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Question: 1 Which is a BAC vertical solution? A. BAC for Oracle B. BAC for SOAP C. BAC for Siebel D. BAC for Citrix Answer: C Question: 2 The real time application, Dashboard, is up and shows no data on one of the BPM profiles. What could be the problem? A. The gateway server is down. B. The database is slow or down. C. The processing server is down. D. The data collector is not running. Answer: D Question: 3 As part of the prerequisite checklist, which tasks must be verified to ensure a successful installation? (Select three.) A. the video resolution is 1280X1040 minimum B. no other HP software is installed on the target server C. the server meets the minimum requirements of BAC D. a database account is available with administrative rights E. the server is available via HTTP or HTTPS from a standard Internet or intranet connection Answer: C, D, E Question: 4 What is the Business Availability Center Data Processing Server responsible for? A. aggregate data and manage the CMDB B. receive data samples from the data collector C. validate data passing through the Gateway Server D. run the BAC applications and Administrator Console Answer: A Question: 5 What is required to enable BAC to work with Windows authentication while accessing the MSSQL Database? A. Create a new BAC user with administrative permissions to access BAC database. B. Launch all the BAC servers as user processes owned by a user with database access permissions. C. Create the Profile database during installation and then run the BAC Servers under the user permissions used in the database. D. Launch all the BAC servers as user processes owned by the same user defined in the Database user management as having DB Creator privileges. Answer: B Question: 6 What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? A. a quantifiable measurement that updates the CI performance attributes in the UCMDB B. a quantifiable measurement of the probability of failure for a specific Configuration Item in the UCMDB C. a quantifiable measurement that provides real time status of the underlying Configuration Items in your system D. a quantifiable measurement which is calculated offline and shows aggregated status of the underlying Configuration Items For Latest HP0­M23 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­M23.html

Answer: C Question: 7 What is the purpose of Guaranteed Delivery? A. ensures that Alerts are sent to the Alert Engine repeatedly until it is acknowledged and an alert is triggered B. ensures that important data is sent to each BUS subscriber repeatedly until it is acknowledged, thereby resulting in no data loss C. ensures that configuration will reach the data collectors in the BAC deployment until the data collectors acknowledge they received the data D. ensures that the Discovery probe CI gets included into the CMDB model through repeated signals to the BAC Server until it is acknowledged Answer: B Question: 8 How does the Business Process Monitor run on a host machine? A. as a service B. as an application C. as a port file interface D. as an independent function Answer: A Question: 9 Which statement is correct regarding BAC's supported databases? A. Only SQL is supported. B. SQL server 2005 is supported for 64bit only. C. Oracle 8i SE is supported for typical deployments only. D. MSSQL 2005 and Oracle 10g are the recommended database deployments. Answer: D Question: 10 Which clients subscribe to the BUS? (Select two.) A. Alerts B. CMDB C. Collectors D. BLE Offline E. Purging Manager Answer: A, C Question: 11 Which statement is correct regarding BAC databases? A. The profile database stores the profiles of BAC users. B. The management database stores BAC server names. C. The UCMDB database contains information on Configuration Items history. D.The Changes Finder in the UCMDB database stores the changes of individual Configuration Items. Answer: B Question: 12 Which tasks can an operator perform from the Business Process Monitor page? (Select three.) A. set timing schedules B. install Business Process Monitor C. restart Business Process Monitor D. view the BPM instance configuration E. view map of Business Process Monitor locations F. add/remove Business Process Monitor instances Answer: C, D, F Question: 13 Which protocols does the Business Process Monitor machine use to access the Gateway Server? (Select two.) A. JMX B. FTP For Latest HP0­M23 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­M23.html


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For Latest HP0­M23 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­M23.html

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