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Vote Dave for York Sport President



With stunning new facilities, a thriving inter-mural programme and 62 clubs, sport at the University of York has so much potential. The challenge though is to unlock this, and I believe that my policies, experience and passion for sport at York can achieve just that, by creating an infrastructure for sport to flourish for years to come. As one of the current College Sport Officers, a form Editor and Sports Editor of York Vision, and regular member of UYHC, I have the leadership, organisational and communicational skills required to thrive in this role. Ultimately my primary aim is to improve participation levels in all echelons of sport, but I understand that is a task that is easier said than done. However, I believe that all of my policies will enable exactly that to be achieved, and by improving the communication, integration and financial position of the York Sport Union, participation levels will benefit. This applies to all levels of sport, and as well as supporting the development of both University and College Sport, I want to re-launch and revive the ailing ‘Get into Sport Programme’, to ensure that sport is easily accessible to everyone regardless of their ability. It is crucial to strengthen this bottom layer of our sporting infrastructure, and to enable an easy and smooth transition to be made from one level to another, by increasing the links between these different levels of sport. Lack of awareness, advertisement and communication is one of the major problems within the York Sport Union, hindering participation levels, and I want to redress that. I plan to create a brand new York Sport website, which will become a central hub for information about sport at York, whilst also increasing transparency and properly advertising fixtures, results and how to join our clubs. The current website is sub-standard, and this would be a major improvement which would benefit every club and student for years to come. I also want to ensure that sport is accessible for each and every student at the University, regardless of their background. Thus I will be looking to ensure that all sections of our University society are properly integrated into sport, promoting aspects such as Disability Sport, whilst also working to successfully integrate those such as postgraduates and international students into our system. In addition I want to ensure that sport is properly integrated into the rest of the University, rather than simply being one section, and work more closely with the likes of RAG, Volunteering and the media. Furthermore I will be working to improve the financial situation of the York Sport Union, both through looking to generate increased funds through the University, sponsorship and fundraising, whilst also ensuring that our current finances are spent efficiently. Finally I want to continue the progressive development of College Sport, and make Roses 2015 better than ever by improving the spectator aspect, overall preparation and marketing of the event.


Vote Dave for York Sport President


First of all thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, and I hope that you will be convinced that I am the best candidate to become your next York Sport President. My name is Dave Washington, and I’m a third year history student, but also someone who has spent the majority of my University life taking part in the array of extra-curricular opportunities available here at York, particularly sporting ones, which have been some of the highlights of my time at the University. I am one of the current College Sport Officers at the University and I have previously been Editor, Deputy Editor and Sports Editor of York Vision. In addition to that I have been a regular member of the University Hockey club, Alcuin College Hockey captain and competed in a number of other college sports, including Volleyball, Cricket, Squash, Rounders and Table-Tennis. Sport has played a major role in my time at University, and now I want to give something back and develop the system as York Sport President, a role that I believe I am perfectly suited to due to my passion, enthusiasm, innovation and leadership qualities. I have honed such skills in my multiple roles over the past two and a half years, and I feel ready for the challenge of the role of York Sport President.

Vote Dave for York Sport President

COLLEGE SPORT OFFICER I have had the pleasure of being one of the College Sport Officers this year, and I believe that the role has provided me with the perfect experience and training to progress to the role of York Sport President. Managing a system that involves over 3,000 people is a challenging, but enjoyable task, and I believe that I have introduced a number of developments including a new College Sport website, training sessions and stronger infrastructure in the form of College Sport Activators, which will benefit students. The role will have excellently prepared me for the challenge of being York Sport President, and demonstrates that I have the ability, passion and commitment to successfully complete the role.

YORK VISION Throughout my time at York, I have been heavily involved in York Vision, rising to the role of Editor, and helping Vision to finish runner up for Best Student Publication in this year’s prestigious Guardian Student Media Awards, again demonstrating my dedication and leadership ability. However, my journalism roots branch from sport, and I have spent over a year as Sports Editor, which has allowed me to witness the state of sport as a whole and individual clubs from a completely different viewpoint, enabling me to identify problems and develop manners of rectifying these. Once more I believe that the experience I have developed from this would allow me to be an excellent York Sport President.

