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TWO WHEELS TWELVE MONTHS This magazine has been put together to document both an exciting year with camera in hand and to showcase the highlights of a year on two wheels. Volume 1 takes you for a ride through 2017. Climbing mountains in the French Alps, racing up Guildford’s cobbled high street and exploring new roads. Ask me a year or so ago how I’d describe cycling and cyclists, you’d have heard a stereotypical, ignorant answer about middle-aged men holding up traffic on the local roads and Olympic cyclists who go round and round in circles. One year on and there may well be lots of MAMILs out at the weekend and track riders still only turn left, but I’ve stumbled into a welcoming community of passionate people from all walks of life. From pilots, writers and world explorers to accountants, lorry drivers and landscape gardeners. Anyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle and I hope these next few pages will inspire you to get out there and ride your bike.

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David Wren 07503959870

FRAN TRIP of the



2W 12M

Plaine Joux

Mont Ventoux

Alpe d’Huez

“The Alps

are where I enjoy riding the most. It’s a cyclist’s theatre of dreams, on a scale which only those who have experienced it really understand. James Lumkin

“The Alps provide challenge and reward... get to set the bar as high as you dare.�

Le Barroux 44.150686, 5.130389 04:34am

Mont Ventoux Summit 44.173753, 5.279067 05:29am




Fun and games with the marshalls

Cobbles on the starting line

Elite Men’s winner Rory Townsend

SURREY HILLS CYCLE WORKS An independant bike shop with a foray of beautiful bikes, friendly staff, good coffee and only a stone’s throw from Box Hill and miles of great riding. What more could you want?

Bike fitting session

Taap team hanging out in store

Friday night MTB ride



The Ga


James Lowsley-Williams

Road side maintenance

David Wren

Adam Downing

Mike Smith

Adam Downing

Justin Thomas

Benjamin Marks

Jess Clark

Benjamin Marks


Venture up the 4.3km climb in the heart of the Surrey Hills on a warm Saturday afternoon and you’ll be greeted by not only its iconic switchbacks, but hoards of cyclists, walkers and cars travelling in both directions. On the other hand, make the ascent early on a winter’s morning and you’ll be treated to a quiet road and stunning views on one of the most well known climbs in the country.

Top Left: Riding through the rapeseed April 5th


Bottom Left: Making friends July 27th


Off the beaten path Riding the same roads over and over again can quickly become stale. Bending the rules a little bit keeps riding fun!

Featuring: Adam Downing Top Right: Hiking up Barry Knows Best April 14th


Bottom Right: The Shortcut June 23rd


All In The Name Of

Science Lee taking a muscle biopsy from my thigh

This summer I spent 3 months taking part in a fascinating science experiment measuring the effects of concurrent weight training on endurance cycling. This involved bi-weekly sessions at the lab, hours in the saddle, a few muscle biopsies and riding to utter exhaustion. Despite the obvious physical and mental pain barriers I went through, the programme was both rewarding and insightful in equal measure with a notable increase in physical fitness. A truly unique experience.

My first experience of riding with the VO2 mask mid-way through a lactate threshold test

The Scientists




Yearly Stats 2017 Miles ridden 4,030 Longest ride 101.3 miles Verticle feet climbed 217,326 Hours in the saddle 265 Punctures 4 Crashes 1 Coffees consumed Unknown -

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David Wren 07503959870 Represented by

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David Wren


Two Wheels Twelve Months by David Wren. Vol 1  

A roll through 2017 and the wonderful places my bicycle has taken me over the year.

Two Wheels Twelve Months by David Wren. Vol 1  

A roll through 2017 and the wonderful places my bicycle has taken me over the year.