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Free 920­261 Exam Preparation  Questions  Exam  920­261    : Nortel Application Switch Rls.24.x Configuration & Admin

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Question: 1 For Layer 7 load balancing, where must the sub-string match "/profit" be located in the URL? A. Inside the first 32 bits B. Inside the first 64 bytes C. Immediately following the FQDN D. Slash not specified in a sub-string match Answer: C Question: 2 Which is a valid characteristic of content identifiers, such as URLs? A. It determines the type of content. B. They have to be of constant lengths. C. They can be terminated by VLAN tagging. D. They can appear at unpredictable locations within a request. Answer: D Question: 3 While performing URL-based load balancing, why might you see a session with a real IP of A. The client is refreshing a page. B. The switch has been incorrectly configured. C. All real servers related to that VIP are down. D. The switch has not received enough information to make a decision. Answer: D Question: 4 By default, how are non-GET requests handled in URL based Web Cache Redirection (WCR)? A. Dropped B. Sent to a cache C. Forwarded to the origin server D. Load balanced across the cache server group Answer: C Question: 5 Which two are supported by Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) on the Nortel Application Switch? (Choose two.) A. URL pattern matching B. Windows Media Player C. Layer 7 URL hashing metric D. Private addressing on the client side Answer: A, C Question: 6 Which two settings must be enabled before configuring the Application Switch for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)? A. Proxy IP addressing (PIP) and Direct Access Mode (DAM) B. Direct Access Mode (DAM) and Virtual Matrix Architecture (VMA) C. Virtual Matrix Architecture (VMA) and bandwidth management (BWM) D. Bandwidth management (BWM) and proxy IP addressing (PIP) Answer: B Question: 7 Which two components use Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) as the delivery media? (Choose two.) A. SIP B. Real Server C. Microsoft Media For Latest 920­261 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 920­261.html

D. QuickTime Server Answer: B, D Question: 8 Which metric is supported in Intrusion Detection System load balancing? A. Hash B. Roundrobin C. Leastconns D. Response time Answer: A Question: 9 To configure port mirroring a mirror port is required and which of the following? A. Sniffer software B. A dedicated port C. A monitor port D. A separate license Answer: C

Question: 10 Why is delayed binding necessary when doing URL or content-based switching? A. Layer 7 information is not sent in the first packet. B. It prevents DOS attacks against your web services. C. It creates the correct source IP for traffic returning from the realserver. D. It creates the correct destination IP for traffic returning from the realserver. Answer: A

For Latest 920­261 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 920­261.html

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For Latest 920­261 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­ 920­261.html

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