HOCKEY & OTHER SPORTS My sporting background is primarily hockey, and as someone who plays hockey four or five times a week at both University and College level, I have proven that I am a dedicated member of the club. However, I have been involved in other sports as well, whether it be in playing College Sport, reporting on their matches or working with the Presidents and their committee in my roles at the University. I promise to work tirelessly to benefit each and every club at the University, and my experience and contacts that I have developed over the past two and a half years will surely benefit me if I am elected to the role.



Vote Dave for York Sport President

Section 1: Participation Aim: To boost the levels of participation in all echelons of sport at the University of York. Participation is integral to the success of the York Sport Union, and by increasing the number of people engaging with some form of sport we will reap the benefits in years to come. It is no coincidence that higher participation levels breed greater success and increased standards, and therefore I believe that almost all implemented policies should be looking to help to increase and benefit the key issue of participation. In recent years vast improvements have been made in improving the sporting facilities and reputation of York as an institution, and now we should be looking to really reap these rewards by engaging greater number of people in sport, and not only at University level. York’s inter-mural programme is one of the best in the country, and we should be looking to expand that further, whilst it is important that we have programmes in place to engage those students who simply want to have a go at sport in a non-competitive environment. Therefore I will be particularly looking to drive forward and reinvent the Get into Sport programme, which has largely struggled over the past two years. Finally it is important to ensure that these different layers of sport are closely linked together and that there is an easy transitional pathway from one to another. In an ideal world College Sport should act as a feeder system for University sport, whilst Get into Sport serves to engage a much broader section of people in sport, including those who have never played before. The majority of the following sections shall discuss the progress that can be made in order to improve the levels of participation in sport, and shall be outlined in the following pages.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


Policies: 1) Expansion / reinvention of the Get into Sport programme to promote sport on a less competitive level, and successfully engage a raft of new people into sport at the University. Look to use the Sportivate sessions more productively, and ensure that the system is better advertised and effectively organised. a) I have proposed the creation of the role of Get into Sport Officer, who will sit on the York Sport Committee and work to oversee and coordinate the Get into Sport programme. One of the main problems has been the lack of one person really pushing this forward, and therefore it has started to fall by the wayside. b) Work closely with Sport England and the University clubs to create more engaging sessions, which will appeal to a wider range of people, and make sure that a friendly and welcoming environment is present. c) Another serious flaw has been the way that these have been advertised, and I believe that if we raise awareness of these, then they will be much more successful than in the past, and greatly develop the infrastructure of sport at York. d) Finally we need to make sure that a clear and easy transition is available from these sessions into either University or College Sport, and therefore it is imperative for key members of the respective sports at those levels to also engage with the programme and work to push it forward.

2) York may not be a Loughborough, Durham or Bath, but after the recent development of new facilities, our progress in BUCS and our thriving inter-mural programme, we should be able to use sport as some sort of a selling point for the University, and therefore I will fight to attain greater support from the institution for sport. a) The most evident area is financial, and although I believe that we should be campaigning for greater funding for sport from the University, this is not the only area in which we can benefit from. More about finances shall be discussed in section 4. b) Sport is also currently underrepresented in the University prospectus, and therefore all of the positives are often missed. Again I will push to improve this situation, as it can benefit both sports clubs and the institution.


Vote Dave for York Sport President c) Thirdly I believe that closer communication with the University can help to improve the situation. Millions of pounds have been invested in facilities, and now we need to reap the benefits, and the most obvious way is through increased participation.

3) One of the greatest areas for improvement is in the communication of sport at the University. In my opinion the vast majority of problems arise from a lack of communication, whilst this also hinders levels of awareness, hampering participation rates. See section 2 for more information. a) By improving the manners of communication within the York Sport Union we will be able to greatly raise vital awareness of sport at York, which will make it much easier for people to gather an understanding about what is in offer and get involved. b) I believe that important developments, which can have a significant impact upon participation levels, can easily be made, and will then have a positive impact for years to come. c) In section 2, I shall discuss the manners in which we can tackle this issue, with the primary one being the creation of a brand new York Sport Union website.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


