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David Wiggett Canalda BA (Hons) Architecture University Of Kent

1 - ADAPT & EXTEND Winter 2011 The task consisted of the adaptation of an existing built envelope with extensions to provide a new use. The aim was to design a heritage centre with auditorium and exhibition space together with cafĂŠ and restaurant facilities for the promotion of the heritage, memory and identiing village until the eighteenth century; then a popular holiday destination with a busy harbour; a gateway into the Continent for the famous Orient Express; and, more recently, the centre for an art triennial. The venue is the Trinity House Pilot Station at the head of the pier, a Brutalist building erected between 1969 and 1971.

Ground Floor

First Floor

Section A

David Wiggett Canalda Portfolio

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

“Folkestone’s heritage collected by a net” (Gallery space intervention)

Section B

1 - ADAPT & EXTEND (Continued) Winter 2011

West Elevation

East Elevation

2 - ADVANCED COMPUTER MODELING Winter 2011 In this module, I learnt skills in modeling, lighting, manipulation and navigation of digital models using AutoDesk’s 3D Studio Max. The task was to produce two rendered images illustrating the differas a wall detail for my Adapt & Extend Project.

David Wiggett Canalda Portfolio

3 - LANDSCAPE Spring 2012 Abbots Mill Project CIC owned a small part of the overall site area, and aimed to build a new renewable energy centre and museum. Currently visitors to Canterbury who arrive by coach have to take a convoluted route through the city from the coach park north of the site and sometimes get lost or disorientated. Bridges and steps also make sections of the original mill site inaccessible to disabled people who are either ambulant or use wheelchairs. The aim was to design a landscape proposal that would enhance these connections through the city and the experience for residents and visitors of walking in to the city centre along the river. The whole riverside walk would be accessible to disabled people who are either ambulant or in wheelchairs. A new building was also required for the renewable energy centre and small museum on the theme of the local community and local societies.

David Wiggett Canalda Portfolio

4 - MODULAR Winter 2012 The site is located in Margate, which has undergone a major decline since its heyday as a seaside holiday resort between the 1840s and 1960s. Since then, cheap package holidays to mainland Europe have denied the town its main source of income and it is now in need of major rehabilitation. Split into two sections this module consisted of a masterplanning phase and an individual phase. In the individual phase I had to design an apartment block focusing strongly on modularity.

David Wiggett Canalda Portfolio

Render Floor Boards Vapour Barrier Steel Frame Module Connection Terracotta Tiles Steel Batten Damp Proof Membrane Cork Insulation Insulation Vapour Barrier

3 - URBAN SUMMER 2013 This is the module I am currently working on The task is to design a new cultural facility dedicated to the professional development and creative expression for Hip Hop artists in the city of Lille, France. The design brief shops, dance studios and a large space for shows and concerts.

Southern Section

Approach View

Nightime View

David Wiggett Canalda Portfolio

Ground Floor

Daytime View

First Floor

(Done using: 3DS Max, Revit & Photoshop)

Second Floor

Physical & Digital Model

David Wiggett Canalda - Undergraduate Portfolio  

Portfolio covering some of my work during my undergraduate course at Kent.