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Question: 1 For which products or components must customers buy individual licenses? (Select two.) A. One tiered HP Operations Agent LTU for each managed node B. One HP Operations Manager for Windows console LTU for each installed remote console C. One HP Operations Manager for Windows management server LTU for each management server D. One tiered HP Operations Smart Plug-in for OS LTU for each managed node where OSSPI policies are installed Answer: A, C Question: 2 Which licenses are included with the OM for Windows management server? (Select three.) A. SiteScope adapter B. Reporter on a remote server C. Non-production management server D. Performance Manager on a remote server E. Operations agent on the management server F. Dependency Mapping Automation for uCMDB integration Answer: A, B, E Question: 3 In which ways can old acknowledged messages be removed from the OM for Windows database? (Select two.) A. Messages can be removed using the command ovowmsgutil. B. Acknowledged messages can be removed using 'ovpmutil RMV MSG'. C. Messages that have been acknowledged for longer than 30 days by default will be deleted automatically. D. Messages can be removed in the acknowledge message browser via the context menu function 'Remove from DB' of a message. Answer: A, C Question: 4 What is the recommended way to centrally assign the same capabilities to a team of operators? A. Assign capabilities user by user. B. Create a shared user for the team. C. Use OM's WMI interface to replicate user settings. D. Put users into a Windows Group and assign this group. E. Use pattern matching/wildcards to assign multiple users all at once. Answer: D Question: 5 With what can you export/import user roles? A. ovpmutil B. ovextract C. opccfgdwn and opccfgupld D. user roles configuration editor Answer: A Question: 6 Which type of data does the OM for Windows database instance OVOPS contain? A. Service status B. Results of tools C. Content of all policies D. Content of all messages Answer: D For Latest HP0­M24 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­M24.html

Question: 7 User roles can be applied to members of which Windows user group? A. Users B. HP-OVE-ADMINS C. HP-OVE-OPERATORS D. HP-OVE-ADMINS and HP-OVE-OPERATORS Answer: C Question: 8 What must be done within OM for Windows to start collecting performance data from a node? A. The Operations agent must be deployed to a node. B. The Performance Agent Package must be deployed to a node. C. In addition to deploying the operations agent, a measurement threshold policy must be deployed. D. The Performance Agent Package and a Measurement Threshold policy must be deployed to a node. Answer: A Question: 9 If there is NO username and password specified in the tool configuration, which user will be used when an operator starts the tool on a Windows managed node? A. opc_op B. HP-OVE-User C. HP ITO Account D. Windows user that launched the tool Answer: D Question: 10 How is the status of nodes determined? (Select two.) A. The status of a node is based on the last message received for this node. B. The status of a node is based on the most severe message for this node. C. If only messages of severity 'unknown' exist, the node's status will be unknown. D. If only messages of severity 'unknown' and 'normal' exist, the corresponding node will have status 'normal'. Answer: B, D Question: 11 Which command types can be specified in the tool configuration editor? (Select three.) A. URLs B. C# scripts C. CGI scripts D. WSH scripts E. Batch or executable commands Answer: A, D, E Question: 12 Under which circumstances will the status of a service be 'normal'? (Select two.) A. When a calculation rule that is configured to use the 'least critical calculation rule' is applied B. When a calculation rule that will always set the status of the service to 'normal' is applied C. When all messages that relate to the service and its subordinate services are acknowledged D. When all messages that relate to the service and its subordinate services are owned and operational status is switched off Answer: B, C Question: 13 How is the service ID of a message set? (Select two.) A. By the matching rule of a corresponding policy B. By assigning a policy category to a service ID C. By explicitly referencing the service ID with the opcmsg command D. By globally setting the service ID with the corresponding policy if the message is generated as a For Latest HP0­M24 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­M24.html

result of evaluating a 'forward unmatched' E. Rule Answer: A, C

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