4) It is vital that we ensure that sport is accessible to everyone at the University, and therefore I will be looking to successfully integrate all groups of the University community into sport, and facilitating the easiest possible pathway for these people to get involved. In addition I shall seek to integrate sport more effectively into the University as a whole. This issue is discussed in section 3. a) By making sport more accessible for everyone at the University, we can successfully integrate different social groups into sport and boost participation. b) Furthermore this will help to add a more diverse aspect to sport, and facilitate further development in the future. c) The integration of sport into the rest of the University will benefit all aspects of University life, and can see increased involvement in sport for those such as the media and performing arts societies, as well as RAG and volunteering. d) Please see section 3 to look at my aims and policies concerning integration in sport, with the continuation and expansion of the Key Contacts Scheme being an integral one. 5) Finally we should also be looking to engage an increased number of spectators into sport, which would allow students who do not play sport to still experience it. Furthermore this would provide a major boost to the atmosphere of BUCS and College matches, helping York teams. a) The atmosphere at Roses is incredible, however for the rest of the year spectator engagement is very poor, and that is in many ways a disappointment, and I would like to address this issue. b) We must ensure that all games are well advertised to allow spectators to easily attend them, whilst also making them more appealing for spectators, whether that be through having featured games or some other idea. c) I believe that achieving this would help to generate a positive vibe around sport, bring teams closer together if they supported one another, and help our sides to attain greater success.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

Vote Dave for York Sport President


Section 2: Communication Aim: One of the major ways to push forward the progression of the York Sport Union is to vastly improve the communication network within sport at the University. I’d say that over 90% of problems arise from a lack of communication or breakdown of this communication, and by preventing these problems we will be able to create a more financially efficient union, increase participation in sport, and develop a more credible union. The primary policy for ensuring this is to design a brand new York Sport Union website, as in my opinion the current one is sub-standard, and severely limits the communication potential of sport at York. By creating a more detailed and informative website, we can improve the advertisement of sport and relay important information much more easily. The benefits of this would be multiple, and I believe that this is crucial in facilitating the development of sport at York, and would be one of my primary policies. The benefit has been shown through the new college sport website, and we’d be looking for a website of a similar if not higher specification which would cover the whole of sport at the University to be running by September. This will be further emphasised in point 6, whilst pictures of the preliminary design can also be found on later pages in this section. As a union we should also aim to be more transparent, as this would increase our credibility and trustworthiness, and allow us to gather support on important issues. Furthermore this would demonstrate the hard work that is put in behind the scenes, and would enable students to easily see the progress that has been made. By pushing forward both of these issues, we can greatly benefit sport at the University and create an infrastructure that can remain in place for years to come. The following points in this section will underline how such progression will be attained.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

Policies: 6) The creation of a brand new York Sport Union website is in my opinion one of the most important developments that is needed, and will greatly increase the infrastructure of the Union for years to come, and will be one of my main priorities should I be elected. Proposed designs can be found on pages 14-15, and this will hopefully become a central hub for information on sport. a) The establishment of this website, which would hopefully be designed over the summer, would help to eradicate a number of the problems currently revolving around the communication of sport at York. b) The homepage will provide a detailed overview of sport at York, and will contain a welcome note, the York Sport President blog, a link to social media, potential advertisement and important contact details. c) In addition to this each individual sports society will be granted a page of their own under the tab sports, rather than three or four lines which don’t do them justice. This can contain a welcome and blog from a member of the club, key contact details, links to social media, latest fixtures, results, tables and more. All of this would undoubtedly greatly benefit each and every sports club. d) The College Sport website will also be in-built into the main website, and the overall format will be based on that with a clear and simple approach, which is visually appealing. e) Each member of the York Sport Committee will also be granted a page to highlight their work and explain their role, whilst a number of other features can potentially be built in to the website if desired, or added at a later date. f) Finally the website can also generate a source of income through advertisement. Although there would be a cost for installing this, it would be a one-off, and if done properly could remain in place for years to come. g) Proposed designs of the website can be found on pages 14-15. However, nothing has yet been confirmed, and I would want to consult with a number of people within YUSU and within the sports clubs, to determine what design would be the most beneficial.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


7) Blogging is an important tool nowadays and an excellent way of highlighting the work that is going on within sport at the University. The York Sport President blog would be built into the website, and I would be aiming to blog a minimum of twice a week. a) In truth these blogs do not need to be major announcements, they can simply highlight what the union has been doing to improve transparency and update people of any developments however minor they may seem. b) In addition to this such blog posts can also serve to emphasise team or individual successes, and I would be happy to host guest blogs from other individuals at the University. Please note each society should have its own blog anyway on the website.

