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Mobile Platform and Mobile Application Development Overview There has been continuous development in all spheres of life in the last few years. Innovations in the computer and smart mobile phones industry have totally changed the way in which people communicate. In addition, the introduction of smart mobile phones has ushered in a revolution in the lives of professionals as well as general users of such devices. Smart mobile phones and smart devices have been mostly responsible for this modernization. Smartphones along with tablets are considered to be the leading elements in the growth of mobile technology. Moreover, the relevant and diverse mobile apps add great value to these phones and make them worthwhile as they can be used for many purposes. Among Smartphones, there is a craze for iPhone and Android apps all over the world. This is because these two are considered to be the best in the field and the demand for them is constantly increasing. Along with iPhone and Android, there are Blackberry, Windows and Symbian which are also regarded as smart mobiles. With the passage of time Smartphones users are demanding more helpful applications which can make routine jobs easy and comfortable. In order to get in touch with the leading crews of mobile application developers and designers visit SPINX INC. – A Renowned Mobile Apps Development Company based in US and get the best solution for mobile applications and software. However, there are still many people who are unaware of mobile applications and software. In simple language, mobile applications, also known as mobile apps, is the software that functions in Smartphones, mobile devices and other handheld devices such as PDA. Applications can be preloaded in some Smartphones and they can be downloaded by users from the relevant application store. Developing applications for Smartphones requires first-class skills and knowledge of programming language. For instance, for developing applications for iPhone, iPad & iPod a person needs to have knowledge of Objective-C & Xcode; for developing Android application he/she needs to be aware of JAVA or C++. Knowledge of relevant programming language is essential for creating apps for Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. Along with the programming language, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate operating system. Mobile developers all over the world are giving it their best for the development of diverse mobile apps for all the mobile platforms mentioned above. Thousands of mobile software and application development companies across the world along with their professional crew of mobile application developers are constantly trying to develop the most challenging and dynamic sets of apps. In addition, the same crew of mobile developers can also create apps for diverse mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. iPhone and Android are the leading mobile platforms and the most popular ones in the whole world. The number of applications for these two platforms is thus constantly increasing at their relevant application stores. Other mobile platforms like Blackberry, Windows and Symbian also have their official applications store but the number of apps there cannot compete with iPhone and Android.

Mobile Platform and Mobile Application Development Overview