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Question: 1 What steps are involved to populate the initial dashboard for your project? (Select two.) A. record Vuser scripts B. apply Run-Time settings C. create benchmark load tests D. assign Vusers to Generators E. set performance targets using the Dashboard wizard Answer: C, E Question: 2 Where do you specify the Vuser scripts to run for the load test? A. the Timeslots page B. the Design Groups tab C. the Scheduler Settings tab D. the User Information menu Answer: B Question: 3 When working with the service level agreement, valid load value ranges are: A. values that you set B. values from 1 through 10 C. values higher than 5 and less than 10 D. consecutive values with no gaps in the range Answer: D Question: 4 Which transactions should be set for a Service Level Agreement? A. transactions that have only passed results B. transactions deemed most critical to your test C. the first five transactions sorted alphabetically D. the transactions preselected by Performance Center by default Answer: B Question: 5 How many transactions can you select as part of your performance criteria? A. up to 20 B. up to 10 C. unlimited D. only one per SLA Answer: B Question: 6 According to best practices, how many monitors should you have in a profile? A. All available monitors should be included. B. A load test can function without a monitor. C. Only one monitor should be used in a profile. D. You should limit monitors to 35 to facilitate better viewing. Answer: D Question: 7 How can a monitor profile be associated with a load test? A. one association can be made for every software license owned B. they are automatically associated with the last load test created C. they can be associated from the analysis files of the last load test D. they can be saved into the load test through the Monitor Profiles list Answer: D Question: 8 Which is a purpose of good monitoring profiles? A. to specify monitoring goals B. to specify reporting options C. to set acceptable transaction levels For Latest HP0-M17 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- HP0-M17.html

D. to monitor only the application servers Answer: A Question: 9 How many monitor profiles can a load test be associated with in Performance Center v9.0? A. There can be zero profiles during a load test. B. Only one profile can be used during a load test. C. You can associate as many profiles as desired. D. There can be no more than three profiles per load test. Answer: B Question: 10 What does the Expected Transaction Response Time step of a Service Level Agreement enable you to do? A. run your load test without saving it B. know how long your load test will run C. access the Personal Information menu D. set the response time target for each load level Answer: D Question: 11 In Performance Center architecture, which component allows you to manage resources and supervise technical information? A. Utility server B. Database server C. Administration site D. Controller machine Answer: C Question: 12 What do the transaction tables enable you to do? A. set Vuser scripts B. set Run-Time Settings C. assign Load Generators D. drill-down to view performance graphs Answer: D Question: 13 The database server receives information from four components. What are these components? (Select four.) A. User site B. File server C. Utility server D. Administration site E. Controller machine F. Load generator machine Answer: A, C, D, E Question: 14 From where can your teams view analysis data for your load tests? A. from the user site B. from the controller machine C. from the Local Area Network D. from the load generator machine Answer: A Question: 15 How are runs published to the Dashboard? A. use the Scheduler B. remove all performance targets. C. click the Publish button on the Run Results page. For Latest HP0-M17 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- HP0-M17.html

D. runs are automatically published to the Dashboard. Answer: C Question: 16 How does the Run Results page display targets and results for load test runs? A. Failed status only B. Finished status only C. Completed status only D. Incomplete status only Answer: B Question: 17 Who has access to view the Dashboard? A. network administrator B. users with manager rights C. the user who ran the load test D. users of the project with the appropriate rights Answer: D Question: 18 According to HP Software, which best practices apply to performing load test analysis? (Select two.) A. Always use two analysis graphs. B. Start analysis with the Trend data. C. Use raw unsorted data during analysis. D. Isolate problems detected and check if they can be replicated. Answer: A, D

For Latest HP0-M17 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- HP0-M17.html

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For Latest HP0-M17 Exam Questions and study guides- visit- HP0-M17.html

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