8) In addition to the blogs, or potentially built into the blog feature, I will be looking to publish weekly previews or roundups of BUCS fixtures at the University. This would help to raise the profile and awareness of these important matches, persuading spectators to watch and potentially improving participation in the long tem. a) A weekly preview piece would be released every Monday or Tuesday, and this would contain a list of all the fixtures, including where and when they will be played, with context added and important matches stressed. b) As well as this every Thursday or Friday a piece will be published providing a roundup of all of Wednesday’s fixtures. This would contain a list of all of the results, and emphasise the excellent successes of our teams. c) As someone from a sports journalism background I would be perfectly placed to write these, however due to time constraints I would also be looking to utilise the strengths of my York Sport Committee and York’s excellent media societies in putting these together.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

Vote Dave for York Sport President



Vote Dave for York Sport President

9) Another way of improving communication is to put out a weekly sports newsletter through the YUSU mailing list. In the current newsletter sport barely receives a mention, and is terribly underrepresented considering the number of people who participate in sport at the University. a) I thoroughly believe that there is the demand for this, and that it wouldn’t simply be a spam email. It would contain important information that would be valued by a number of people. b) Again this can help to promote the transparency of the York Sport Union, and is a way to easily appeal to a vast number of people. c) This newsletter would also help to raise awareness of sport at the University, potentially having further benefits including the crucial increase of participation. d) Again my background would help in the composition of this, whilst I’d be looking to call upon members of my committee and potentially club Presidents to assist if necessary. e) My belief is that a combination of small developments such as this, can have a major long-term impact. 10) In general there is a distinct lack of awareness of the work conducted by the York Sport Union, and to improve this I believe that we should be looking to publish minutes from all applicable meetings, which would create a more transparent union. a) All of these minutes could be published on the website, in a separate section for minutes and any important documents, including the constitution and other legislation regarding the Union. b) This increased transparency would help to create a more trustworthy union, and hopefully promote increased engagement within sport and within the Union in the future. c) Furthermore the work of the Union would be highlighted, demonstrating the progress that has been made and potentially creating a more positive perception of the York Sport Union.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


11) Social Media is an integral method of communication in modern society, with Facebook and Twitter becoming of increasing importance. Currently the York Sport Union are using these well, but of course we can still strive for progressive improvement. a) Increase the following on both Facebook and Twitter to help to disseminate information from the York Sport Union. Social media is vital, and these are by far the most effective. b) Create a greater sense of unanimity between all manners of social media, and ensure that all of the pages look as clean, tidy and up to date as possible. c) Utilise the proposed York Sport Union Website to help to push forward the use of the social media, by running such feeds through the main website, which should help to raise awareness of them and boost our following.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

12) Increase the contact with all club Presidents, whether this be through weekly or fortnightly group meetings or one to one sessions, to listen to their thoughts. In the end of the day Presidents know best what their club needs, so receiving their backing and taking on their ideas is crucial. a) This could be done by holding regular meetings with all of the Club Presidents to discuss any problems, issues or major developments, and receive valuable feedback. b) Alternatively by using email and social media a close link can be maintained with these important individuals, whilst also meeting them face to face on occasion. c) Visiting clubs is also important to discover the exact workings of different clubs, and I shall attempt to attend a session of each sports club each term where possible, or at least meet with the President a minimum of once or twice a term. d) In truth I’m not yet sure of the best way to conduct this, however I will look to work with the Presidents to attain progression in this area. 13) Finally I will be looking to create weekly drop in sessions twice a week where anyone can come in and have a chat about any issues or problems they have relating to sport, or put forward any ideas they have for the York Sport Union. As well as this I shall always try to be welcoming and easy to talk to. a) The plan would be to hold two hour sessions twice weekly, where anyone would have the opportunity to come and chat about anything in a relaxed atmosphere, whether it be critiques of the Union or regarding problems they are having. b) These would be informal and would be an excellent opportunity to push forward the transparency of the Union and improve communication on this basis. c) Depending upon demand these sessions can be increased or decreased in duration and frequency. They may not work as hoped, but there is no harm whatsoever in trying, and I do believe they can have a positive impact in the future.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


Photo: Oona Venermo



Vote Dave for York Sport President

Section 3: Integration Aim: In terms of sports at the University of York, integration can be attained in two ways. The first of these is by allowing the smooth transition of all groups of the University community into sport, such as international, postgraduate, LGBTQ and disabled students. This would greatly increase the range of students participating in sport, and more importantly would ensure that we have an inclusive system, with opportunities for every student regardless of their background. The methods for achieving this shall be set out in points 14-19, with the Key Contacts Scheme being a crucial part in pushing this forward. Secondly one aspect which has previously been overlooked is the integration of sport into University life as a whole, and by eradicating any perception of their being a ‘sporting bubble’ we will be able to create a more welcoming environment for sport. In turn this will benefit all sports societies, who should gain from interaction and greater involvement with other societies, whilst also enabling a wider range of people to have an increased involvement in sport from a non-playing capacity, thus benefitting all students at the University. Such wide integration shall be achieved by the pursuit of points 20-24, which can be found on the following pages.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


