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Question: 1 Which network protocol is supported by the ServerNet Cluster subsystem? A. SAN B. NAM C. X25AM D. TCP/IP Answer: B Question: 2 Which file is used to disable users from starting FTP server? A. $SYSTEM.ZTCPIP.FTPUSER B. $SYSTEM.ZTCPIP.FTPUSERS C. $SYSTEM.SYSTEM.FTPUSER D. $SYSTEM.SYSTEM.FTPUSERS Answer: B Question: 3 Which network topology does a NonStop NS-series ServerNet Cluster use when connecting 24 nodes? A. Tree B. Mesh C. Tri-star D. Split-star Answer: C Question: 4 Which port is recognized in the industry as the well-known telnet port? A. 21 B. 22 C. 23 D. 24 Answer: C Question: 5 Which transport mechanism does the SNMP protocol use? A. IP B. POP C. TCP D. UDP Answer: D Question: 6 Which SCF command shows the CPU data paths of a LIF? A. INFO LIF $ZZLAN.L019 B. STATS LIF $ZZLAN.L019 C. STATUS LIF $L019,DETAIL D. STATUS LIF $ZZLAN.L019,DETAIL Answer: D Question: 7 What is another term for an IP packet? A. Frame B. Header C. Datagram D. Frame relay Answer: C Question: 8 For Latest HP0­A24 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­A24.html

What is the benefit of a network switch over a network hub? A. Increased throughput B. Less management activity required C. Improved SWAN 2 async protocol performance D. Increased ServerNet Cluster network performance Answer: A Question: 9 Which layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack makes the routing decision? A. Physical B. Network C. Session D. Transport Answer: B Question: 10 What is the primary function of the subnet mask? A. To group octets in larger formats B. To divide networks into smaller groups C. To increase the number of network hosts D. To change Class C subnets to Class B subnets Answer: B Question: 11 How is the SLSA LANMON process created in a four-CPU system? A. It must be started manually. B. It is started in CPUs 0 and 1. C. It is started as a fault-tolerant process. D. It is started automatically in each processor. Answer: D Question: 12 Which SCF command shows the state of the X.25 link for $X25P1? A. Stats line $X25P1, detail B. Status line $X25P1, detail C. Status object $X25P1, detail D. Status device $X25P1, detail Answer: B

For Latest HP0­A24 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­A24.html

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For Latest HP0­A24 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ HP0­A24.html

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