, a headboard is not only a piece of furniture, but also a piece of art. Contemporary Contemporary headboards blend simple appeal with functionality. This is a modern look that's highly in style right now. You can open up almost any home and garden magazine and find layouts of plain white bedrooms decorated with contemporary black furniture, or vice versa. Many contemporary headboards consist of a plain solid frame painted in a solid color. In the world of contemporary, the simpler the better. Storage Another common element of modern headboards is their ability to double over as storage. There are many headboards now a days that include shelving space where individuals can place books, pictures, or knick knacks. These types of headboards are typically contemporary looking. Upholstered Another type of modern headboard is the upholstered headboard. These types of headboards have a cloth backing and are designed for people who like to sit up in bed and read. The cushioned back of such a headboard is typically firm yet comfortable and is attached to the bed so that it has its own aesthetically appealing design. Wall Transfers While this may be considered cheating, some people who don't own a headboard and would rather have something more artistic, less likely to get damaged, and inexpensive in its place opt to purchase headboard wall transfers. A headboard wall transfer is exactly what it sounds like, basically a big sticker designed to look like a headboard that is attached to the wall where your bed headboard would normally be. Many times, these are used in the rooms of

children. Designs can range from those looking like traditional headboards to those that are elaborately printed to represent a castle or other fantastical theme.

Advanced Headboards  

The advancements in technology and craftsmanship never cease to amaze.

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