Policies: 14) The continuation and expansion of the excellent work of the Key Contacts Scheme will surely help to integrate an array of different people into sport at any level, whilst removing any negative stigma surrounding these issues and educating students and sports clubs. a) The integral message is to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to enter sport at any level regardless of their background. b) By expanding the Key Contacts Scheme to cover all sports clubs at the University, this will ensure that the positive message is transmitted on a larger scale, and ensure that there is a representative from each society to push this forward. c) In turn each club would be encouraged to create the role of an official ‘Key Contact’, who would act as the key person in this area for each society, and would work with the rest of the committee to ensure progressive integration for every sport. d) In the long term, we would seek to increase the variety of training offered to allow Key Contacts to deal with a greater range of situations, and potentially introduce a rewards system to encourage this to be progressed further. e) In addition this can be expanded beyond sport, with workshops held and organised by the York Sport Union to raise awareness of the scheme and its work throughout the University, and using sport as an educator. 15) Strengthen links with the ISA to increase participation levels of international students in all levels of sport, and ensure that the York Sport Union and all of the clubs appear accessible and open to these students. a) By forming greater ties with the ISA and working closely with members of that network, we can discover how best to cater for the needs of international students, and ensure that the transition into sport is made as easy as possible for these students. b) Attempt to host events with sporting themes which will benefit the large international community here at York, and allow them to reap the rewards of sport here at the University.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

16) Raise awareness of sport to postgraduate students and make sure that sport is easily accessible and well-advertised to those students who arrive at York on a one-year postgraduate course from another institution. a) The aim of sport at York is that it is supposed to be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or type of study, and therefore we should ensure that exactly the same opportunities are open to postgraduate students as undergraduates, in order to remove any negative stigma that surrounds postgraduates joining sports clubs. b) Ensure that sport is better advertised to all postgraduate students, particularly Wentworth ones, on their arrival at the University. This should apply to both University and College level, with plenty of opportunities provided for them to get involved. c) The primary goal in this front is to increase the participation rates of postgraduate students in sport at the University, and thus one of the key aspects is to identify why figures are as low as they are, and work out ways to tackle this problem, predominantly by greater interaction and communication with postgraduate students. d) Continue to ensure that Wentworth remain fully engaged within the College Sport programme here at York, and strive to help them to field teams in sports which they currently are unable to such as hockey and rugby. In general work to promote sport within Wentworth College. 17) Provide additional opportunities for LGBTQ students to engage with sport at any level, whether it be University, College or Get into Sport. a) The Key Contacts Scheme must work to aid LGBTQ students and help to raise awareness of issues surrounding this within clubs, so that they can easily integrate LGBTQ members into their society. b) Continue to support any campaigns for increased LGBTQ involvement in sport here at York, and use sport as a method of raising awareness. c) Strengthen links with the LGBTQ network and attend meetings to show support of their work, and attain a greater knowledge of the situation at York, to help to address any problems that arise in the future.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


18) Disability sport has proved that it has the ability to thrive here at the University of York, and I would like to further support and develop this to ensure that sporting opportunities are available for all students at York.

a) Support the work the Disabled Students Association and strengthen ties to help to support and promote the excellent work that is being conducted at York. b) Aim to further develop the stature of sports such as Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball and Goalball, by working both within the University and the community, with the aim of ofering such sports on campus. c) Ensure that at least one college sport event per year is held to support the development of disability sport at the University, whilst also looking to introduce such events on a wider basis by working with relevant clubs.

19) Accessibility to sport for all individuals is integral to the success of sport here at York, and there are numerous other groups who we should also be looking to integrate better into the sporting system at the University. a) Such integration shall be achieved by combining the methods set out in points 14-18, and utilising all of these and working closely with specialist groups should benefit this progression. b) The success of the Key Contacts Scheme and its expansion (as set out in point 14), will also have an important role to play in this. c) Attaining this would demonstrate the inclusivity of sport at York, and would ensure that excellent sporting opportunities would be available to all students.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

20) As well as ensuring that we integrate an array of different students into sport, I believe that it is crucial that we integrate sport into University life as a whole, to remove any notion of there being a ‘sporting bubble’. The manner of achieving this will be set out in points 21-24. a) Sport is only one section of university life, and for it to be at its most successful we should look to utilise all of the other fantastic aspects that York has to offer. b) It is also key for sports clubs to support and give back to other societies, one another and the student population as a whole, to make sure that they uphold a good reputation and benefit everyone to their maximum capacity. c) In turn it will not only be the sports clubs that benefit through this, but it should help to create a tighter knit community as a whole, and encourage more people to get involved with some form of sport, crucially boosting participation. 21) Strengthen links between sport at the University of York and RAG, in order to help boost the charitable side of sport and improve perceptions, whilst also benefiting sporting events through increased collaboration. a) Encourage RAG to increase their involvement in key sporting events such as Roses, College Varsity, major BUCS fixtures and the College Sport one-day tournaments, to add an extra dimension to these events. Such involvement can be conducted through selling food or drink items, putting on games or challenges or holding raffles. b) Put on termly sporting events with the primary aim of supporting a charity. Ideas for such events include charity football tournaments with a certain theme, rugby v netball contests, or York Sport Committee does X / Y... c) Increase the participation of sports societies into RAG week, in order to help to boost the positive image of sport at the University of York and support the integration of sport into the rest of the University. d) Work with the RAG Officers to support the development and smooth running of the RAG Sport Cup, and any other charitable, sporting ventures that they decide to pursue.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


22) Strengthen links with York’s exceptional media outlets, and utilise their skills as expertly as possible to the benefit of sport at the University of York, thus helping to raise awareness of key issues and the fabulous successes that our teams achieve. By utilising my ties and experience within campus media, this can have a tremendously positive effect for sport at York. a) Work closely with URY to support their new venture in creating a weekly hour long sports radio show, which will take the form of a chat show covering the key sporting issues on campus. b) Aim to create a weekly or fortnightly sports TV show in collaboration with YSTV on a basis of a similar concept as noted in point 21a. By working with YSTV we will be able to utilise their skills to the benefit of sport, and in turn help to promote their material and work with support of the York Sport Union and its clubs. c) Seek to be more open with campus newspapers Nouse and Vision to help to raise the profile of key issues that are revolving around the world of sport at the University of York. By gaining their influential support on such issues, this will raise awareness of both the problems and successes of sport. d) Work to support Vision and Nouse in terms of their sports reporting, to help them to provide an increased range of sports coverage and media attention for York’s sports clubs. Also encourage YSTV and URY to try to conduct more live coverage, particularly of major events. e) Encourage all sports clubs to form stronger links with York’s exceptional media societies, which will in turn benefit both those societies and the sports clubs, by engaging in a closer working relationship. This will raise awareness of sport at York, and hopefully boost participation.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

23) Encourage sportsmen and women at the University to take part in volunteering schemes as well as other aspects of University life to boost their experiences, and help the integration of sport into University life. a) Work with the Volunteering Officer to create a series of sporting related volunteering schemes both at the University and in the local community. b) These schemes could be used to help coach fellow students at the University, or in the local community. This can also be linked into the CoachWeb scheme, with the potential for those participating in this to receive coaching or other relevant qualifications from their volunteer work. c) Raise awareness of community projects and ways in which we can utilise sport to benefit other students and members of the community. d) Work with other elements of the University such as DramaSoc, PantSoc or York’s musical societies, with the potential of putting on some sort of pantomime to raise money for a charitable cause or to fund an event put on by the York Sport Union. I’d love to hear other ideas too. 24) Creation of termly major sports events to work alongside the end of year York Sport Dinner, which will help to integrate all elements of both sport and the University together, whilst also potentially raising valuable funds. a) Look into the idea of a York Sport Christmas Ball, which would be hosted on campus, and could consist of a meal and then some sort of live entertainment act, whilst also celebrating the successes of York’s sporting teams during the first term. b) At this Christmas Ball we could also look to involve and invite other societies to be part of the event, to help to engage them within the sporting element of University life. c) Continue to look to expand and improve the end of the year York Sport Union Dinner and Awards Evening, by working closely with the Sport Events Officer. d) Create a new Easter Sports fundraising event, which shouldn’t be yet another dinner. Instead this can be held in the form of an event such as a race night or based on some other sporting theme.

Vote Dave for York Sport President



Vote Dave for York Sport President

Section 4: Finances Aim: One of the strictest limitations upon the development of sport at the University is the financial restrictions that are in place, which mean that grants to clubs can’t be increased and funds are often not in place to drive forward new projects. This year we have been fortunate to receive £47,305 from YuFund for York Sport Union projects, but we can’t rely on that every year. Should I be elected, I will strive to uncover new ways to generate increased income, whilst also looking to ensure that the funds we have are spent efficiently. I have already demonstrated that I am capable of working within a very tight budget through my work with College Sport, and I can effectively transfer those skills into the role of York Sport President. I believe that it is fair to say that sport at York is largely underfunded, and the problems will not be easily alleviated since we currently have more and more clubs being formed, but still only the same amount of money to fund them. The policies which I shall outline below will demonstrate my thoughts as to how progression can be achieved.

Vote Dave for York Sport President


Policies: 25) I will work tirelessly to emphasise to the powers at the University the importance and value of sport at York, and the need for increased funding to be received. Of course this will not be an easy task, however I believe that it would be my duty to fight your cause. a) Millions of pounds have been invested in facilities over recent years, however investment into sport in terms of participation has not increased, and I believe that this is the next step forward if we are to progress as a major sporting institution. b) Any increased investment that we can get is a step forward in the right direction, and I truly understand the importance of stable finances. c) Furthermore with more clubs being set up and more people engaging in sport at different levels, additional funding is evidently required for the system to be sustainable. 26) One of the primary ways to increase income is to look for added sponsorship, which can then be re-invested into different aspects of the York Sport Union. a) This could possibly be attained by looking for a main sponsor for the York Sport Union, who would pay to have advertisement and association with all aspects of the Union. Furthermore we can look to work with clubs to benefit them on an individual basis. b) In addition we should be aiming to attract sponsorship through competitions such as the College Cup. Here there is room for investment which can help to benefit those events. c) Furthermore both sponsorship and advertisement through the proposed website would also form another source of income, which could in turn be reinvested into the Union and its clubs. 27) The funding of College Sport has been one of the issues that I have worked most closely on this year, and it is planned that we will have a much more self-sufficient system in place for next year, aiding the overall financial position. This will be discussed further in section 6.


Vote Dave for York Sport President

28) Currently we have a set annual fundraising total of £2,000, however I believe that this can easily be doubled by forming closer association with RAG and Volunteering, as previously set out, and by running regular fundraising events. a) My target would to be to raise £5,000 over the course of the year, providing us with a valuable extra £3,000. b) I’d be asking the Events and Fundraising Officer to head this up, and ensure that regular events and initiatives are held. c) The policies that were set out in section 3 concerning integration will be key to attaining this, whilst we can look for new and innovative events to maintain interest in sport. 29) If elected I shall be looking to put together a detailed budget plan to assess how we are currently spending the York Sport Union money, and where it can be spent more efficiently. This would then provide a basis to develop upon throughout the year. a) This would allow me to uncover which areas need more funding, and where we can save and redistribute money. Overall it would be an efficient approach, which can have a beneficial impact upon the York Sport Union. b) Furthermore it would allow us to present a more compelling case as to why we require increased funding. c) Of course the primary problem is the lack of money, however it is also important to spend what we have as efficiently as possible. 30) Furthermore I will aim to communicate more regularly with sports clubs and see how we can work with them to help their financial positions on a club by club basis, rather than one model fits all. a) By doing this we can easily assertain the financial positions of all of the clubs, and work out how we can better support them. b) All of this will link back to the ideas of communication and transparency that have previously been discussed.

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ROSES 2013



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Section 5: Roses 2015 Aim: Not only to win next year’s home Roses, but also to ensure that it is a memorable tournament for all of the right reasons. We’ve reached the stage where we expect to win every home Roses, so therefore more than that is required, and the elements that I would like to push are preparation, advertisement and engagement. I want to ensure that all athletes are fully prepared for the event, but also that a hype is built up through an interesting and visual marketing campaign, which will in turn help to increase spectator engagement and potentially raise more money through sponsorship. The whole event should have a major buzz, and if we attract more students to watch and support then that will improve the atmosphere and boost participation in the future. In my opinion this will be acheived by carrying out the policies discussed below.

Policies: 31) I fully believe that the plan for a Roses pre-season camp this year is an excellent idea, and something that can only have a positive impact. I’d be looking to do exactly the same next year for a home event, to ensure the perfect preparation for Roses 2015. a) Preparation for Roses is crucial, and hopefully we can learn from this year’s camp, and by 2015 understand how best to prepare for Roses. b) Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we should prepare differently, this is the biggest event of the year, and preparation is key.

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32) A lot of what I have discussed has revolved around the benefits of communication, advertisement and awareness, and that would be no different for Roses. An effective marketing campaign is integral for the event to be successful, and I will be looking to put exactly that in place. a) I’d be looking to add a detailed Roses section to the website, potentially as a Roses mini-site, to advertise the event as much as possible. b) Furthermore I would like to work with and utilise York’s student media outlets to further improve the situation. c) The more hype that we can create, the better the event is likely to be, and therefore preparation for the event in this respect is arguably as important as any area. 33) It is the atmosphere that makes Roses so special, and that is created not only by the players and their fellow sportsmen, but also by the remainder of students who come along to support. Engaging those who don’t regularly play sport as spectators would help the event to be more successful and enjoyable than ever before. a) Simply put the more people that are present, the better the atmosphere is likely to be. Roses is supposed to be for everyone, and therefore we should push to involve everyone in some capacity, whether they play sport regularly or have never played at all. b) This will be achieved through the marketing campaign proposed in the previous point, further highlighting its importance. c) Once more this shows how issues such as integration, participation and communication which we have already discussed are instrumental in all elements of sport at York. 34) Finally Roses provides so many opportunities to generate income through sponsorship, and therefore we should be looking to utilise this as widely as possible, with the potential for any funds that are raised to be reinvested into the event. The fact that we are at home in 2015 makes it even more exciting, and the potential for the tournament is enormous in financial terms.


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Section 6: College Sport Aim: I have had the pleasure of being College Sport Officer this year, and I would like to think that we have witnessed major progression with the introduction of a new College Sport website, the emergence of College Varsity, financial progression and much more. However, the system still remains far from perfect, and there is so much potential for further expansion and improvement of our inter-mural programme, to ensure that it is one of, if not the best in the country. In an ideal world College Sport should act as a feeder system for University sport, like at Durham, however we are far from that situation at the moment. Nevertheless we do have a thriving programme, and we should look to further bolster participation. The emergence of organised training sessions this year should help, and with potentially stronger finances next year, there is every opportunity for the system to develop greatly, and I would like to support whoever the incoming College Sport Officers in attaining this. Policies: 35) By the end of this year I hope that we will have a more sustainable financial system in place for College Sport, which will greatly allow the development of our inter-mural programme. Finances have proved the greatest limitation, and I will continue to strive to improve this. a) Increased funds would provide so many more opportunities, and the chance for the system to expand greatly. b) I’m confident that all of this will be achieved by the end of this year, and if so will provide a major boost for years to come. 36) I will once more be looking to push College Varsity next year, as I believe that it is a tournament with so much potential. I’ve had a major role in organising this year’s event, and believe that it is crucial that as much interest is shown next year even though the event will be away and Roses at home. a) The beauty is that the tournament involves a completely different group of people than Roses, and showcases our College Sport system. b) This year’s tournament promises to be a resounding success, and we must make sure that such enthusiasm carries through to next year’s event.

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37) Of course increasing participation is one of the greatest challenges for College Sport, and I believe that we should be trying to engage as many people as possible in our inter-mural programme, whether they play University sport or have never played sport before. a) Ultimately the success of the programme will be measured by levels of participation, and if we can engage more people, then there is the potential to introduce new events and sports. b) In addition to this the standard should improve, which will enable the system to also act as a feeder for University sport in the long term, benefitting sport at the institution as a whole. c) I strongly believe that the measures put in place this year, and the plans for the coming months, will all help to achieve this, and that I am the best person to push this forward.

38) Throughout the past six months I have been working to strengthen links between College and University sport, and although the impact may not yet be recognisable, I believe that progress has been made. This though will be a long term project, and needs to be pushed forward over a number of years. a) By working together, College and University sport can greatly benefit one another, and enable the smooth transition from one level of sport to another. b) In addition this should also include the Get into Sport Programme, and I want to create an easy pathway from one level to another, which will help participation levels in all echelons of sport. Thankyou very much for reading my manifesto, and please Vote Dave for York Sport President


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My full 36 page manifesto outlining my vision for sport at York